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  1. Hi there, I hope everyone is well. I am having trouble with mortgages due to being paid in a foreign currency (Euro), this isn't a new issue for me, I've made 2 purchases in the past as personal mortgages and have struggled then as well, I've dealt with a couple of different brokers and all roads seem to lead back to Santander. They deduct 25% from my salary in the calculations for currency fluctuations, and they also (along with every other bank I've spoken to) will not take into account the fact that I legally do not pay tax in the UK on my salary. I report my earnings to HMRC each year through my accountant and due to the industry I work in and time I spend out of the UK I effectively get a full tax refund, but it never leaves my account. The two reasons above mean that I end up getting offered a lot less than if the amount I take home each month were earned in GBP and was net after tax, which it effectively is for me. My wife and I own a home with a mortgage and have carried out major renovations since buying at a good price. The current value is between 575k and 600k, with a mortgage of 332k left over a 33 year period, 3 years left of a 5 year fix. My plan was to take out additional lending of around 100k against the new value of the home, keeping me below 80% LTV, and use the 100k to invest in BTL's. So far I've had no joy with our current lender, despite being able to afford the repayments without including any rental income. I have also not yet attempted to get a BTL mortgage, but imagine this will carry the same issues, whether I apply via a Ltd company or in my own name. If anyone has any advice or can suggest a specialist lender that can look closer at individual situations it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Adam
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