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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, First time poster on the forum. This year I plan on investing £250K in to property with the aim to have at least 4 properties in my portfolio by the end of the year. I want to purchase 2 properties in Newcastle at least. I was wondering if anyone could give any advice on micro-locations in Sandyford, Jesmond and Heaton? From my own time in the city I know all 3 are very popular for students, but ideally I'd be looking at letting to young professionals for a few different reasons. I'd be interested to hear from anyone with recent experience in these 3 areas (or any other NE-based areas) in terms of particular parts of these or streets in these areas that should be avoided due to being predominantly student lets (or for any other reason). I can see that yields in Heaton tend to be better than in Jesmond, but I feel Jesmond is more likely to attract young professionals and potentially will benefit a bit more from capital growth. On another note, I'm also looking towards flats on the Quayside just to diversify a bit. I'd love to hear from anyone else with a similar target area! Thanks, Adam
  2. Hi Everyone, can anyone shed some light on the HMO licensing laws in Gateshead? Im struggling to find any clear info on what Gateshead Council would consider should be licensed. Article 4 info is clear which is helpful but licensing not so. Any help gratefully received.
  3. Hi all, When people ask why I buy flats in Gateshead it's easy to point out the extremely high yields but i've also been aware of the poor capital growth. I've always hoped that investment in Newcastle would eventually cause the affluence to spill over the Tyne into Gateshead and start to push the prices up there (maybe over the next 10 years or so). Has anyone got any opinions on the likelihood of this happening? I'm conscious that I might be investing in an area where the market value remains stagnant as it has done for the last at least 5 years! All views appreciated, Jordan
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