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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Just a quick query and hopefully someone can help. I currently have a dispute with a developer in which they are claiming the boundaries are in the incorrect location. Looking at my title deed plan the redline boundary relates to physical features on the ground and therefore looks to be correct. The developer is now producing the TP1 plan which does not line through with the title deed plan (i.e Fencelines, House Location, Garage Sizeare different sizes and positions) But they are claiming that the measurements from the TP1 conveyancing plan (which the original does not have any di
  2. Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I’ve just hit my first stumbling block during Covid-19. I’m in the process of acquiring my first off-plan property and the property lawyers I’m using have just emailed me to say they are ceasing trading at the end of June. I paid the full fee for their services up front and they have completed the initial exchange of contract and deposit transactions. The rest of their services would have been used nearing completion which now obviously won’t be done. Has anyone been in this situation before and do you have any advice for me/things to watch out f
  3. Good evening. I completed on a property last week and have today received a letter about chancel repair liability and insurance. I will attach the letter and if anybody could shed some light before I speak to the legal team I would greatly appreciate it. I thought it was/to cover any church or parish within the area, but having read the searches/land regs it stated the property doesn’t fall within any parish/church. I could of got this all wrong and it could be a simply answer/solution but I have never had a letter regarding this before. Kind regards jase
  4. Hi, Could somebody please reccomend a good, effcient solicitor in the Merseyside area? One that does not drag there feet with the conveyancing paperwork. Many thanks. Darren
  5. Hi, some quick advice/recommendation. I always like to use 'comparison' websites, for pretty much anything that i want a quote for i.e. car insurance, mortgage rates etc - it gives me a good starting point. The one thing i cant seem to find is a quote comparison site specifically for the conveyancing of a BTL purchase under a Ltd Company?? is this because the charges/cost for conveyancing is no different whether it is in a personal name or a ltd company? im assuming there will be slightly more legal work required, but surely not that much? Should i only ever choose from the lenders a
  6. Hi Folks A quick question regarding transfer of a privately owned property into a LTD company. The property I want to transfer is without any mortgage so I guess that all that remains to be done is for a solicitor to register the property in the company's name at the land registry office. Has anyone done this before? Any idea how much I should budget for? And also when it comes to the stamp duty, will I have to pay for a valuation? and what stage of the process would I need to do this? I'm an 'accidental landlord', but now that the mortgage is
  7. Hi All, We are looking to buy our first property using our Ltd Co. that we have set up. We have found a property in need of refurb and we are looking to buy using bridging finance (we do have the cash to buy out right but prefer to use bridging), refurb and refinance later. We have gone to our usual solicitor who has worked for us on a few land and property deals before that have always been straight forward mortgages buying in our own names. However for the first time as a limited company their quote seems to have increased quite a bit (£1,500 +VAT + disbursements fo
  8. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good conveyancing solicitor in or around the Hemel Hempstead area (Herts, Beds, Bucks) Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Richard
  9. Good morning all, I'd like to hear from anyone who knows about title splitting concerning commercial properties that has residential on top. If an investor bought a freehold commercial unit with a flat then decided to sell each unit separately how you deal the title on the flat? I believe there are few options on how you deal with unit depending on whether you want to keep the freehold or not. In this scenario it would be if you want to sell all the units with the freeholds as well. The commercial unit would simply be sold as a freehold unit. Co
  10. Hi forum members, I'm based in London but looking to invest in a BTL in manchester. Can anyone recommend a conveyancing solicitor based in the area? Many thanks
  11. Hello all .. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using online conveyancing providers ? I have seen a number of providers offer conveyancing in the region of £2/300 which is a appealing, but by nature, I'm a cynic, so wondering what others feelings are about this ? Thanks Regards Hemant
  12. Could anyone provide any good recommendations for solicitors based in or close to the below locations who could take on conveyancing work for low value properties? Ealing Brent Cross Lambeth Wandsworth Hackney I run a growing company where we expect to refer approximately 70-80 sales per year onto solicitors. Our clients like the personal touch of being able to visit their solicitor so whilst I'm sure there are plenty of good firms in areas further away who could undertake duties by phone, e-mail etc, we do need firms who are based close to our clients. Sales are all
  13. Can anyone recommend a good conveyancer for a buy to let purchase within a limited company ? I am in the Northamptonshire area but I assume this makes no differences as firms would be able to act nationally ?
  14. Hi Everyone I've had an offer accepted on a flat in Norwich. Does anyone have recommendations for solicitors in the area? Thanks for your suggestions regards, Chris
  15. Hi, Question; does it matter if your conveyancing solicitor is based locally to the property being purchased? I would have thought local knowledge would be of benefit but not essential - their ability to perform effectively and proactively is probably much more important. Does anyone have any views on this? I am looking for a decent conveyancing solicitor to handle a purchase of a property, preferably located in the Surrey, Hants or West Sussex area, as that is is the area I live. Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks in advance Chris
  16. Hi all. Sorry for the length of this and thanks in advance for reading - please excuse the grammer/spelling, I am writing this on my phone. I recently purchased a property at auction that was already tenanted. The legal pack contained an AST for 12 months from April 2015 with the tenants name and landlords names blanked out (a common occurrence in auction sales I am led to believe). I wanted to purchase the property due to it already being tenanted and yielding an income. When I viewed the property prior to auction I knocked on the door to view and it seemed the tenants weren't in. I proc
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