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  1. If a property HAD C4 status and a certificate of lawful use, and was then rented out as a family let and so now HAS C3 status. Does this mean planning permission will have to be applied for again to return to C4 status even with the CLU? (This is in reference to a property I am thinking about acquiring) Thanks for any help
  2. I have a picture of myself aged 3 in 1968 mixing cement at my dad's first rental property, he is going to be 94 next week. by the '80's we had about 20 properties but it was always a dirty secret then, keeping me from team sports and events due to cleaning, maintenance and turn arounds between tenants, as a teenager my dad kept the numbers from me but allowed me to skim the 50p's from the meters, encouraged me to education and a proper job. nearly 40 years later and i'm educating myself about the time i've lost. Had 2 additional properties on the edge for about 15 years but recently bought ano
  3. Hi, I’m Ash from Devon. I’ve recently completed on my first property and will be letting it out to young professionals. Can anyone give me any recommendations for good, hard wearing furniture companies? All advice on kitting out a HMO out would be greatly appreciate. Many thanks, Ash
  4. I would love the opportunity to ask a few questions to obtain insightful feedback to problems you face or may have faced whilst gaining valuable experience along the way. Here is a link to google forms where you will be asked a selection of short questions which will help me build a picture of effective ways to communicate alongside potential clients with greater accuracy, insight and certainty. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJbaQSTMyrIWFtfrX80IDOHmnyEDLB091Bm_Bt-_4Bbwc3Ew/viewform?usp=sf_link Many thanks for taking time to read this topic. Michelle
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a few single lets where we've used the BRRR strategy and am now venturing out to my first HMO - however I'm struggling to assess whether it is a good deal! We've agreed a purchase on 3 bed terrace in the NW and we are looking to convert it to a 5 bed all ensuite. We know there is demand in the area we are looking at and are quiet confident that the rooms will be filled. The 'return on money left in' the deal once refinanced is suitable for what we are after and gives a reasonable cashflow. However, the biggest stumbling block for me is that the purchase pri
  6. Hello All, Just a quick intro - I'm EJ, I still feel like a property newbie, I'm originally from London but recently located to Nottingham. After purchasing my first property in January and working with an upcoming investor to do the same thing within Nottingham, I've decided to embark on exploring more and starting my property sourcing journey in HMO's and Buy-to-lets. The last couple of weeks have all been a little crazy as I've been working with a property coach and things have been moving fast but all in the right direction so far. I'm still new to the Midlands so would be
  7. Hello everyone,I am new here, but have been following Rob and Rob for some time and very grateful for all their work they do for community, hopefully I’ll manage to get my own BTL soon.I would like to form “Rent to Rent” limited company and I was wondering if someone could help with advice please.I have found two 3 bedroom houses I can rent and sublet on room by room basis. The living rooms have already been converted into 4th bedroom, so there will be 4 people in total in each house.To my understanding, I need to:1. Sign commercial lease agreement between my LTD and the house owner.2. Make su
  8. Hi all, I have a small portfolio of single let’s, and have now got to the point of feeling a little braver! I have found a 5 bed HMO and weighing up my options. My initial thoughts are: 1) that it’s not to the standard I would want to live in, which I have always followed but then I don’t want to live in a HMO, so wonder if I need to discount this rule I’ve previously followed. 2) There’s nothing that makes it outstanding, no en-suite, rooms are small to medium (all doubles), Decoration, bathrooms and kitchen are average. So why would this rent if not the best around. Altho
  9. With the barrage of changes that have been coming after the Private rental sector, plus the project changes on EPC rules in the future, my minds ticking away on what the best strategy is long term. I have 1 x BTL which has been good for yield and capital gain however I am planning to sell it likely before the 2025 deadline on EPC. The market is hot in the area it is in so I'm going to push out as long as I gain to get as much value from it as possible, i've just spent money on a refurb as well however with it being an old property i know it will start to give me hassle again in 5 years +.
  10. Hi everyone, New investor here. I live in London but I'm from Hull and went to uni in Leeds (1999 - 2004) so I'm looking to invest in both cities if possible. I'm looking at student lets and/or HMO to young professionals. I'm just starting out on my property investment journey so I'm keen to speak to anyone with experience in these areas, please get in touch if you do. Thanks, Paul
  11. I am viewing a property tomorrow in Southampton quite central and close to the rail station, hospital and university. It is already tenanted and doesn't need huge work to be done. It's originally a 3 bed semi which they have converted one of the reception rooms to another bedroom. In a pessimistic view, this property can give a £1,700 monthly cash flow in full occupancy. The asking price is £220K and I don't think they are open to bring it further down. What do you think?
  12. Hi, I'm currently in the process of setting up up my rent2rent business, specifically HMO management. I have recently come across a few deals in manchester. All are 6 bedroom 3 story properties. After doing the dudilligance, I calculated that they all generate a cash flow of atleast £3000 and a profit of no less than £600. Unfortunately I do not have significant funds to pay for the set up costs. As a result am looking for a joint venture partner. Please get in touch if you are interested
  13. Hi, I completed on my first vanilla BTL through a Ltd. a few months ago and am now looking into higher yielding and high value deals. The two main strategies that i am looking at are HMO's and multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB) (2-5 flats) of which i am very eager to get a deal in before the SDTL holiday ends. Now, since i also started freelancing a few months ago i did hear that getting an HMO mortgage can be quite tricky if one does not have a long track record of freelancing and/or 6+ months of projects lined up. Vanilla BTL's however should be easier given i soon have 6+ month AST t
  14. Hi, We are looking for recommended estate agents who manage HMO properties in Failsworth or Oldham area. We are looking for agents to manage our two 6 bed HMO properties in the M35 area. Our current agents are not delivering a service to our standards and covid has highlighted a lot of inefficiencies in their service which is costing us time and money. Our search and interactions with a few agents has not resulted in much success. Any recommendations of agents used by people in the area would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, stay safe. Best regards, Manju http
  15. Hi all, I have come across an HMO which is being leased to a social housing group. i would be buying the freehold as the lease has been sold at a premium for 999 years. there is a separate lease for 5 yrs which details the rent to be paid by the social housing group. i am not aware of any potential issues in this transaction, should i wish to buy it, can you let me know areas i should pay additional attention to? do i have the option of changing the tenant (social housing association) to some one else or am i locked into 1 tenant for as long as i decide to hold on to t
  16. Hey all! I’m a 35 year old experienced property investor now looking to get into HMO’s. I’ve done quite a bit of research and learned plenty from PropertyHub (huge thanks to the Robs!!) but still have some way to go, the HMO world is very different to the standard BTL’s I’m used to! Would love to connect with others in the West Yorkshire / South Yorkshire areas as this is the area I am looking to invest in. Thanks for reading!
  17. Hiya, I am London based and started a while ago to focus on Leeds as my investment area. I have bought my first BTL in York about a yar ago and now looking to do student HMO's in Leeds around Headingley. It is article 4 yes, and while one does pay a bit of a premium for that you also get piece of mind of not having to worry about future competition (new HMOs pop up left right and centre these days) and a very low amount voids. So I don’t think it’s all bad. Also from deals i am finding, the number still stack up quite well (i.e. 15% ROI in a ltd with full mgmt.) Anyway, I started talking
  18. Hi everyone. I'm currently investing in HMOs and I have a question that I'm assuming most people involved in HMOs think about but I would love to open a conversation about it. When purchasing a HMO, the asking price is often, if not always, inflated because of the potential cashflow that these properties offer. However the "bricks and mortar" value is in reality much lower. I want to purchase a HMO property for a market value that is related to it's real cost as suppose to its inflated cost, to reduce the risk of loss if the HMO demand in this area decreases, and also to see capital
  19. Hi, A bit of a complicated question but need some rough guidance. I'm looking at a 3 storey property that's for sale in a unfinished condition. It was a small 4 bedroom split into 2 flats that were being rented out. The current owner has let it fall into disrepair and had it structurally condemned in order to force the council to grant planning permission for a larger rebuild which would create 6 bedrooms split into a lower 4 bed and upper 2 but is clearly designed to be further split into 3 once built. They are now looking to sell for £500k with that planning permission in place. I woul
  20. Wow! So many buyers from Hong Kong buy property in Manchester. I have been deal sourcing / investing in Manchester for years and I have never seen so much interest from Hong Kong. Nick - Smarter Property smarterproperty.net Are other people seeing a lot of new interest in Manchester?
  21. Hi, my name is Belinda and I have a 6 bedroom HMO in Croydon. I would like to rent this to a healthcare company who would manage it for me and put in their clients and pay me a guaranteed monthly rent. We would use a 3/5 year lease for this. I would need to give notice to my current tenants in order to make this work. The reason for this is so that I don't have to deal with the day to day necessities of running an HMO. I had an agent looking after the property but he gave notice when the lockdown for Covid 19 started and I have been managing it since. I would need to get approval from TM
  22. Hi All, I have been going to many seminars as well as an intensive 3-day property course over the past few months, the outcome of which is to gear a strategy into Social Housing HMO. I recently found online a company up North that specialises in this field with contracts with Home Office via Serco. I have been reading up as much as possible about this and have been able to verify most of what this 3rd party company is saying with regards to the back story. They have a number of properties on their books. Here's my concern. They have said they have no sourcin
  23. Hi, As a new investor I'm after some advice. My husband and I have bought a house for rental. We were unable to obtain a HMO license as there was a local limit in the area. However we have obtained full planning permission to convert the property into two flats. My husband is now working flat out to achieve this. Do we need to legally spilt the flats into two leaseholds with the freehold in a separate limited company? We are keen to avoid these costs but are concerned that even if the physical split complies with building regs, not legally splitting the property will break the H
  24. amnonk

    HMO vs. BTL

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first topic. I'm trying to make up my mind which way to go. The HMO way or the single lets way. I'm an expat so I won't be able to manage the property on my own. Since I will have to rely on an agent I think that investing in HMOs might be a safer bet. the reasons are: Rental yields are much higher. Less rental voids since you have multiple tenants. There is less exposure to arrears. The only cons I can find are that it might be more difficult to find an agent who specializes in HMOs. And that there is more wear
  25. Hello, I own 3 HMOs through my limited company. As they are HMOs, my company needs to pay for the utility bills. To be able make the utility related expenses Tax deductible, should I register these utilities as Business/Commercial energy so that the bills are under my Limited company’s name? Or even if I register the utilities as domestic under my personal name (Company director), will they still be tax deductible? The business energy rates are considerably higher than the domestic ones, but I don’t want to have any problem with the tax calculations. Thank you in advance
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