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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I need to get home insurance for my home but have slightly confused with my current situation. My Bungalow had three rooms all on the groundfloor. We just had a loft conversion adding four bedrooms plus one bathroom. To create the staircase, we had to remove one bedroom downstairs near the hallway. So now, in total, we have six bedrooms. The only thing that has not been done is the new bathroom upstairs so I cannot get a building completion certificate yet until I do the tiling etc. Now, I need to get home insurance. What do I put down as the number of bedrooms? I would assume to use the original quantity of rooms as I don't yet have a completion certificate but we knocked out one of those original bedrooms to make the staircase. Thank you
  2. Hi All, Given the recent uncertainty created by Coronovirus and 'fake news' stories about insurance companies not paying out on policies I wanted to provide you with some clarity on the situation direct from our protection team. Please take a look at the link below for more information... https://www.privatefinance.co.uk/news/blog/2020/03/25/coronavirus-covid19-and-your-protection-insurance I hope this is helpful to some of you, given the current situation. Stay safe! Best regards Nathan Cole
  3. I am a part-time property investor who started 15-years ago and now owns seven investment properties, the most recent purchased in February 2015. I've been through a lot. I've lost money, suffered terrible letting agents, bought off plan, bought from friends, refurbished houses, been called with a boiler breakdown on a Sunday afternoon and lots more. Happily I would recommend property investment to anyone and have got my parents investing and they now own 3 properties. I have paid off my own residential mortgage thanks to owning let properties. I love property and houses, everything from viewing them through to doing them up. I also believe property is a much better pension for my old age and legacy for my children than any financial instrument the corrupt banking system can come up with. As my interest in property grew, I started my own Property Insurance business - www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk - that offers specialist insurance for all possible property needs. I have also co-owned a motorcycle World Championship race team - PTR Honda. I consult to a number of motorcycle industry businesses and write a regular column in Motorcycle Racer magazine. I am writing a novel. I'd happily share short stories here for your feedback but not many of them are property based. But if I write a property book then you'll be the first to know. I am a published author as I wrote the biography for John Reynolds, the triple British Superbike Champion. I enjoy cycling and mountain biking as sports. The rest of the time I spend with my family because that's what I love best. Great to be on here! Jason McClean
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