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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have set up a company/svp in order to start to build up a property portfolio. I was looking to do interest only (as landlords with a company will be able to continue to declare rental income after deducting the mortgage interest only payments) and make over-payments annually upto 10% so that i can pay the properties off. If i do the overpayments will that have any impact on the tax deductable nature of the calculation please ? or will these count like repayment mortgages and not be tax deductible. Any information here would be very useful. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am currently not a home owner however by November 2017 I will be buying my first property with my girlfriend. Fortunately, we are buying the property below market value (as long as the market stays at least where it currently is) as buying from a relative and will hopefully have an equity of around 80K. My ideal scenario would be to move out in the November and then several months after purchase my (our) first buy-to-let investment. In the meantime, I am going to invest plenty of time into reading and gaining knowledge, as suggested by Rob & Rob, as well as listening to t
  3. good afternoon, i was wondering if any body has a SPV limited company and has an interest only mortgage, but then makes overpayments with some of the rental income, is this taxable i believe it is, but do i declare that yearly or is that just taxed when i sell the property or take money out of the company, has anybody got any examples as they seem to explain a lot easier, i'm also hoping to make directors loan payments to the company to build it up using my wages and then hopefully take this back out later to use as a pension, using my £11500 personal tax allowance and the £5000 dividend
  4. Folks, I was wondering if any of you can help me. I am looking for a good mortgage broker that can help overseas clients like me. Usually on acquiring property in the UK from overseas the only product I can get my hands on are interest+principle and I typically have a choice of only one or two lender. I am looking for a lender willing to offer me interest only mortgage. LTV above 70/30 would also be great as I am right now limited to 60/40 at best. Would anyone have good recommendation? thanks in advance Antoine
  5. I am new to investing and still waiting to start my journey. I am currently doing all the learning and research I can before taking the leap (whilst I build enough capital) my intention is to buy and hold forever as I see property as an asset and my pension. BUT my question is what is the most effective strategy? Do I take out interest only mortgages and keep refinancing over the years? Or do I take out interest and capital mortgages and work to pay off my debt with rental income? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  6. Folks, I have been struggling a lot, as foreign investor, to find adequate buy to let mortgage. Often bound by the limited lenders available for non-dom I most of the time end up with a principle+interest mortgage. As such I need to aim for a max of 60/40 LTV in order to keep the investment cash flow positive. Here's are my rough calculations. Say use a property price 'P'. P can be any number really. Let's use 4% interest rate and 25 years mortgage (which makes the yearly repayment of the principle conveniently equal to 4%). So you'll be paying 4% to the bank on interest only mortgage an
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