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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I asked this question to Rob Dix some time back and got really good advice. I just wanted to know if there were any developers on here that could say if the investment strategy my two brothers and I are looking at doing is viable or if it’s unrealistic and too ambitious. As a back story my two brothers and I have previously invested in a property refurbishment venture in the town of March which we sold in 2020 for a 20k profit (we used Rob Dix book and podcast often) We have recently changed strategy as my brother took a land sourcing course provided by White Box Property Solutions which cost £600. We have a total pot of 200k as both myself and my two brothers have put in 50k and our cousin will invest a further 50k when a plot is found. He uses a tool called Land Insight among other paid software to determine the best areas to buy land and build upon. The strategy is to buy undervalued land that has a good per square meter cost and build to sell the properties on the land. My brother then puts it into his spreadsheet to do an advanced appraisal of the land to see if it is viable. We intend to use specialist loan brokers to find a provider willing to lend us the money for the development costs. From what I've researched they will require some form of collateral or liability (such as assets etc). Due to this being our first build we will most likely only build 3-5 houses from speaking with a loan provider that would be a maximum we would be able to get funding for. I have been assured by my brother that if anything went wrong they (the loan provider) would take the land and any built (or prebuilt) houses. I'm just worried that we are being too ambitious. My cousin is likely to have his assets as a liability as he has a successful job in London with two houses, my brother only has a car as an asset. Does anyone think this is viable or is it a too ambitious at this stage? Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello! My partner Julia and I are based in Edinburgh, both work full time (although I'm currently furloughed!) and want to start building a new future for ourselves and have landed on property as the route we want to go. As a rough idea of our plans we want to start by flipping properties to build up some capital and then look to build a bit of a portfolio. To achieve this I'm looking to quit my job and attempt to do most of the work on the properties (barring any complex electrical/plumbing/structural work). I've not done that much before but i'm pretty handy and a quick learner whilst Julia will be in charge of all things money whilst continuing in her current job. As a starting point it would be great if anyone could offer any advice for new starters, especially regarding: good areas to invest around Edinburgh (within an hours drive ideally) any good solicitors in the Edinburgh area to work with loans/financial strategies key things to look out for general advice! Any help much appreciated! All the best, Pete and Julia
  3. Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with purchases through Sand Royale? They are based in southend-on-sea. I am interested in a couple of developments in Liverpool. One being Park Central on Liverpool Waters. But i can not find much information or any sort of reviews for this company. Would be great if someone can confirm that they are a legitimate company. The develooment is due for completion in 2020. I have to pay 20% deposit now and want to make sure my deposit will be secure with them.
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