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  1. Hello, Thank you for reading myself and wife's joint BTL journey. The vast knowledge and resource that is available here is amazing. I purchased "The complete Guide To Property Investment" by Rob Dix. Which has led me here! Unfortunately I discovered this information in September 2020, few years after starting our BTL adventure. Our Journey started in 2018 where we purchased our first BTL in Coventry. Why Coventry? Well, Coventry is home is Cov university which is known for there engineering education and also home to Jaguar Land Rover engineering centres. Coventry is also exper
  2. Hi there, greatly appreciate some opinions on the following, Found a 3 bedroom semi-detached with garage and off road parking in Coventry, so targeting semi-professional with small families. Amenities-wise it is near a business park, retail shops, and hospital. Good motorway links to M6 and M69. The current vendor I understand is selling this from his substantial portfolio (100+ properties). I am planning on making an offer of 155k. Agent believes should be able to get £800 pcm (have asked for proof of this from agent to verify the previous tenant did actually pay this). They
  3. Hey guys, I'm Tom and I live in Rugby in the west midlands. I'm new to the game and have just set out my goals. I'm looking to achieve a monthly income from profit of £2000 in the next 3 years. I'm pretty busy with work so I've set the strategy of BTL with buying low and adding value, with the intention of recycling my deposits. I haven't got a lot of capital at the moment, however I have my own home with some equity built up. My first SMART goal is to buy one property in the first 12 months, which requires me to save a certain amount and release some from my home
  4. Hi everyone (and hi Rob & Rob if you’re reading), Feel like I’ve been on the fringes of the community for a while as I’ve been to a couple of meetups, been listening to podcasts and checked out the forum a few times but this is actually my first post. I’m from St Albans but I’m looking at building a portfolio of BTLs and multi-lets in Coventry and I’m interested in networking with other investors and landlords in the area, sharing knowledge, contacts etc. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got 100 properties or just one (or none yet), we all need support of like minded people
  5. Hey PH team My name's Joe and I'm a movie obsessed designer living in London with my wife Rachel, and we're both eager to really get going in property. Why I'm writing this post Over the past few weeks we've been crunching the numbers and building spreadsheets to assess the areas we'd like to invest in and so far Coventry is feeling right for us. It's around the right price we can afford and isn't *too* far from London. We're aiming to visit in the next few weeks to get a feel for the place and maybe visit some properties and would love to grab c
  6. I have originally posted it to Contractor advice. So, please use this topic for answers. I think legal advice is more what I am after. Link to my other post (I don't know how I can delete previous post): I need your advice - I am having a difficult time with a contractor. I will keep my story very brief (as much as I can). So, the status is that: I have paid deposit £1000 (bank transfer) for stuff which hasn't been clearly specified on Friday. We discussed number of issues, however not in detail. I said my priorities are: boiler replacement, consumer unit replacem
  7. Please use this topic to reply: @Admin - please delete this topic, as Legal Advice is more appropriate ( I believe ). I need your advice - I am having a difficult time with a contractor. I will keep my story very brief (as much as I can). So, the status is that: I have paid deposit £1000 (bank transfer) for stuff which hasn't been clearly specified on Friday. We discussed number of issues, however not in detail. I said my priorities are: boiler replacement, consumer unit replacement and roof maintenance. I understood that we would continue discussion on Monday, what
  8. Hi Everyone, Me my husband and 2 kids are looking to move to Coventry in about 6 months time due to my husbands job and we really need to start looking into buying a house. Just needed some advice on the best areas to live in for a family and also if there is any estate agents that are recommended, I've come across a few below does anyone know any others that will be good to get in touch with?https://www.loveitts.co.uk/contact/coventryconnells.co.uk/wilsons.uk.com/Any help or advice will be appreciated!Thanks in advance, Sadi
  9. Hey PH Team, Can anyone recommend any contractors in the Coventry area? We're going to be specifically looking for builders, electricians, plumbers etc to help us refurb properties we intend to flip Thanks in advance! Joe
  10. Hello I am so pleased I have found this forum. I am a self- employed writer and live at my mums in London. A few months ago, I was in my bedroom thinking there must be more to life other than staring at 4 walls so decided to become a property investor part time. I went on that Robbie Fowler day course. Loved it! Was so inspired. Was gonna go on the weekend course but family talked me out of it. Cue researching on property courses - did not know this was such a lucrative market. I have a property in London – jointly owned. It’s rented out – to students - and it’s my main
  11. Hi All. I'm looking to invest, probably in HMOs. Prices in my area are high so I could only invest here as a joint venture of some description. I'm particularly interested in Coventry, however, due to the relatively sane house prices, the good transport links and the anticipated rental demand. Plus, I'm from near there originally and have family in the area. My goal is to generate enough income from property so that I can give up my day job, thereby allowing some other person who might enjoy it more to do it instead. And good luck to them! That way I'd be making two peo
  12. Hi everyone, Mikolaj here, now from Coventry, originaly from Poland. Came to the UK in 2014, bought my home here in 2015, hope to buy something to let in 2016 or 2017 (something I understand as a terraced house 2/3 bed in Coventry, for students (as there are 2 universities) or proffesionals). No money to invest yet, my broker found a lender willing to get me a loan which could be used as a deposit for a further mortgage from the same lender - I have to change a job to make enough income to qualify for this offer so it will take time. I would appreciate all ideas/words of wisdom as I
  13. Hi, I've just found out that my wife has a new job in Coventry and Warwickshire as a doctor (exact hospital tbc) and it's made me start to look at Coventry as an area for investment. Fundamentals seem good, but the student population really stands our and it's making me think about targeting student tenants. I would presume that students start to secure their accommodation for the following academic year before they break for the summer, is that right? I'm concerned that the window to find, purchase and market a property is closing fast and I would probably need to have adverts attracting
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