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  1. Hi everyone, My name is Rayman and I'm an expat currently based in Hong Kong. Thought I'd take action and drop a line in the forums to introduce myself. Aside from introductions, I'm also keen to find out whether the meet ups will continue in Hong Kong once Covid-19 eases? Eager to meet a group of people who's equally keen as I when it comes to podcasts and the Property Hub! Rayman
  2. Hi, I always thought the term Skin in the Game meant, that it was about gaining experience by pushing boundaries of your knowledge and competence. Especially when my Executive Director used it in our conversation to give me advice about my career. So when i joined the Property Hub, i thought I'm going to say "Hello" once i have finally bought a BTL / Buy to Sell. So i can say i have now some skin the game. Wooooohooo......until i googled it 5 minutes ago and found out it was a term coined by Warren Buffet, how investors use their own money to invest in the company they are running.
  3. I have been in property low scale for 4 years or so, 6 so far with a good strategy behind them. I want learn how to grow the portfolio to much higher level. Particularly interested in finance, leveraging know how. Ive been in property as a developer/ repair / builder many years as a side to other business interests but I want to get more serious and could do with some help / mentoring or knowledge exchange particularly on finance, the rest i am very comfortable with. I am also interested in understanding the new tax rules and to be honest I have had my head in the sand as I only learned o
  4. Hi All, I found Rob and Rob's podcast about a week ago and have listened to nearly 30 episodes already, can't get enough of it (thanks guys). Thought I'd introduce myself and show how green I am in this world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to help somebody else out, but at the minute it will probably be me just asking stupid questions. Anyway, here it goes: What you've done in property so far: Nothing other than develop a few goals for the long and short term (although I do own my own home). What areas you invest in (or want to invest in)
  5. Hi everyone! I'm 22 and have just completed my Marketing degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I'm not going to lie, this is my first experience on a property forum like this (as I only discovered it today!). But it's been really interesting to hear from so many different people about their stories etc. and I'll definitely trying to spend more time here. I want to be a property investor myself in the future so I'm just trying to gain knowledge before I jump into it. So much to learn . The goal is to have around 5 BTL's by the time I'm 30. Quite an ambitious goal I feel because I
  6. Hi there, fairly new to property investment and recently joined property hub. I have 3 properties of my own but have recently setup a limited company to start working without the personal liability and to take advantage of all that a company gives you. Atm, I am waiting to complete on a 50k 2 bed semi in chorley. Cash buying. The intention is to do it up and sell again as soon as pos. 3 questions - Do mortgage lenders make it difficult for a prospective buyer if the property was already bought in the last 6 months? - The property is a terraced house but the only alternative access to the ba
  7. hi there, my name is wayne i am a 31 year old father of 3 and live in the scottish highlands, i have always been interested in property especially period property. i have recently bought a website that i hope to make a successful one with alot of marketing and time invested, i have set up facebook and twitter to help get the trafic along with lots of advertising.. but since starting website last week i have been contacted from a established estate agent local to me who would like to meet up for a coffee and possibly speak about a career in property so delighted i am on the right path and hope
  8. Hi! I am new to the forum! Myself and my partner are looking to invest in a property but cannot decide where, what type or anything. We have 100k in cash and are torn between buying a house or flat as well as areas. Part of the issue is that we rent a small place, partly as we have been saving but also as we have been setting up and running our new business (1year old) in IT. It is going well and we can work anywhere. But the issue is with that is that we can't get our own mortgage yet, so are thinking, instead of just leaving it in the bank we should invest it/some of it and earn so
  9. Hi all I’m Chris, a chartered accountant from South Wales. Recently began listening to the podcast and found them really interesting so thought I’d get myself over to the site to take a look. I recently sold my first property after completely renovating it. Things didn’t work out with the partner I bought with but I thoroughly enjoyed working on the property and seeing it take shape, so much so that I’m thinking I’d like to get into it a bit more. I’m about to buy another house with lots of potential, which I’ll be living in in the medium term. I was initially thinking buy to let
  10. Hello All, My name is Erhan and I have been studying property investment for the past year or so with great help from Rob & Rob's podcast! I am about complete my first property investment and become an official Property Investor! Hoooray! Looking forward to speaking with you all. Erhan
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