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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all I'm looking for advice for people who are more learned and wiser than me. I have been leasing a property to my local council for the last few years. The council rented the property out to a tenant (the same tenant since early 2016) A built in oven/hob was included in the lease and has been listed in the inventory as being in good condition. I have also paid for the oven to be repaired once over the term of the lease. The tenant has now vacated the property and I met with someone from the local housing department today to discuss ending the lease. The built in oven/hob has been removed, the man from the council could not explain why. When I asked if the council would replace the cooker he said that they would not, again with no clear explanation. As the oven/hob was included in the inventory, and the lease stipulates that any broken items will be replace like with like, are they not obligated to replace it? The lease stipulates that the councils obligations: Not to make alter any of the landlords fixtures, fittings or appliances To repair any damage caused during the term by the council or the occupier to the premises or the landlords fixtures or fittings On a different but related matter, the front door has holes in the door and the frame. The man from the council was reluctant to commit to replacing these as he said it was external and was not necessarily cause by the Tennant. However, if this was damage cause by criminal activity, would they not be obligated to inform me so that I could make repairs? The lease states the the council will 'inspect the premises at reasonable intervals for any defect or disrepair for which the landlord is responsible" and to "report to the landlord as soon as is reasonably possible any defect or disrepair in the structure or exterior of the premises or in any installation for which the Landlord is responsible". I asked for a log of all inspections that have been carried out over the last 5 years and he basically admitted to me that none had been done. Also, there was also a shed in the garden which has entirely disappeared without explanation (also in the inventory). Surely they have to replace that?! Thanks so much for any advice Catherine
  2. Well, here's something I've not come across previously. Tenant has caused damage on Day one of the tenancy. Friday I had professional photos taken of a staged flat, to use in future adverts. Friday evening and Saturday morning staging removed and flat cleaned. 12pm Saturday the inventory was done and at 2pm I check the tenant in. 5pm tenants tells me they've damaged the floor. I have a look and it's half a 5 pence piece gouge out of the brand new (good quality) laminate floor in the middle of the room. Credit where credit is due she did own up right away and tell me. She told me she thinks it happened while they were moving their furniture/fridge in. I'm not really sure what to do in this situation. If they'd dented the wall or door I would just want to leave it until checkout, however, because it's in a kitchen/living room and the gouge is deep and has taken off the top protective layers of wood and left the more soft looking underlayer, my main concern is when they inevitably mop or get water in the floor it could damage it further. How would you move forward?
  3. Hi guys, just a quick few questions on tax that come up less often. BTL insurance claim, if you claim on your insurance for damage to a BTL property, do you claim the insurance payout as income and claim any contractor repair costs as expenses or do you claim neither as its an insurance payout rather than earned income? If you withhold some or all of the deposit due to losses of time, work, rent, damage or whatever, either for actual contractor costs or for your own time and hard work to clean and repair etc, does this need to be claimed as income or not as the deposit is actually to counter act your losses? Many Thanks Scott Child
  4. Hi, some advice please. A tree in the back garden of a single let property has split and fallen and damaged the tenants contents inc kids trampoline, swingset, and paddling pool. Luckily no damage to house and thank god no-one was hurt. Issues to address: i have half a tree that needs to be cut down. half a tree that needs to be dispossed of. tenants personal belongings damaged. now im guessing im liable for the tree to be cut down and the removal of what has fallen. but the tenants contents are they covered by my buildings insurance? Is the tree falling covered by buildings insurance? Is this entire thing covered inc costs of tree removal and replacement of tenants possessions? ultimately its an act of god that being a tree should be covered under buildings insurance and the tree having damaged possessions should cover that also. thanks for any advice Scott Child
  5. Hello, This is about insurance for a leasehold apartment. The freeholder has insurance to cover the building. I'm planning on getting insurance to cover the contents (it is unfurnished but I have provided washing machine, blinds) and to provide landlord's liability insurance. However I'm struggling to get cover for malicious damage by tenants. The combined buildings and contents cover I have for my other property, a freehold house, includes this. The freeholder's policy covers malicious damage by 3rd parties but not by residents. I'm concerned about a situation such as a tenant causing malicious damage to the kitchen/bathroom in excess of the deposit held. I realise this is probably (hopefully) quite rare but as I've got the cover on my house policy I was hoping to have the same level of cover for the apartment. What do other people do about this? Cheers
  6. Our tenant has advised the managing agent that a cord within a sash window has snapped. An inventory was taken prior to the tenant moving in, which was signed by all parties to confirm the cord in question was unbroken. Who is liable for this damage and when should they pay? Is it down to the landlord to fix at a certain point; the tenant during their tenancy or out of their deposit following it; or an insurance issue (buildings, landlords' or contents)? It's not a clear cut matter, so thanks in advance for any personal experiences or advice.
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