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  1. Hello, I was looking to get some, advice from anyone about the property business. I am very new to property and don't know much about it or where to start, however I do have a growing interest in it. Open to any advice or suggests that you may have. Many thanks
  2. Hey guys, just thinking it would be great to connect with you all on instagram. Its a much bigger platform now with great content posted constantly from some very experienced investors Anyway my username is unsurprisingly: Leenorthrop Connect and I will follow
  3. Hi Guys, I’m just in the process of purchasing my first property, it is a repossessed 2 bedroom flat so is in need of modernisation. I would say the flat needs a full refurb which would include a new kitchen, bathroom, redecorating, flooring and a new boiler. The surveyor said the electrics and plumbing seem to be fine but may need changing in the near future, so I was thinking to get this down whilst I’m changing everything else. I just wanted to know how much would something like this cost to be done at a good level. In my head I’ve budgeted for about £20k - £25k. Would be great to get some realistic cost from those who have done this type of work. Also if you know any good trades people that could do the job I would really appreciate it if you could forward me their details. I’m based in Croydon. I have attached the floor plan so you can get an idea of the size. You Thanks Charles
  4. Hi fellow forumers, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar set up in the past and can advise me of their thoughts. This is our first development of this type and although we have a good accountant they are not property specific so I'd be interested to hear some ideas. Here goes... We have a development company and are due to complete construction of a block containing 9 apartments next year. As part of the purchase deal, the seller is retaining 2 of the apartments effectively leaving us with 7 apartments. We may sell a couple of flats but at the moment let's say we are going to retain the 7 flats and rent them out. We would like to avoid estate agents fees so we would act as the agent ourselves - marketing, finding tenants, safety checks and certificates, dealing with rental payments and so on. We would also act as the Management Company so in rental terms that would mean dealing with tenants, maintenance and so on. We would also be the Management Company for sold flats (including the 2 sold off plan at land purchase) so would deal with maintenance, communal cleaning, service charges etc. We want to remortgage the 7 flats (currently unencumbered) to receive some funds to move forward with our next development. My question is what is the best set up for this? We have 1) a development company, 2) a rental company and 3) a management company. Should we keep all of these as separate companies or should we keep them all as one company (the development company that currently exists). Is it legal/possible to do this considering requirements of a rental and management company? If we are looking to remortgage to fund the development company would lenders want everything under one company? I'm sure there are other questions that I could raise but at the moment I'd just like to get my ahead around this. There may be someone that has a really simple answer for me, or I may be completely off track with my thinking so would really appreciate any guidance! Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for some advice around making offers on properties which may be suitable for conversion. I'm interested in converting commercial properties to residential but I'd also be interested in what people with purely residential development have to say. I've not bought a commercial property before and I'm wondering about the following actions and whether they would normally be conducted before making an offer or after an offer is accepted: - Appointing a planning consultant to advise on permitted development for change of use. - Appointing an architect and having them advise on the potential reconfiguration. - Engaging with contractors/builders for quotes or full tender process. I may be 90% sure that permitted development would be granted, have a good idea of what configuration might work and have a reasonable idea of what the development costs would be, but still not quite be willing to committing to buy it without being more sure about the project's viability. If I did all of the above before offering, that could cost thousands of pounds only to have my offer rejected. If I did all the above after an offer is accepted and it emerges that permitted development is less likely that I thought or the development cost is going to be a lot more than I thought, is it normal for a developer simply to pull out of the deal at that point? Not having done the whole process before, I'm keen to know how people de-risk this process. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on how best find a mentor who has experience developing properties? I have an existing BTL portfolio but want to move into the build to rent segment of the market, targeting developments of 2-10 units in size. Cheers, Tom
  7. Hi, i'm a first time BTL investor. I would really appreciate views on whether this is a good investment. 1 bed flat £150k in Saxton Lane, Leeds LS9. It's off plan development to be completed Q3 2022. Rental yield 6.5%. I'm interested to know if Leeds as a whole is worth while and particularly this area of LS9 which is a 17 min walk to the station. Plan is to keep the property for 5 to 10 years. I've heard growth in Leeds is expected to be 3.2% p.a is this correct?
  8. Property education - have you paid for any, has it been worth it, have they delivered, have you made more because of it? I'd be grateful of any comments either specific or general. Thanks.
  9. I've spotted a piece of brownfield land with planning permission I'm looking into. Has anybody got experience with developing on, and the potential downfalls of? It's adjacent a former blacksmiths so is flagged as potentially contaminated. With the planning having a requirement of firstly a phase 1 contamination report, then I'd assume a phase 2. What are the contaminants that likely exist on former blacksmith sites? And if known, the possible risks? I know it's a stab in the dark without the actual survey but just wondering if anybody has a quick insight which might render the deal unviable. Thanks in advance Jamie
  10. Hello new on here! My name is Jack and I am Quantity Surveyor, I have worked for a private developer project managing there developments from acquiring the land to end sale but I am now looking to work independently with investors. This could be either hands off or hands on for the property investor and I am happy to work either directly for you to manage the project or even a joint venture if that is an option! If anyone is interested please do not hesitate to make contact with me.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with demolishing a single property to build multiple homes? I have been trying to do something like this for a few months but keep getting wildly outbid on my (healthy) offers. I'm looking for anyone who has any insight, advice or shared experience?
  12. Hi all, I've found a plot of land we are potentially going to purchase. It has full planning permission that has previously expired, so I'm in the process of going through all the documents on the planning portal. With this being our first self build, and the first time at really looking at this info in detail, it has obviously thrown up a few questions (that someone will hopefully be able to help me with!). There is a very detailed 'Design & Access statement'. This includes statements about the following : + Having a ground test to check if suitable for soakaway- and for this to be approved by BC + Being within 250m of a former landfill site - a scheme for monitoring/mitigation in respect of landfill gas to be submitted for prior approval to protect future occupants + Water board- imposition of condition req. details of proposed surface/foul water. Also, as full planning permission has been granted, is there anything that could stop the build in regards to existing draining/sewers or any other utilities running through the plot, or would this have been checked during the planning/design period. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
  13. Hi everyone, I wonder if somebody can give me some advice? We recently had the opportunity to buy the house next door to us for the purpose of knocking through and combining them. The two properties used be one originally so I have no issues with the actual building work. My question is about how to proceed as we own the empty house outright and have a mortgage on our current house. What should our next steps be?
  14. Hello Everyone, I'm a Development Manager (construction background) from North Wales and I happened across the podcast yesterday morning and have been hooked ever since, I've got so many episodes to catch up on! We are a bit unique as a developer and own and operate some of our large buildings in North wales, one being a wedding venue (large listed hall and grounds) one being a 40 room hotel and spa (currently managing the design process for this as we purchased it in April) and last year we purchased and renovated an abandoned listed public house and now operate it as a restaurant and bar (the renovation was circa 700k and we completed it in 3 months yes it nearly killed me). We also have numerous options on residential land and plan on building these out or selves once we achive planning for them. All of this has happened in 2 years of an intense focus on a town we feel has huge potential for growth, currently the county/town is going through the Local Development Plan process and we have a number of speculative sites put forward for residential development. I am keen to branch out and move out of our selected location and am hugely inspired when I speak to people and hear about their own property journeys, i would be particularly keen to speak to other people whom are property investing/developing in North Wales as I feel its potentially overlooked by people building in Cheshire and Manchester. The hammer fell hard in 2008 in North wales and many people who had agreed option agreements and had even gained planning saw their deal fall through due to the credit crunch leaving them to wait for the market to recover.... I work with a lot of professionals and I have a strong support network from Planning Consultants to Architects, Engineers and Solicitors I act as the middle man for everything and manage the entire process from acquisition, design and planning through to funding and construction so I have a good amount of experience at each stage and will happily pass any knowledge on that I have gained or a contact that is more specialized int hat field if needs be.
  15. Hello Hubbers! Would appreciate any ideas to assist in overcoming this hurdle. I have a plot of land that I have secured full planning permission on for 2 houses (a two bed and a four bed). The build cost will be around 400K and as they are custom builds they will take between 12 and 14 months to complete (including contingency). This is my first development and as such I am struggling to find ways to generate the cash required. Most lenders can only lend up to 12 months or only lend to people who are experienced developers. Thank you in advance for any ideas put forward. Best, William
  16. I have just got off the phone with my local council regarding a house that I'm splitting into 2 and have been told I would have to pay £6000 education contribution and CIL on top!! I asked them what exactly does this mean, the lady said it was for the extra provisions for education that the family would need. Well I said what if I developed a 1 bed flat - not suitable for a family - would I still have to pay the same amount. Yes as they would be using the roads, the rubbish collection etc. I thought we have council tax for that!!! I was told if I have further questions I should write in. I'm assuming this is tax imposed to generate cash by councils as I can't see how their justification works in this case. I think its a bit excessive given its 1 house and that new occupiers would be paying council tax. I haven't done a split for a while so... Also if anyone know of a successful challenge to this or how to challenge, I'd appreciate it.
  17. Hi All. Just joined and am looking for a sound recommendation. We are developing a site, have founded a Ltd company to own and manage the development and future ones. Wold anyone have a strong recommendation for an accountant near Marlborough, Wilts. We'd like to avoid schemes which sail close to the wind and could be challenged in the future. Not keen to just accept the vanilla option either. Ideally a firm who have the smarts and experience to develop a strategy which is efficient and sound. This isn't a one off piece of work, it will be ongoing. Many thanks in advance.
  18. Hi all, A HMO property that I'm interested in purchasing and developing is currently on the market with sitting tenants. In an ideal world I would of course prefer that the tenants are retained through any building works etc, though it is very unlikely this will be possible as it would be a pretty major overhaul of the property. What would the best approach be for purchasing the property then proceeding to develop it? My assumption is that I would need to wait for all of the (4) tenancy agreements to end before any physical development could start, though I would just like to know if there are any other options worth considering. Thanks for your time!
  19. Hi Property Hub, I'm an Architect with a couple of rental properties in London looking to use my professional skills to unlock development potential in sites across the UK. I'm new to the forums although I have been a podcast listener for years. I'm looking for a little advice/mentoring on how to calculate finances for developments and any advice on the process. I have worked for large London architectural practices creating 1000's of homes and would like to understand the process from the developers perspective. All thoughts welcome. Svinder.
  20. Hello, I have been observing the Property Hub a while now and can see the potential of finally joining in. After having gained experiences with redeveloping and refurbishing properties in the London market I now have a small portfolio of my own. Now I would like to expand into other cities such as Nottingham and Manchester. My goal is to buy several 2-3 bedroom BTL and maybe even join venture on a development project in Nottingham. I have a build up a small team that can take on any building process and have some more contacts in Nottingham and London. If you have any suggestions on where to buy in Nottingham and Manchester, please don't hesitate to contact me as I would love to meet up and pick your brain. I will be visiting both cities very soon. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
  21. Hi I am going to need to work with a builder in the Lancaster area to help update and modify some of my new student let properties over the next few months. Any recommendations out there? Cheers Job
  22. Hi Everyone Great to be here. Been listening to R&R for a while a just wanted to say how awesome and inspiring you guys are thanks a lot. Well this is me, I'm 36 from Doncaster and been a builder since leaving school in 94. Iv seen so many people over the years get in to property and do well and built many new builds as well as convert property for so many and always planned on doing myself, but unfortunately Iv always found excuses like money, time, children you name it Iv used it. 1 month ago a friend of mine also a builder in the same predicament asked if I fancied going in 50/50 on a new build project, it took all of 60 seconds to say yes. So the next day we set out looking for plots, I pretty much new every development in my head as I spend 4 hours a night on rightmove. After viewing half a dozen we settled on a plot with planning for 3 (5bed detached) The area is all semis and doesn't suit theses so we are going back to the planner with proposed 4 semi detached that fits the street perfect. The land was £225k in total and we managed to get them down to £170k with £40k down and £32500 on the sale of each plot maximum of 12mth. The next job for me was to find funding for my half as I'd finally taken the leap without actually having the funds. After a few conversations I finally got the father in law on board for the £20k lent to me until we sell the first unit. So after many years I'm sat here 1month later about to purchase land with the deposit in my bank and the architect on with the drawings, it's amazing when you actually get off yours butt and go for it how quick things can move. Plan is get these for up in 6-7mth £430000 build cost taking them to £150k each plot and should easily achieve £200-£225 each so coming out with £100k each by the end of the year. The plan for me would be to put half back in to the next project and the other in to property flipping and do 2-3 a year as that's my dream and in my area there's plenty of doer uppers for £40 - £50k So next 5 years goal 1 development a year and 2-4 flips. First drawing attached let me know what you guys think Positive action, clear goals and taking action shouldn't be an issue :-)
  23. East of the A12 dual carriageway between Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a dynamic mix of residential, warehouse and commercial property that is quickly filling in with both new and established business, cafes, retailers, brewers, bars, galleries and more. Have a look at some Area Insights & Upcoming Events - www.strettons.link/HWFI_Oct What does everything think of the development work in Hackney Wick?
  24. Hi guys, I have a few jobs coming up around the Worthing/Brighton are and am after a reliable builder. The jobs range from flat conversions to new builds so I am might be looking for more than one builder. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sven
  25. Dear all, I’m currently looking into a small development opportunity around the Littlehampton area - can anyone recommend a good and reliable builder? TIA Charlotte
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