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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know if I can ask for abut to let mortgage for half the value of a property which annexe( barn) I’m going to use as holiday let for income and the main house as residence for my family. I don’t have a job, just done savings from previous house sales. Thank you, Cristina
  2. Hi All, What guidance do hubbers have on pre purchase surveys for a conversion mill leasehold flat? I've not purchased leasehold before. The 1 bed flat is a ground floor unit converted around 15 years ago in a Grade II listed building. Presumably a structural survey would be limited to the unit, rather than the building? What should I expect from the seller's solicitor / management agent? Thank you for any advice
  3. Hey There Lovelies My name is Muzna Salah and I'm a real estate investor, upcoming property manager and also a wholesaler, I'm an easy going person and have always had a passion in real estate since as long as i could remember, I would love to help some buyers and sellers in the real estate world to find their dream home or sell it. I would love to be part of a beautiful process any questions or inquires don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to making and closing contracts with you amazing people, have an eventful evening.
  4. Hi all, A new member on here and my first time posting. I am one of the many people out there that is currently stagnant in the process of purchasing a property. I find myself in a new situation looking to purchase a second property, I recently received the Homebuyer Report back and the valuation of the property is significantly lower (12%) than what the market research that I have come across and utilised in this process indicates and what the mortgage lender surveyor has passed it at. I am yet to have a conversation with the surveyor to follow-up which I hope will shed more light but it has got me wondering - - Would or should the valuation in the report be taking into account the current market performance? - The report indicates a strong performance on nearly all factors, so repairs etc, I cannot identify where that is parallel to the drop in price? - What contributing factors does a surveyor consider when doing their appraisal, how justifiable is it? - Mortgage lender surveyor has already given it the green light at the agreed purchase price, leaves me confused as to why? - If the price does stand true, that is a big drop in asking price, how would you approach a renegotiation in this circumstance? Any tips or advice, I greatly appreciate in advance as I find myself in new territory here, Thank you all! Bojan.
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