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Found 2 results

  1. I have a seen a property I am keen to offer on. It is a ground flat in a block of four. The issues are that the roof needs attention, and whilst not leaking, it is covered in moss and the gutters are also filled with moss. This was all picked up in the home report. To get the uplift value on refinance I would really need to sort the roof and gutters out which I assume will be shared costs. I do not know if the neighbour above would be willing to pay for this - I guess I could ask - but I figure if he was that bothered he would have had it all seen to before - or if he realises I need to rectify matters to get my desired value he may be difficult. Should I just treat this as a sunk cost to get to my end goal? The other issue is that the neighbour in the next block has decided to use his own garden as a dumping site. It is a real mess - junk, old incomplete bikes, lots of huge bags of stuff piled high against his house and in his gardens. It is a real eyesore and am concerned that this will affect the value of my prospective property and also deter tenants. Have no idea what is in the bags. Is this something I can raise with environmental health anonymously? Thanks!
  2. Can anyone help me with the following problem.... I own a tenanted but low value upstairs leasehold flat in a converted house of two flats. The downstairs flat has been empty for a number of years and is in disrepair due to a fire. It is boarded up and the council are aware of the situation although they say it's not dangerous. The owner is missing and bought the property without a mortgage. I think he will still be in the local area and probably out of work or in prison. I have contacted the freeholder's solicitors and received the following reply.... Further to our telephone conversation on Friday, I have today spoken with our conveyancing department before writing to Mr D. Our conveyancing department inform me that the freeholder, Mr D wouldn’t be concerned with the condition of the property as his only interest is the ground rent, which only covers the land. I have been informed your best course of action with being concerned about the condition of the flat would be to contact the council's Environmental Health department. Another course of action would be to contact the land registry, where you would be able to get the name & address of the person owning the flat and contact them directly. As the property is in such a state, I cannot see this being the best course of action, I think you would be better in the first instance contacting Environmental Health, but the option is always there. Sorry I cannot be of further help. I contacted the council about this 12 months ago and drew a blank as the property is not in a dangerous condition. There are a lot of empty houses in poor condition in the area and I can't see anything happenning via this route for a very long time, if ever. However I do now have the contact details for the freeholder. The only way I can see any improvement being possible to the downstairs flat is to find the owner and obtain the leasehold, or if not possible then try to obtain it from the freeholder. Otherwise the house will become a ruin. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Kevin
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