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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've got a few Victorian Properties, one has an EPC rating of C but the others are D rated. I've spoken to companies about doing the EPC suggested work, but the message that keeps coming back is that many of the modifications suggested on the EPC would be a bad idea. Apparently the modern improvements just don't work with the Victorian engineering. I'm a bit worried about finding in a few years time that I'm unable to meet the legal requirements for rentals and pretty much powerless to do anything about it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I've made improvements like replacing w
  2. Hello PropertyHub Community, I've spotted a property in my local area which has been on the market since August '18, listed for £55k, and is currently of vacant possession (I believe the former owner has recently deceased). The property requires a cosmetic refurb, with complete modernisation (including kitchen, flooring, repainting etc.) though nothing 'too' heavy. Sold comparables in the area are more like £75-£80k, so it looks as though there's money in the deal, and it looks to be a great opportunity (has the right fundamentals, location, schools etc. etc.). However.......
  3. Hey there, I'd really love your help! Question: Does an electric combi-boiler improve your EPC rating as much as a gas combi-boiler? Context: We bought a fixer-upper early this year and with the new EPC regulations have hit a slight snag... We want to rent out our refurb, however it's only currently a 30 score, so needs to move up 10 points. The property has an old water tank, with new electric heat pump - though apparently this is not good for rising the EPC score. We've been told a combi-boiler should raise the score, however there's curr
  4. Hi folks, just about to replace all the insulation in the loft of my BTL following a burst-pipe flood (need to update my progress journal). The joists are 100mm depth and the 270mm insulation depth recommendation is well publicised. But... To achieve 270 I'd need to lay 100mm between joists and then cross-lay 170mm. This involves buying two types of insulation and having the associated leftover for both thicknesses (although the stuff is fairly flexible, so that's not such a concern). However, in doing some research I came across this table that suggests there's no incremental gain
  5. Dear all, I am an inexperienced property investor and was hoping someone could help with this query. My wife and currently rent out a flat, when our tenant moved in the EPC was valid, however, it is due to expire in the next few months. Could someone please let me know if the EPC needs to be 'in date' for the duration of a tenancy or just at the start? I am wondering whether it needs updating now or if it can wait until the end of the tenancy. Thank you.
  6. Are all Hub Members aware that some critical dates are fast approaching on letting properties with what will soon be illegal EPC ratings? The nuts and bolts of it are as follows: 2008 - All properties sold or let after this date must have an EPC. For letting out the EPC must be available in the proeprty at the time of viewing and the tenant must be in receipt of a copy of the EPC at the start of the tenancy. 1 Apr 2016 - Landlords are obliged to permit a tenant to make reasonable energy saving adjustments to their rented property at the tenants request/ expense
  7. Hi all! I am wondering if any of the new EPC laws that kick in next year will affect your property strategy. I have a few properties that are currently at the F mark, mainly due to the fact that the properties are those solid brick terraced house. I'm still deciding what are the best options for me. I was thinking whether it is better to sell few of the properties to fund any work to make the inefficient buildings more energy efficient or just use the cash flow from the portfolio to slowly improve each property one by one. Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, have you come a
  8. Hello, I am currently conducting research on the topic of energy efficiency in the domestic private rented sector. If you own and rent out a property in London or Liverpool, could I please ask you to take part in this short survey? It is completely anonymous, which ensures your confidentiality is protected. https://annatsvetkova.typeform.com/to/rJhjno I will be happy to send you a copy of the finished study, as you might find the results useful to you. I would really appreciate it. Thank you Anna
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