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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Hoping to find a Derby based Property Hub member who might be able to give me a recommendation for the following trades.... locksmith electrician plumber gas engineer Looking for recommendations from people that have actually used the person / company they are recommending - not just the ‘he’s a mate and reliable’. Name, website, phone numbers would be great. Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. Hello property hub! I've been listening to the podcasts and reading the magazines for a couple of months now, and was going to delay posting until I'd actually taken the plunge into investing. I'm yet to buy my first property, and for the last few years my partner and I have been living in rented properties. We moved to a house that was so expensive it basically gave me an epiphany, and we about soon to be moving into a very small flat after selling all our lovely furniture (it's too big). This should allow us to live on only one wage and use the other wage to quickly a
  3. Hi all, really looking forward to getting stuck into this forum, been listening to the podcast for a few months now and am excited about being a part of this great community. Bit of background; My family business is property, my grandad built lots of blocks of flats in the 50’s/60’s and kept a few in a portfolio as a legacy. Because of this Ive always been interested in property. I fell in to working in finance after finishing school and worked for 20 years in various sectors. (If you’re having any trouble getting your bills paid on time I may have some tips for you ) I bought
  4. Hi everyone does anyone have any specific knowledge on investment in derby please? Projected growth of the city? Any tips? Ideas and thoughts? Any nuggets of information would be really wonderful thank you very much indeed in advance lucy
  5. Hi all, I'm new to the site and to property. Whilst I currently live in Sydney I'm looking to get my first investment in early to mid 2017. My plan is invest in a buy to let as my first property. I grew up in Derby and whilst I don't have a great impression of how the local market there is performing or will perform I am interested in looking at Nottingham and Sheffield, both very close and where I have some existing friend networks. Leeds was another thought but I haven't researched it yet. I'm probably looking at spending anywhere between £100,000 and £200,000 for my first property a
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