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  1. Hi, I completed on my first vanilla BTL through a Ltd. a few months ago and am now looking into higher yielding and high value deals. The two main strategies that i am looking at are HMO's and multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB) (2-5 flats) of which i am very eager to get a deal in before the SDTL holiday ends. Now, since i also started freelancing a few months ago i did hear that getting an HMO mortgage can be quite tricky if one does not have a long track record of freelancing and/or 6+ months of projects lined up. Vanilla BTL's however should be easier given i soon have 6+ month AST track record. My question is am i more likely to get lending for a MUFB (i.e. can they be more treated as a vanilla BTL) and maybe even at a better interest rate than a full fledged HMO (with planning etc)? In that case i would dismiss the HMO route and fully go down the MUFB as the return/risk profile is very similar to me. Any help or guidance much appreciated. Thanks, Lars
  2. Hi, We are looking for recommended estate agents who manage HMO properties in Failsworth or Oldham area. We are looking for agents to manage our two 6 bed HMO properties in the M35 area. Our current agents are not delivering a service to our standards and covid has highlighted a lot of inefficiencies in their service which is costing us time and money. Our search and interactions with a few agents has not resulted in much success. Any recommendations of agents used by people in the area would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, stay safe. Best regards, Manju https://luminaryproperties.co.uk/
  3. Hi all, I have come across an HMO which is being leased to a social housing group. i would be buying the freehold as the lease has been sold at a premium for 999 years. there is a separate lease for 5 yrs which details the rent to be paid by the social housing group. i am not aware of any potential issues in this transaction, should i wish to buy it, can you let me know areas i should pay additional attention to? do i have the option of changing the tenant (social housing association) to some one else or am i locked into 1 tenant for as long as i decide to hold on to the property? many thanks in advance.
  4. Hey all! I’m a 35 year old experienced property investor now looking to get into HMO’s. I’ve done quite a bit of research and learned plenty from PropertyHub (huge thanks to the Robs!!) but still have some way to go, the HMO world is very different to the standard BTL’s I’m used to! Would love to connect with others in the West Yorkshire / South Yorkshire areas as this is the area I am looking to invest in. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hiya, I am London based and started a while ago to focus on Leeds as my investment area. I have bought my first BTL in York about a yar ago and now looking to do student HMO's in Leeds around Headingley. It is article 4 yes, and while one does pay a bit of a premium for that you also get piece of mind of not having to worry about future competition (new HMOs pop up left right and centre these days) and a very low amount voids. So I don’t think it’s all bad. Also from deals i am finding, the number still stack up quite well (i.e. 15% ROI in a ltd with full mgmt.) Anyway, I started talking to a few investors focussing on that particular strategy and just posting this to connect to some more people that i could exchange knowledge and experiences with. But also interested to hear what you have to say about investing in an Article 4 area. I am very open to have a chat over phone or coffee, am just really keen to learn more and also share my knowledge. Feel free to contact me here or via e-mail: l.m.steinbrecher@gmail.com Thanks, Lars
  6. Hi everyone, New investor here. I live in London but I'm from Hull and went to uni in Leeds (1999 - 2004) so I'm looking to invest in both cities if possible. I'm looking at student lets and/or HMO to young professionals. I'm just starting out on my property investment journey so I'm keen to speak to anyone with experience in these areas, please get in touch if you do. Thanks, Paul
  7. Hi everyone. I'm currently investing in HMOs and I have a question that I'm assuming most people involved in HMOs think about but I would love to open a conversation about it. When purchasing a HMO, the asking price is often, if not always, inflated because of the potential cashflow that these properties offer. However the "bricks and mortar" value is in reality much lower. I want to purchase a HMO property for a market value that is related to it's real cost as suppose to its inflated cost, to reduce the risk of loss if the HMO demand in this area decreases, and also to see capital growth in my property over the next few years, which tends to not occur as heavily in price inflated HMOs. However, there are no local comparables to help me assess the real cost because all of the local properties are HMOs with an inflated price. So my question is does anyone have any tips or tricks for assessing true market value without local comparables? Thank you in advance!!
  8. Hi, A bit of a complicated question but need some rough guidance. I'm looking at a 3 storey property that's for sale in a unfinished condition. It was a small 4 bedroom split into 2 flats that were being rented out. The current owner has let it fall into disrepair and had it structurally condemned in order to force the council to grant planning permission for a larger rebuild which would create 6 bedrooms split into a lower 4 bed and upper 2 but is clearly designed to be further split into 3 once built. They are now looking to sell for £500k with that planning permission in place. I would like to do something different and it would be my first and primary property but I might have to go with the granted planning given that it is an article 4 area. Assuming the upper flat is worth £400k on completion and the lower £800k there's 3 scenarios: 1. I retain both flats with me living in the larger and rent the other out 2. I sell the whole thing after living in it for 6 months without renting out the 'annex' 3. I just sell the upper flat and continue to live in the lower. For each what would be the tax payable and what structure would be best to follow if I did buy the plot and demolish and build? Would it be best classed as a self build or would I be better having the build costs as expenses in a company? What factors might I be missing? Thanks
  9. Wow! So many buyers from Hong Kong buy property in Manchester. I have been deal sourcing / investing in Manchester for years and I have never seen so much interest from Hong Kong. Nick - Smarter Property smarterproperty.net Are other people seeing a lot of new interest in Manchester?
  10. Hello everyone,I am new here, but have been following Rob and Rob for some time and very grateful for all their work they do for community, hopefully I’ll manage to get my own BTL soon.I would like to form “Rent to Rent” limited company and I was wondering if someone could help with advice please.I have found two 3 bedroom houses I can rent and sublet on room by room basis. The living rooms have already been converted into 4th bedroom, so there will be 4 people in total in each house.To my understanding, I need to:1. Sign commercial lease agreement between my LTD and the house owner.2. Make sure mortgage provider is aware of this lease agreement and also that the house is being let as HMO.3. Make sure landlord has building and landlord liability insurance.4. Make sure landlord’s insurance won’t be invalidated due to contract I have between my LTD and the landlord.5. Make sure landlord’s insurer will cover multiple tenants on separate ASTs.6. Make sure house has gas and electrical safety certificates, and also ECP.7. Make sure house meets all other requirements (fire safety, minimum room size, etc)8. Get public liability insurance for my LTD9. Get professional indemnity insurance for my LTD (do I really need it?)10. No mandatory HMO licence needed (4 people in Lambeth area in London)11. No planning permission needed (no HMO Article 4 Direction for this area)Questions I'm looking answers for:12. Is £100 per month a good budget to take care of payroll and everything else to do with tax? Accountant recommendations please.13. Do I need a licence/permission for my LTD to operate as R2R?14. Do I need to register myself as an agent? If so, is it as a “letting agent”?15. Do I need any other licence for myself as director/employee of the company?16. I won't be collecting deposit from the tenants, but instead will require 2 months rent payment upfront. Is this acceptable or I need to handle this money in particular way?17. Where can I get good template for commercial lease please?18. Shall I use company formation agent? I would like to keep my home address private. Any recommendations?19. What else am I missing??Hopefully this post will be a good starting point for other people interested in R2R business.Many thanks in advance for all the input!PG
  11. Hi, my name is Belinda and I have a 6 bedroom HMO in Croydon. I would like to rent this to a healthcare company who would manage it for me and put in their clients and pay me a guaranteed monthly rent. We would use a 3/5 year lease for this. I would need to give notice to my current tenants in order to make this work. The reason for this is so that I don't have to deal with the day to day necessities of running an HMO. I had an agent looking after the property but he gave notice when the lockdown for Covid 19 started and I have been managing it since. I would need to get approval from TMW my mortgage company and I believe, the Council as I have my HMO licence conditions to keep. Does anyone have any experience of having done this before please or any advice on a solicitor and whether this has worked out well for you? Thanks. Belinda
  12. Hi All, I have been going to many seminars as well as an intensive 3-day property course over the past few months, the outcome of which is to gear a strategy into Social Housing HMO. I recently found online a company up North that specialises in this field with contracts with Home Office via Serco. I have been reading up as much as possible about this and have been able to verify most of what this 3rd party company is saying with regards to the back story. They have a number of properties on their books. Here's my concern. They have said they have no sourcing fees, that you can simply pick up the properties, and even provided me with a draft contract from Serco. They are happy to meet up but are not allowed to show me around any properties due to an 'NDA' agreement. Does this sound too good to be true. Am I being naive? Does anyone have similar experiences? I will be getting a solicitor to verify the contract. Latest vendor response... "I believe I mentioned the caveats of the Serco contract...One the renewal...and the second was the fact of break clause... Regarding the renewal of the contract...My own personal take and that anything can happen....there are no 100% guarantees with anything....however you have a property that in the worst case if for any reason Serco does not rent...would rent to a family... 1. The program has been going on since the early 1990s. Legal and Illegal asylum seekers I doubt will stop. They must be housed and sheltered...All the people we work with at Serco worked under the original Compass Home office scheme. Even if Serco does not get the contract, someone would have to and would be transferred. Prior to Serco the Government themselves managed it and it failed miserably....that is why Serco got the contract....More so, a complete logistical nightmare to move more than 10,000 people out of 2500 properties not alone all the furnishings. Serco has a deep moat as they are one of the very few large infrastructure firms capable of managing. Serco has managed wonderfully unlike G4S. 2. We have no other charges...we simply sell you a property....gets registered at the land registry...and Serco contract assigned to you..." Any thoughts/opinions welcome? thanks P
  13. Hi, As a new investor I'm after some advice. My husband and I have bought a house for rental. We were unable to obtain a HMO license as there was a local limit in the area. However we have obtained full planning permission to convert the property into two flats. My husband is now working flat out to achieve this. Do we need to legally spilt the flats into two leaseholds with the freehold in a separate limited company? We are keen to avoid these costs but are concerned that even if the physical split complies with building regs, not legally splitting the property will break the HMO laws. Any advice would be gratefully received, Suzi
  14. Hello, I own 3 HMOs through my limited company. As they are HMOs, my company needs to pay for the utility bills. To be able make the utility related expenses Tax deductible, should I register these utilities as Business/Commercial energy so that the bills are under my Limited company’s name? Or even if I register the utilities as domestic under my personal name (Company director), will they still be tax deductible? The business energy rates are considerably higher than the domestic ones, but I don’t want to have any problem with the tax calculations. Thank you in advance Volkan
  15. Hi everyone, My business partner and I are looking to buy and convert a house to a 5-bed HMO somewhere within an hour or so drive from NW London, where we live. We have £150k to invest in total on the property and refurb costs - so thinking £250k purchase price on a 25% mortgage and £60k for refurb. We both work full-time and so as this would be our first HMO (we both have experience with single lets), we would need some hand-holding, starting with a property sourcer. Does anyone have any good advice as to how go about finding a trustworthy sourcer? We are also open to dealing with someone who does both sourcing and project management combined. Any other general advice also welcome, although I'm sure I'll be posting again soon with more questions. Thanks in advance, Shyam
  16. Hi all, Have finally decided to go for property investing as a way to reach financial freedom. Considering recent tax changes and updated regulations in this space, I’m considering doing it all via an spv and planning to start it out with an HMO. I live in London but want to steer clear of it due to high prices. So I’m looking in the usual suspects, the likes of Man, Bir, Liv... I am looking to share my experience with you guys as I go, but would also appreciate to get yours as I’m pretty new to all of this and feel like I don’t even grasp 1/10 of this subject. Any advice anyone would provide right out the gate? Generally? Also, am I the only one who struggles with Rightmove and Zoopla inasmuch as they appear to have some amazing deals there but there’s always probably a catch? How to spot these things? What kind of things should we keep an eye out for. I have also struggled to find a good real estate agent for this. Thanks all, regards.
  17. Hi everyone, My name is Marian and I have lived in London all my life. I am currently a Property Deal Sourcer with my business partner Kirielle. I find property deals in London for property investors and I will be using the funds from this to be able to invest in properties myself. I know quite a bit about HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) which bring in great rental yield. I am happy to answer any HMO related questions
  18. As a property investor (I'm not a landlord): For example, I found a BMV property, then apply for planning permission to convert into an HMO property depending how many bedrooms and use the bridging finance to refurb it, then use the property to rent it out to potential tenants if that makes sense. This is a buy to let. Someone mentioned that property management/ Rent2Rent is a trading business. Which of these codes are applicable? It is really confusing. SIC codes SIC code 68100 is for the buying and selling of own real estate; so, if you’re going to be flipping and trading, this would be the code for you. SIC code 68209 is for the letting and operating of own or leased real estate. In other words, for buying and holding property and renting it out. SIC code 68320 is for the management of real estate on a fee or contract basis. So, for example if you’re going to set up your own management company, then this would be the right classification for you. (As an aside, if you’re going to manage properties for other people or third parties, you should definitely do this in a separate company, and for tax efficiency purposes, you may also consider managing your own properties for yourself but through a separate company). SIC code 68310 is for real estate agencies. In other words, if you’re going to do deal packaging, i.e. if you’re going to source properties for other people.
  19. What advice would you give for someone looking to get into HMO's to begin with? Lucky enough to be at a young age (17) and would greatly appreciate any advice that can be given from anyone who has had or currently owns HMO's and what would they do differently if they were to start again/ what mistakes to avoid if possible. Thanks
  20. Hi All, I'm currently buying a 6 bed HMO in Liverpool. I know I'll need to re-register the property in by own name for the licence. However is that also true for current certificates i.e. Gas, Elec and Fire Safety. Also need a good and reliable management agency, as I'll be remote. Thanks, Best regards Gary
  21. amnonk

    HMO vs. BTL

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first topic. I'm trying to make up my mind which way to go. The HMO way or the single lets way. I'm an expat so I won't be able to manage the property on my own. Since I will have to rely on an agent I think that investing in HMOs might be a safer bet. the reasons are: Rental yields are much higher. Less rental voids since you have multiple tenants. There is less exposure to arrears. The only cons I can find are that it might be more difficult to find an agent who specializes in HMOs. And that there is more wear and tear. I'd love to hear what your thoughts. Thanks
  22. Hello everyone I have been investing in property for about 5 years now - mainly in Liverpool but with experience in Manchester and Cheshire. Also run a specialist lettings and management business just for professional HMOs in those same areas on a selective basis. Selective means we choose carefully which landlords and properties we work with as there are many poor quality HMOs out there that people expect us to work miracles with. I am no magician. Here to continue learning and to connect with like-minded people. Also happy to offer advice from my experience whenever it might help. I plan to be attending the meet-ups regularly in Liverpool and Manchester once things get back to normal. Hope to see you there.
  23. I am about to start out in the property world, I would love to end up owning hmos or a lot of properties that allows me to replace my job, however I have a large chunk to invest from inheritence. I would love opinions or ideas on how they would start? I have over 100k to start, would people start by flipping to increase the pot, or go down the buy to let route. Just looking for peoples opinions really, and would you recommend a limited company to start with etc? Thanks, Tom!
  24. lewiss

    Resi To Hmo

    Hi All, I am looking at a potential first Resi to HMO. I have attached the current floor plan and was thinking I could add 2 bedrooms downstairs, both with ensuites taking it to a 5 bed HMO. Reshuffle upstairs to reduce the bathroom slightly and increase the size of the back 2 bedrooms and have the front bedroom spanning the width of the house. It would also be fully redecorated, new kitchens and bathrooms to a decent spec. My question being, would rejigging and adding bedrooms downstairs actually have a positive effect on the value of the house or could it even possibly devalue it? I am struggling to find comparables, as everything else is 3 or 2 bed in the area. I would love to hear any thoughts on the value bit as well as my possible redesign... Thanks in advance Lewis
  25. Hi all, hve a very quick question; I am planning to lend some money to my own limited company (zero interest) to buy a BTL. I believe this is called director’s loan so that my limited company can pay it back to me in the future without any tax implications. My question is, do I need to fill any standard forms to establish this loan relationship between my self (director) and my company? thanks in advance volkan