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  1. Hi All, Given the recent uncertainty created by Coronovirus and 'fake news' stories about insurance companies not paying out on policies I wanted to provide you with some clarity on the situation direct from our protection team. Please take a look at the link below for more information... https://www.privatefinance.co.uk/news/blog/2020/03/25/coronavirus-covid19-and-your-protection-insurance I hope this is helpful to some of you, given the current situation. Stay safe! Best regards Nathan Cole
  2. Hi all, I'm new here, and found this site after a friend recommended the podcast. In short, I'm trying to find out if I should be paying tax or not. I am a UK expat of 8 years, living in the Middle East. I bought my first investment property last year for cash, through an investment company. I understand the even expats are required to pay tax if their property generates income IN the UK. However, the amount generated is below the tax threshold - around eight thousand pounds. Because the government website won't let me o my tax returns online - I have to use some third
  3. Hi guys, just a quick few questions on tax that come up less often. BTL insurance claim, if you claim on your insurance for damage to a BTL property, do you claim the insurance payout as income and claim any contractor repair costs as expenses or do you claim neither as its an insurance payout rather than earned income? If you withhold some or all of the deposit due to losses of time, work, rent, damage or whatever, either for actual contractor costs or for your own time and hard work to clean and repair etc, does this need to be claimed as income or not as the deposit
  4. Tapping the collective wisdom here... I own a flat out right (no mortgage...title deeds are in my name) and work full-time. My wife is at home looking after our young children and no income. If the flat was rented out, would it be possible to allocate the income generated to my spouse and use up her personal allowance? Thanks, Imtiaz
  5. Hi Everyone, I currently earn in the higher income bracket and own 1 flat in London which is my current residence. I have 195K to invest at the moment and estimate that I would have a further 200K in 2018 once I renovate my current flat and remortgage as a buy to let (at 75% LTV). My plan would be living overseas at the end of 2018 with sufficient income from BTL Investments make to be liveable but the intention would be to continue workings but doing something a little some enjoyable that the current work. The London flat would remain under my
  6. This is my first post, so hello! Right, i'm 29 years old and have just come into £400,000. That truly is a life changing amount of money and I want to invest wisely while making some sort of income from it. Obviously, property is the first thing that comes to mind. I've been doing some research but there are so many options to choose from. What would some seasoned property people do in my situation? Buy to let? Buy, renovate and sell on? What in you guy's opinion are the best sources of information? I can quite easily google and find plenty of sites but where do you thi
  7. I'm really interesting in how people are paying themselves, or taking their profits from their BTL's. My business partner & I pay ourselves a lump sum each year, after we pay our tax bill. This has worked for us so far & ensured we have plenty of funds to cover emergencies - like we had this year. But I'm starting to think that maybe we may be able to start paying ourselves a monthly income, if I work the numbers out carefully & allow for an emergency contingency. What do Property Hubbers do? & how do you work it out? Many thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all This is my first Hub post and many thanks for taking the time to read it. I live in Kent and have let my former flat in Crystal Palace since 2014. It's now re-mortgage time and I am considering the next step in property investment. You may recognise the topic title from a property webinar prepared by Rob B which I would strongly recommend if you have not seen it. The gist of it is how to build a portfolio that in time can provide an income through periodic refinancing. It has lots of pro's as a strategy and is my preferred one subject to clearing up the query below. My quest
  9. Hello All, A brief introduction: I am Barney, 22 years old and I work in IT as a Network Engineer. From the age of 18 my mum guided me through property flipping. I helped her flip around 6 properties until i gained enough knowledge and profit to go alone. I'm currently 3 properties down the line and really enjoying myself. I have a 10 year plan to get out of the rat race and wake up doing what I want (To run my own company and manage my portfolio). I am very grateful to have stumbled across this website after reading the book. I'm always open to learning as much as possible about prope
  10. If my future rental income were to push me into the higher rate tax bracket over the next 5 years, when added to my current income, should I set up a Ltd company now to begin my property investments?
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