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  1. Tower Hamlets council today were the first borough in London to enforce the new crackdown on rogue landlords, letting and managing agents. Leading the way, Tower Hamlet's issued 27 fines to landlords and lettings agents ranging from £1000 - £10,000. This is all done under an initiative to crack down on agents and landlords that tarnish the reputation of the industry and make tenants lives a misery by not sticking to the laws that protect private renters. Do you think Fining landlords and letting agents will make the industry better? Original artic
  2. Hi all I'm looking for advice for people who are more learned and wiser than me. I have been leasing a property to my local council for the last few years. The council rented the property out to a tenant (the same tenant since early 2016) A built in oven/hob was included in the lease and has been listed in the inventory as being in good condition. I have also paid for the oven to be repaired once over the term of the lease. The tenant has now vacated the property and I met with someone from the local housing department today to discuss ending the lease. The built i
  3. Hi, I'm a first time property investor who is in the research phase of planning my first investment and an area that I don't really see talked about much online is buying property and renting to a local council, and wondered if anyone had any experience with this and could give any advice/recommendations? I understand that the rental rates are normally lower and that there is a risk the occupant's because of their general circumstances and sometimes short term occupancy don't always treat the property well but the lure of guaranteed rental income from the council and not having the e
  4. Hi All, I own the leasehold on a flat owned by the council. The council are planning to carry out major works to the building in the near future, of which each privately owned flat (some are still rented as council homes) will have to pay their share of the total cost. Has anyone had any experience of this? My concern is the lack of control I have over what works are done and the most importantly the bill I will have to pay at the end of it. I've heard horror stories of these costs often racking up to tens of thousands and in one case last year £146k. My second question is,
  5. Hello everyone, I recently purchased an unoccupied house. I did some small work to it and got it rented with 6 weeks. I completed the form for zero council tax as it wasn't occupied or furnished. However, they have came back and said that the previous owner have already used up the zero council tax benefit. The best they can do is give me 50% off the council tax. They said its legislation and nothing can be done? Seems a bit unfair as it's a different owner! Any advice or experience welcome.
  6. Hi, I just wanted some advise on a property I am purchasing. It's a flat within a council owned building. It's in good area in the town centre, close to very good shops and train station into London. It's currently rented to a private tenant. However, this flat is apparently the only privately owned flat within the building. All other flats are council owned and tenanted. The building and communal areas are not that well looked after but the flat itself can be made very nice. I think the council element is reflected in the asking price but it's not a great deal off market price for a 2
  7. So even after doing your due dilligence there are some things that you can never factor in and one of these things are neighbours. I've had a rental propery for around 7 years with little or no issue. As the property has been rented without the tenants ever raising an issue I have never had any concerns. Over the past year or so one of the neighbours has been neglecting their own property and also started some strange behaviours which I can't explain like leaving their back door open 24/7. The property is a terraced house where the rear access is shared and everything is visible from one
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