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Found 8 results

  1. Hello does anyone have a personal recommendation for someone who can offer some legal advice who is a specialist in property law please ? It is with regards to moving a property from a personal name into a new limited company and whether or not this would have to be a 'sale' per se or if a transfer or sorts can be done ? etc. Personal recommendations always the best! Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a house tomorrow at auction. I have had a good look at all the searches and deeds etc and am happy with the majority. The only issue is that there is one charge in the title deeds which I don't quite understand, mainly because it is legal language. Could anyone translate the following for me, please. Many thanks indeed, Jim "Except rights of light air or otherwise which would restrict or interfere with the free use of the adjoining messuage of the Vendor being <<ADDRESS OF NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR HERE>> aforesaid for building or other purposes EXCEPT and RESERVING unto the Vendor and her successors in title the owner or owners for the time being of the said adjoining property <<ADDRESS OF NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR HERE>> aforesaid all easements quasi easements rights and privileges now or heretofore occupied or enjoyed therewith over or in relation to the property hereby transferred."
  3. Hello I would like to change the name on my property deeds from my individual name to my new company name (SVP.) I have spoken to my accountant about the tax related concerns which he is arranging (re capital gains etc.) The next step is to transfer the name of the deeds. I do not have a mortgage on the property. Can anyone recommend a lawyer who can do this for a reasonable fee ? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have seen a property that is coming up for auction soon. It is an end terrace. The property was previously up for auction last month as was the house next door, which I assume was the same owner. Both sold at last months auction but the end terrace has come back up for auction again. It is not yet clear why but it is a total renovation required so maybe finance issue. Or maybe to do with the deed. On some prelim work I have done there is apparently only one title deed for the end terrace and the adjacent one (which sold last month and to my knowledge has not fallen through). I am also aware that some years ago when my partner was looking for a house she viewed the property and there was a shared door between the two houses, reinforcing that it has been owned by the same person. I am assuming that steps have been taken to separate the titles of the two properties (otherwise how could they be sold individually) but it appears that land registry still has it as one property. Is there a time lag between splitting a title and it becoming clear that this is the case on LR searches? The advert for the one that has come back to market is definitely only for the end terrace, they are not describing the adjacent mid as included. The legal pack has not yet been published online and I await it eagerly. Anybody have any ideas what could be going on here? Steve
  5. Hi, I'm looking at ways to grow my portfolio. I presently have 3 BTL properties, bought off plan through a property club (Instant Access), about 12 years ago. Of the 3 properties, my ex wife is on the mortgage and deeds of 2 of them. Because the equity failed to grow as IA assured me they would, One is still about £30k in negative equity, while the other is probably £30k positive. The ex just wants off the mortgages and deeds! The lender wont remove the ex unless the LTV is at 75% or better. Any advice on how to achieve this would be appreciated. At the moment I'm considering selling the better one to put the equity onto the other one. Would like to know what other options I have! I've recently been on a Kevin Green Wealth seminar but wasn't impressed with his 'repo rescue' approach to 'under market value' property, so didn't opt for the £2,100 +vat for the 3 day course! I've recently met a guy who is doing a £30k course with Legacy. He pointed me to this site, singing its praises! Looking forward to viewing some (all) of the videos / courses!! I'm a builder by trade so properties that require refurbishing are right up my street! (excuse the pun!) Jim
  6. Hi all, I hope you are all well. i have a few questions about investing in my fiancé’s BTL property. My partner and I are looking to add myself to the deeds of the property and pay off 75% of the current mortgage, which is in her name. I will then collect the rental income in my name, pay the relevant tax and pay my Fiancé a percentage that reflects the percentage she has in the property. Current situation we both pay the higher rate of tax and are in the process of buying a main residence together. I own 2 other btls. questions are there any tax implications on being added to the deeds? Are we obliged to tell the mortgage provider (the mortgage is on my fiancé’s name) that someone else has been added to the deeds? I assume so!? how much does this cost? This situation is being looked at as an alternative to buying another property and avoiding stamp and fees on a new property. many thanks!
  7. Hi I was wondering how important it is to most mortgage providers that the name of the person on the mortgage is the same name / joint name as on the deeds of the property. The history is: My wife bought the property 2 years ago We got married 1 year ago The deeds of the property are in my wife's maiden name, ditto with the mortgage My wife used to earn, but no longer does I currently am the sole earner and pay the mortgage Now we need to renew the mortgage (probably with a different provider) So a few simple questions are: Do I need to do some sort of property transfer before I do the mortgage? Can I do the transfer as part of the remortgage or would I be declined the mortgage upfront? If we do a transfer, presumably being joint tenants would be fine, even if I'm the sole earner? Do you know how to do the property transfer? and would there be some Stamp Duty payable if the outstanding mortgage is of 140k and therefore the transfer is of 70k. I'm assuming that given it's our primary property of residence, there would not be. Any answers to some or all the questions above would so gratefully valued! Thanks Chris
  8. Hi guys I have slowly lost confidence and then trust in my conveyancer and was wondering if anyone could recommend a consultant style service where a qualified individual has a quick chat with me and a look over the legal documentation involved with a purchase, for reassurance purposes. If this doesn't exist, can anyone recommend a good solicitors or conveyancer? I am purchasing a leasehold flat as a first time buyer, I started becoming worried when mu conveyancer was unable to get confirmation for seemingly straightforward details. When I received an expense statement for 25% more than I was quoted I started asking questions. I have been told things such as my flat is classed as a new build due to leases having to be drafted by the vendor who is also the builder, even though 2 of the flats in the building sold in 2007. My flat doesn't appear on the Title Information Under Schedule of Notice Lease and have been told this isn't an issue. I have no idea whether the explanations I have received are true or not. I looked up my conveyancer on 'The Specialist Property Law Regulators' search engine and he doesn't appear as a licensed conveyancer although other people at his firm do. However, I don't even know if it is a legal requirement to be licensed or if it is standard practice to have unlicensed conveyancers working under the supervision of another. This is the tip of the iceberg really, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Many thanks Tony
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