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Found 5 results

  1. We are running a one off event this week to allow some of our more seasoned investors to share their journey and learnings from early beginnings through to seasoned observations of what they would do differently. Of of course it will also provide an opportunity to network and discuss the investing scene here in the vibrant and busy Nottingham. Further details from: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nottingham-property-circle-investor-experience-tickets-59026406571
  2. Hello All, I am looking for a mentor to help guide me as i build my property portfolio. I am looking for someone who has a substantial portfolio or who has a lot of experience in the field. At this moment in time i am going to purchase my first property investment. I would like someone who can give me advice on how to expand my portfolio and share all their knowledge with me. So i can build a good structured portfolio. If anyone is interested in doing this it would be much appreciated, please reply to this post or message me directly and i will tell you a lot more about my experience so far. Kind regards, Jay
  3. Hey All, I am just about to begin investing in my own property portfolio. I have now saved enough for a deposit on my initial buy-to-let property (at last). I work for a property developer specialising in student accommodation on a national level. I am a chartered project management surveyor with the RICS. So, I have plenty of relevant experience in developments with GDV's ranging from £1m up to over £100m. Currently, I am managing two projects in Sheffield due to complete in September 2017. One a 63 bed studio apartment development, and the other 130 bed development of studios and cluster apartments. I am seeking some local knowledge of the Sheffield buy-to-let market in exchange for a coffee, and the sharing of some of my own knowledge. Please do get in touch if you are interested. Even if it is just for a general chit chat. Cheers all, Josh
  4. Hi, I always thought the term Skin in the Game meant, that it was about gaining experience by pushing boundaries of your knowledge and competence. Especially when my Executive Director used it in our conversation to give me advice about my career. So when i joined the Property Hub, i thought I'm going to say "Hello" once i have finally bought a BTL / Buy to Sell. So i can say i have now some skin the game. Wooooohooo......until i googled it 5 minutes ago and found out it was a term coined by Warren Buffet, how investors use their own money to invest in the company they are running. oh well. It is sort of what i/we are doing...right? Anyway my name is Zub. First time investor. Advocate/listener to the podcast since since dec 2015. Influenced by "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Living and working in London. Investing in the North West. My Motivation: To create a second income which will eventually overtake my current income. Thereafter i will semi-retire (after 10-15) and stay in my gown and annoy my wife/children about the small details of life. I have finally bought my first property in Manchester, and do believe experience is always best to learn from. Even bad ones. In this case (3 from each): Good Experience/Lessons - Using the fundamentals (sticking to a Checklist) - Helped me buy right - Confirmed by prospective letters (irrespective of wether the area looks amazing or not) Try and stick to the BMV as much as possible - It does pay dividends (in this case, it has) Using a good solicitor (although costly) can really ease some of the pressure especially as the legal wording can catch you out Some bad experiences/lessons- Don't be too emotional or excited, otherwise you will miss things (Like Double glazing required in the property) recommended in the energy efficiency notes Chasing is required! I needed to chase the estate agent/solicitor every couple of weeks to keep the ball rolling Verify something twice, even thrice. The Surveyor recommended some damp resolution is required. Subsequent quotation given by DPC company referred by estate agents listed a whole host of works. Independent contractor, confirmed no form of penetrative/rising damp, especially on the 1st floor!!!! Saving me £1200 So this my experience so far? i will provide a more detailed list to benefit the forum for others next time. Cheers Zub
  5. Hi, I'm new to this and looking to take on my first buy to let. I already own a property in Brentwood, Essex - which is where I live. I'm looking for some general advice, and if possible an investor nearby (in London where I work or Essex) that I could meet for a chat and to bounce some ideas off. Thanks! Steve
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