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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking at starting with investing in property and would be grateful for some advice. I'm hoping to build a (hopefully) decent revenue stream and generally to hold properties as long term assets. I'm a seafarer and so HMRC wipe off my tax each year under the Seafarer's Earning Deduction. This means I still have my £12.5k tax free allowance to use each year. I don't currently have a house of my own as I'm out of the country a lot either working or travelling and so stay with my parents. I also don't have any real need for a house at the moment but hope to ha
  2. Hey Hubbers, What are your thoughts on seeing a broker in person compared to one online - Having found various sites out there during my research? I'm teetering on the edge of jumping in and getting started and will obviously need the advice of a broker to see what's do-able. Do you think it's best to go see one face to face, or is the online market just as good these days as I'm guessing any good independent broker will have access to the products that are out there where ever they are. I must admit I would prefer "seeing" someone as over time you'll get to know each other and buil
  3. Hello all, I've never invested in property before but I'm keen to start doing so and generating passive income to top up my salary, with the eventual goal of working only two-three days a week over the next coming years. I did run a holiday let in Norfolk for 18 months after I inherited a bungalow from my late mother in January 2016, but it was a lot of hassle to manage it living far away and my girlfriend and I were still in rented accommodation at the time, so I sold that property last year to free up the capital. With that capital, I've put a large deposit down on a
  4. Hi, I am 24 years old and will be a first time buyer who plans to get in to buy to lets and create a property portfolio and eventually leave my job. As I am a first time buyer I can take advantage of the help to buy scheme etc. I am unsure whether to buy a cheap flat/maisonette (I have my worries with leaseholds) so I can save more towards a second property or buy a property and max out the mortgage I can get to hopefuly increase capital growth, ideally buying BMV if both cases. Ideally I would like to buy BMV, refurb and refinace to put towards a buy to let property. A
  5. Good morning all! I am looking to use property as a vehicle for social good and have lots and lots of ideas. I have started saving having for my first deposit for my first investment but have seen a book on Rent 2 Rent which got me thinking about using this model to increase the amount I can save. Can an anyone advise on where is the best place to find out more about this model. I know there are a lot of people who despise this model but I want to use it to solve a specific problem that I have identified. I am also keen to make sure it is done correctly an
  6. Hi there hubbers, You know you really don't know where to start, when you don't even know how to go about asking for advice! Everything seems to be inter-related, so I've decided to do something of a structured mind-dump: please feel free to pick out bits that you would like to respond to, if they fit with your interests/expertise, and ignore the rest! Background Recent new mum looking to buy a first property in London with hubby and 10-month-old. I'm British but he's South African (Cape Town), so in my opinion he's spoiled by all the, you know, natural beauty and
  7. Hi All, Just wanted to give something back to the propertyhub as I have been listening for the past 6 months and a lot of the back dated ones and has given me the confidence to go forward into property I am looking at buying my own house hopefully before Summer. I am then looking at going into property flipping to begin with, with a friend of mine (a disillusioned teacher). Then onto investment when the funds are there. Attached is a spreadsheet I have developed: - You are able to see what is viable instead of a finger in the air. Ie. Quit our job
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to property investment. I have to say it's amazing to be able to join a community like this with folks who are so generous to share their knowledge and experience. I'm planning to start investing in the first half of this year. At this point I'm learning and exploring the strategies out there. Either way my guidin principles will be not to rush and to always keep it simple. Then rinse and repeat. I look forward to getting to a position where I have the experience and can actively contribute and help make another noobs lif
  9. im a 19 year old boy from south east London looking to get into the property game heavy and really need some help. My Situation Im new to all of this and i have recently been told that you don't need any cash or credit to get started. you just need to learn how to make connections, crunch numbers and get detailed information. If somebody is looking for a property to buy or rent you just play the middle man and find it for them and take your cut. im aware this is called property sourcing but there isn't any courses or apprenticeships i can take to get my feet wet. I really have a p
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