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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, We are new to property investment but are looking for a strategy to maximise return from our Guesthouse sale/ development. We are in the Centre of Oban, Scotland and are roughly 40%ltv so are agonising whether to convert to HMO, sell as is, or do a flat conversion. If anyone has any suggestions or alternatives, that would be welcome Thanks Hugh
  2. Help!! Myself and my partner currently own 2 buy to let properties as well as our residential. For years, I have had my eye on a juicy bit of unused land close to where we live. It's sort of tacked-on to a very popular residential estate, and it's just sitting there, totally overgrown and with a fence around it. Finally today I got myself in gear and did a Land Registry search and found out who owns it, and it turns out to be privately owned by a couple who live in the cottage backing onto it. They purchased it back in 2005 and are clearly not using it, so I have a couple of questions about what I should do now: How can I politely make an approach to these people, knowing only their address, to see if they are interested in selling the land? Has anyone done this? I don't want to get it wrong and upset them. Is there any way to be sure that it's suitable for a residential development of 1 - 2 houses? On the title there is a Restriction worded as follows: "Option to purchase in favour of [the local County Council] contained in the Transfer dated [....2005] referred to above for 20 years from February 2005." Can anyone translate this? I've had a Google search but I'm worried that this basically means they have to sell the land back to the County Council before any private buyer? Thank you in advance for any advice in this area!! Pippa
  3. Hello! I'm based just outside Newcastle upon Tyne and it would be great to get to know other people that are 'into' property. As my network currently as no like minded people. About me: 34m love skiing, springer spaniels, countryside, mountain biking and the Lake District is my favourite place! Current situation: I had had been in a senior position in secondary education for the past ten years (now 34) and flipped property as a hobby. Last October I decided to leave my career. After a few months of soul searching for the next chapter ( guest houses, travelling for example) I kept levitating towards property each time. Which brings me to 'the now'. I am currently writing a business plan with the goal to turn the hobby into a career. I currently own one HMO and really enjoy managing it albeit much more hands on than a btl ( had one previously). Ive managed other properties and my partner is a property manager for a local large estate agent. I'll be making every effort to attend PIN meetings, local auctions to get to know people however if anyone wants a chat/ coffee to chat about goal setting or strategy ideas etc I'd be willing. Skiils: Project managed multiple properties very much a 'grafter' and hands on in whole process from sourcing to completion. Interior design - designing spaces for the end user sourcing best value resources Sourcing bmv property i really should say teaching is a skill ( national award winning ooo er! Ha) however at the moment not fully transferable to my current situation. I particularly like working with period and character properties. Recently renovated a sandstone cottage and doubled the capital put into the project. Particular interest growth area: As I'm about to embark on property trading, development and investment full time I'm still not clear the best business structure to go with ( sole trader/ Ltd company) and actively researching this area. I've tried to call a number of accountants for advice however as yet not got the info I need. I am am keen to learn and gain advice and tips for self builds and land purchasing. I do get excited about growing a HMO portfolio as enjoyed the experience so far. So I would love to talk to anyone who wants me to be part of their own journey and willing to be part of mine. Best wishes tom heaney
  4. Hi and thanks for welcoming me into your group ;-) I'm property to the core having sold over 10,000 houses as an agent before concentrating on property auctions, development and investment. I currently own a multi service property business including 'Auction House Scotland' the 'Glasgow Property Agency' and we have a specialist broker for mortgage products for investors. I'm happy to help people in any of these areas so feel free to message me ;-) As a trader I'm interested in deals for my property funds...... I've bought 250 properties in the last 18 months and we're looking for more. Strategically Scotland has been my patch but I'm now looking looking south for stock. Happy to buy single units or portfolios at the right price. I'll try and help people where possible so please get in touch if I can do anything? Ross
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