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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone i'm turning 18 in a few months and looking to get on to the property ladder (based in Nottingham, so looking to invest here). I'll be looking to get a residential mortgage and rent out one of the rooms on spareroom to help pay the mortgage, and hopefully will be able to benefit from capital gains that i will be able to pull out in a few years once i'm 21, which i can use towards a BTL mortgage. Would appreciate anyones thoughts on this and if its even possible (I will be earning £18k a year when im 18), as well as any recommendations for a mortgage broker that could help me out here. Many thanks
  2. Hi all, really looking forward to getting stuck into this forum, been listening to the podcast for a few months now and am excited about being a part of this great community. Bit of background; My family business is property, my grandad built lots of blocks of flats in the 50’s/60’s and kept a few in a portfolio as a legacy. Because of this Ive always been interested in property. I fell in to working in finance after finishing school and worked for 20 years in various sectors. (If you’re having any trouble getting your bills paid on time I may have some tips for you ) I bought my first home, on the very edge of south London back in 2010 and was happy to pay off the mortgage slowly while watching the equity grow... Then 2 years ago I had a baby and had some decisions to make about going back to work... I decided to sell my house, we’re renting somewhere great now, I have a nice cushion of funds in the bank and I’ve been able to buy my first project for cash. it’s a 3 bed semi in Derby, I’m half way through the renovation now and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have to work a conventional day job anymore, I get to look after my son and I’m finally working towards my property goals. I’ve made some great connections with trades, learnt a lot already and should make a nice profit! I‘m focusing on flipping (Derby/Nottingham area for now) to keep my pot of money growing, but want to build a b2l portfolio too. My current strategy is to flip 2 then split the funds for another flip AND a single let... and repeat. Though I haven’t yet had my strategy call yet, so this may change. My long term goal is to build my own legacy and follow in my grandads footsteps. thanks for reading all this! If you made it this far Good luck with whatever you’re working on, see you in another thread!
  3. Hi guys, This is my first post in the forum! A bit about me and my situation to begin. I'm 24 and live in Chelmsford, Essex. I bought my own flat BMV in May 2018 and have just completed a full refurb on it to add value. I am hoping to finance to the new value and pull out equity to invest in April 2020 when my mortgage product runs out. I have also saved £17k cash that I am looking to put towards a BTL investment now. I am investing mainly for cash flow for the time being. I'm a fitness instructor and teach around 20 exercise classes a week as well as seeing sports massage clients, teaching swim lessons and managing a gym in central London. My job is very physically demanding and I want to have a revenue stream from property that I could fall back if I were to get injured and be unable to teach. I have been concentrating my search in Liverpool as it has seen a lot of growth and development in recent years but is still cheap enough that I can afford a starter two bed terrace or apartment, around £60k. I am going up on Monday to visit but am looking for some insider knowledge before my trip as all my own research is producing contradicting views on how rough some areas are! I have booked to view some properties in Bootle, Wavertree and Wallasey but have heard mixed reviews about all three areas (which I suppose is understandable as they are clearly the cheaper areas of the city). Do any of you currently invest or live in these three areas? Have you experienced any problems with tenants or struggled to let out properties in these areas? Are there any other postcodes I should be looking in to with my £60k budget? Any advice would be massively appreciated
  4. Hi guys, Jake here, I've just had an offer accepted n my first property! Exciting.... A 3 Bedroom Mid terraced house in Newport, South Wales. It's linked to a new estate but was built in the 50's, they've really managed to blend them together well. I've purchased the property for £70,000 and in all fairness the inside is a tip but it was purchased from a debt management company. It needs, double glazing on the back, plastering throughout, new bathroom, new kitchen, standard stuff. I've budgeted £15,000... Realistic? I've had an estate agent take a look and they say I can achieve £650 rental PM or £120,000 sale if renovated to a good standard. Which would you take? I really like the thought of having a potential £30k+ on my first deal but I also like the thought of £650 PM from an initial investment of £35,000. Hitting around a 22% ROI PY. Any response would be massively appreciated.
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