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Found 4 results

  1. I have to prepare year end accounts for my SPV. Could some one give me advice if I can treat council tax bill payments as revenue expenses
  2. Purchasing a house to refurbish or add value to seems to have a potential hidden cost in the form of council tax. If you happen to buy a property, say at auction, and the property has been unoccupied for more than two years, then your council may, if they have this as a rule, expect you to pay more than the standard rate from the point at which you take ownership; this is because the additional rate is against the property - who actually owns it is, apparently, not a consideration. In the case of some councils, the additional rate may be levied at 100% or even more. I did wonder if there'
  3. Hi there, providing all goes smoothly i am soon to come into possesion of a 4 bed HMO, most hmos in the local area have bills included. I am hesitant to do this thinking they'll be so wastefull and it's a lot of hasstle on my part. Also when i was a tenant i never had bills included. I was thinking of paying for internet only as it's such a delay waiting for that to arive and it can't really be abused. Am i missing a big advantage of having bills included as i just don't get why I'd do that except to compete, however i am confident there are plenty of tenants and lots of demand. Thanks
  4. My understanding is that government gave local councils the power to claim council tax on rental properties during void periods between tenants. The councils were able to afford landlords discretion if the void period was less than a month. My local council (Northamptonshire) took up the option to tax on void periods no matter how brief the duration. It's therefore quite clear to landlords in my area that they need to factor in the council tax liability as part of any void period projections. What is less clear to me is how much the council should be able to charge. If a property is occupied
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