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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I own the leasehold on a flat owned by the council. The council are planning to carry out major works to the building in the near future, of which each privately owned flat (some are still rented as council homes) will have to pay their share of the total cost. Has anyone had any experience of this? My concern is the lack of control I have over what works are done and the most importantly the bill I will have to pay at the end of it. I've heard horror stories of these costs often racking up to tens of thousands and in one case last year £146k. My second question is, if I was to remortgage to pay for these costs, what LTV it is possible to remortgage to? I currently own 25% but if for example, it was possible to remortgage to 5% (unlikely I'm guessing), would that even be advisable? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hello I wonder if anyone is able to help or point in the right direction here. My mate Dean, his mum and nan both live in separate maisonettes in the same block in east London. One is a ground floor maisonette, 3 bedroom, with ground and 1st floor plus a garden, the other is 3 bedroom in the same block but not on ground floor and no garden. They have both lived in these properties for over 30 years and have the right to buy at a heavily discounted rate. The are worth in the region of £350,000 and he believes that they can be bought for £80-£100k each. Dean doesn't have the money to buy them and has asked if I am able to help him, it is possible that I can help him here what I would like to find out is the following; 1 - can Dean buy the property or properties if it is his mother and nan living in them. (He still lives in his mums on and off himself) 2 - if he was to buy it or his mum was to buy it are there any restrictions or clauses that they have to keep it for a set period of time before they can sell them? 3 - if I were to help him is this still possible with me in the mix? Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading. Thank you, Jon
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