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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering peoples thought is when you disagree between things with your business partner. looking at starting some courses and training which i think will help but business partner wants nothing to do with it. now its quite expensive so i thinking that if i used what is learnt and inplemented it then it would be me doing all the work and they just benefit off it, maybe keep to our original startergy between us in the business and do what i have trained for as a side project for myself? Or does this sound too harsh? Thanks
  2. Hi, can anyone recommend any courses/podcasts/audiobooks/forums etc for new business start up? I have a few ideas which I’m starting with but would really appreciate some guidance, I’ve read e myth but need some more. I follow the disruptive entrepreneur but I’ve found Rob Moore/progressive very much about selling the expensive courses which I just can’t justify at the moment. Don’t mind paying a bit for good courses but £3-5k for a couple of days is out of my reach atm. Any tips, recommendations all greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, First of all I would like to say thank you Rob & Rob for having all this information in one place, I am truly grateful to have by chance read one of your books It was after reading The complete guide to Property Investment, I knew I had to reignite my passion for property. It has always been not having the start up funding that has made me put off taking that step forward. But I know with the right plan I can raise the funds one way or another. I'm very keen on starting out in property, in the buy to let area including HMOs eventually and the occasional flips. Being a mother of three young children I would, like most parents like to build a financial foundation for their futures. I believe property is one very good way to do so as well as provide a steady income. The thing is that I really need some advice and guidance, not hand holding (I'm a big girl)! As confident as I am that this is the right decision to make, it is daunting with all the aspects especially the legals and taxation. Like I said its the initial plan, the strategy, proposal etc that I would need to get solid help on. I believe combing this site, forums etc will be a positive step in the right direction. Anyone with good start up tips, it would be much appreciated. I've got many queries that include:- how to raise initial finance? where to invest? forming the right strategy, compiling a great proposal, whether or not to form a ltd company, how great does my credit have to be?, what is a realistic time frame? how to find the right professionals, asset protection, legals and taxation rules ...... I am full of questions and cannot wait to educate myself in this field and find all these answers AND ACTUALLY START INVESTING IN PROPERTY Looking forward to maybe hearing from or meeting some of you guys in the future Good Luck in the property game everyone.
  4. Has anyone any experience with HRD online training please? They have an offer through groupon currently for their property management training course and I'm wondering if it's worth my while. I spent a month working in high end property management in Sloane Square this year and want to get back into the business and more training might help - it's got to be decent though ;-) Thanks! Mike http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/london/the-hrd-group/35165030?p=1&nlp=&CID=UK_CRM_1_0_0_61&a=9&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&sid=1f28366f-3a95-40ce-9d4e-a946a3092d8c&division=london&uh=740b821c-7873-4adc-8ffe-76d6368575fa&date=20140203&sender=rm&s=body&c=deal_title&d=deal-page&utm_campaign=the-hrd-group-35165030 PS link to their site - looks a bit basic which concerns me - never judge a book by it's cover? http://www.hrdonline.co.uk/certificate_in_property_management.html
  5. Hi I am relatively new to property investment and wanted to know if there are any good course that I could get on, in order to gain more knowledge. I am based in London and ideally looking for something online. Thanks Andy
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