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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I own a BTL portfolio and I wish to gift a share with no money changing hands to my partner (we're currently unmarried) by a declaration of trust. The share of each individual property's mortgage consideration is less than £40k. I understand that this would not create any SDLT for her (but keen to hear that is correct). However, I'm unclear if this would be regarded as a 'linked transaction'. I have read that linked transactions are relevant for the simultaneous purchase of several properties from the same vendor, and could be treated as if they were all
  2. Good Morning All, I recently went to one of the property hub meet up groups, which was great, where I found out about "gifting" property. My situation is my parents have a BTL property of which they own outright (no mortgage), but are looking to sell it to support their retirement. I have said I would like to buy it from them, but have then found about gifting, where they could gift the property to me and I would remortgage the property and the gift them the money back. They bought the house for £175k and its now worth double this at £350k. I am wondering what fees I will have t
  3. Guest

    Property gifting

    Good morning , Hello my name is Brighton Nembaware , my question is about gifting a property , my parents have a property valued at 390k with a mortgage value of 130k left on , is it possible for me to take out a mortgage to payoff the existing mortage and have a new one in my name. Also how would that property affect me buying a secound personal mortgage Kind regards Brighton Nembaware
  4. Hi everyone, I'd be keen to hear your opinions on the following scenario and how best to achieve what we're aiming for (sorry if I waffle on!).. My situation: I have been investing in property for about 3 years and have a small portfolio of 5 single lets. I plan to refinance on these houses and buy more properties in the coming years, however as they're all in their initial mortgage terms at the moment, I won't be able to do this until 2015/16 (without facing high redemption fees!) which is where my Dad comes in.... My Dads situation: My Dad's house is mortgage free and worth arou
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