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  1. Hello all! Firstly I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I'm Ben aged 24 and I'm currently based in Bristol working as a Graduate Manufacturing Engineer. Throughout my life I have had an interest in property and used to love to watch programs such as Grand Designs and Homes Under the Hammer when I was younger. After I Graduated from University in 2019 I had very little knowledge about how to get into property but I knew it was something I wanted to get into! So at the start of my research I stumbled across this podcast called "The Property Podcast" after I bought 1 of Robs books - The Complete Guide to Property Investment. I started listening to the podcast from episode 1 while travelling to and from work. The Robs joke about the quality of those first few episodes on the podcast today but I found that these first few episodes helped me to relate to them and going on their journey with them has opened my eye to the fact that all successful ventures start from small foundations. This has motivated me to think bigger about where I could end up in the future if I put the work in, not just in property. So over the past 2 years I have been saving HARD to get to a position where I can pursue my first property investment and this week I have successfully had an offer accepted on a 2 bed maisonette in the West Midlands, in the area where I grew up! (Bristol is just way to expensive for me! And investing in my hometown I can benefit from my vast knowledge of the area). With many developments to public transport in this area and with the upcoming 5-7years of property growth (18 year cycle), I plan to not only get a return from rental income but also the potential for capital growth. I now have a long journey ahead of me that I am very much looking forward to - Learning about the buying process, learning how to work with solicitors effectively, setting up a mortgage correctly, get the property ready to rent and finding a tenant that I can provide an excellent service for. I can finally learn from taking action and move away from that pesky analysis paralysis! Thank you for reading! Ben.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for my first investment property in London with the goal of seeing a steady amount of capital growth and 3%ish yields over the next 3 years. I have decided to focus on houses given the supply and demand. I have a budget of £410k so I am limited to 2/3 bed terraced houses in areas such as Newham, Barking, Woolwich, Croydon and the likes. I currently live in Fulham, so as you can imagine, I am struggling to separate my emotions and let go of my opinions about these areas and see the potential given the amount of regenerative investment. Given the current rental market, these areas have become a little more questionable for me (some more than others) from a yield perspective. Rental prices per room/entire house have been significantly slashed so there is a high possibility that 3% will not be met. I also question how much the regen in some of these areas is will have an impact on the house price growth as the regen is targeted for “new apartment complex villages” which don’t necessarily uplift the area. Would you mind kindly sharing your opinions on 1. would you invest in London right now? 2. would you invest in flats closer to Central London right now or in the short term? 3. what you think of these areas from an investment perspective? 4. would you invest in these areas and why? 5. how you think terraced houses are fitting into regenerative plans which mostly consist of new apartment complexes? Thanksss for reading and thank you in advance for responding.
  3. Hello All, I am looking to make my first property investment this year and my decided location is Nottingham. I am ideally looking to buy a house (personal preference i have nothing against flats). I was just wondering are there any roads/streets that i should avoid buying. I have done some research and the post codes that stick out to me are NG1, NG3 & NG7. Would love to know what anybody thinks about these postcodes. Kind regards, Jay
  4. Hi, I'm 27 years of age and live in Hull, I acquired my 1st BTL 2 months ago at 75% LTV with a 25 year repayment mortgage fixed for 2 years. Bit of a pension plan for the future and had saved enough to take the plunge so went for it, maybe went in a bit blind compared to most but I learn on the job. House finally in a good condition decorated throughout with elec and gas certs now present. Looking at self managing as its local to me and feel I would learn quickly about the ins and outs of the property game. Plus been an electrician by trade I'm quiet handy if I do say so myself. Looking for a tennant and have some one interested now, just need to sort finer details such as tenancy agreement and itinerary and where to hold the bond so that is how I stumbled across the property hub and ended up here writing this. Going to do my homework on this site and hopefully find the answers and maybe help others looking to take the plunge with my limited experience but that will grow over the course of this investment I have taken on. Cheers.
  5. Hey everyone, my name is Francis and I'm currently a student at university. I've been looking to start investing into property, acquiring my first asset either this year or early next year. I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me some advice for making my first investment. Thanks a lot in advance, looking forward to getting more involved with this community, Francis
  6. Hi all, I am planning to buy my first investment property in London or small towns around it with good commute links into London this year from auction. I was wondering if you would recommend I choose a specific area before starting my property search or would it make more sense not to have a specific area in mind and to research the properties that come into auction and choose ones that meet my criteria? The reason I ask this is that there are many great areas out there that if you buy BMV they would be great investment. But, at the same time there are so many properties that come into auction that taking the latter approach may waste a lot of my time! I would greatly appreciate your advice. Many thanks in advance. Nooshin
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