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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All Please can you help, I need advice here to let me know what options I have available to me. I would like to sell my current residential home to a limited company (SPV) and turn it into a BTL property and buy another residential home with my wife. The long term plan is to purchase a few more BTL properties within the next 5 - 10 years using the limited company. I’m also a higher rate tax earner and intend to use this company just to build a portfolio of properties over time and have no intention to draw any income from the company in the medium term. My current property is valued at £600k, I have 40% equity in it and should be able to rent it out for around £2,100 pcm. Am I right with the below assumptions I am making? When I sell my current property, the Limited Company will pay stamp duty of £38k There is no capital gain tax for me to pay because I’m selling my current residential home to the company at current market value of the property. The property has never been rented out and never had a buy to let mortgage. Just standard residential mortgage. Because I’m buying another residential home at the same time as selling my current residential home to my limited company, I only need to pay the normal stamp duty rates and not the second home surcharge. When I sell my property to the limited company I can use the equity in my property as a deposit (assuming I can get a BTL mortgage approved) via a directors loan, meaning no money needs to change hands/accounts. If these assumptions are correct, the questions I have are around the directors loan and new BLT mortgage. Would I be able to keep my current mortgage with a consent to let or is it better to get a new BTL mortgage which is interest only allowing me to take out some equity from the property? For example get a 75% ltv mortgage With the directors loan is there any personal tax implications for me if I keep the loan on going for longer than a year or do I need to charge interest to the company on the loan? Am I able to close out the loan in the future with out having to pay any tax? Is my thought process and calculations correct here? Is there anything else I need to consider/know about?
  2. Hi all, hve a very quick question; I am planning to lend some money to my own limited company (zero interest) to buy a BTL. I believe this is called director’s loan so that my limited company can pay it back to me in the future without any tax implications. My question is, do I need to fill any standard forms to establish this loan relationship between my self (director) and my company? thanks in advance volkan
  3. I recently set up an SPV to invest in property and capitalised it with 300k of personal funds. I purchased a London property for 700k and refurbished it (at a personal cost of 150k) with a view to resale. The balance of the property was financed on a commercial loan in the company name which now totals 500k. I personally cover the loan interest by extending the Director Loan account. The property is worth around 1.1m now (would have been more but for the slow-down in London). The total director loan is now around 450k. I would like to transfer A 50% SHARE/PART OF THE PROPERTY BACK TO MY PERSONAL NAME. What is the best way to do this, and are there CGT and SDLT implications on either personal or company side? Regards PJ
  4. So i've received the following email which i have to reply to: "We now only require: - Confirmation on how the deposit money will be going into the SPV. If it’s going in as a directors loan please confirm the monthly payments, interest rate and when the full loan amount will need to be repaid. Please note the valuation has now been instructed." I've emailed my accountant to help, but seeing as i know so little about moving money into and out of a SPV i won't know the different options / if my accountant is giving me a bad option. Previously i just transferred money to my limited company by bank transfer. Is there a really good resource for improving my knowledge in this area as i feel i am really short here and unsupported by my accountant. And can someone explain the advantages / disadvantages of high/low interest rates / deadline for a directors loan? Thanks Laurence
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