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  1. Hi everyone! My name's Patrick, I'm a 23 year old engineering graduate who's been interested in property since I was a teenager. I have had a bold goal since a young age to build up a property portfolio to give me financial freedom, allowing me to quit my job and provide for my amazing partner and future family. I have been a listener to the property podcast for many years, aswell as reading and researching anything economics or property for the last few years, and now that I have a nice saving pot, I am about to invest in HMOs in the sheffield area. I would love to meet people with a sim
  2. Hi, my name is Dan, and I am a new follower of PropertyHub (2-3 months actively listening to the podcast and also have read the Property Investment book by Rob D before discovering the PH). I do not have any property experience, but I am highly motivated and passionate to begin my journey soon. I am 24 years old originally from Eastern-Europe based in London and recently got an average-paid job from which I started saving a bit of money and began looking into options for investing and building wealth. I want to share my view in this intro, hoping I can get advice or opinion if I am t
  3. Hi all! Hope you're well. Been following the PH podcasts for a while, and recently found the forum very helpful so now I'm here. I'm a newbie property investor - looking to create steady cash flow. Priority is London, but an open to other cities. Thanks
  4. Greetings PropertyHubbers! I'm Diana, based in SE London, and have been brought to the forum by Rob D's inspiring books in property investment (thanks Rob D, I've turned into a fan!). I have a very mixed professional background, having worked in private, charity, academic and public sectors - and that's because I'm essentially a big fan of learning and of trying new things. At heart, I'm very entrepreneurial, and I've never been a fan of full-time work, so I'm dreaming of the day I will become financially independent. My dad has always inspired me with his entrepreneurial and property investor
  5. Hi Hubbers, I'm Matt and taking first proper steps on the property 'journey'. I wanted to make a move back in 2013 but learning from the Rob's and Pete Matthew, I took a step back to build my finances and a safe base. That's now done and realigning my efforts. Based in Stourbridge West Midlands, I'm planning to create a BTL company, forcing appreciation through refurbs then refinancing. The goal is to create enough passive income to quit my job. Stretch target is 45, but at least by 50. I'm a professionally qualified Civil Engineer with construction, site management and design exp
  6. Hi My name is Herman and my main goal right now is to crawl out of the rat race by building my own property portfolio though mostly BTL. I found this site through Rob’s property geek podcast, very amazing stuff, already purchased one of the books too, just to get a more feel of the routines, success stories and basically how to go about everything such that I can avoid some of the expensive rookie mistakes. I would like to start off through a limited company in the UK. I am very open and thankful for any tips or information mostly everything concerning international landlords wit
  7. Hi all - we're starting our property investment journey very soon. To begin with we're selling our 3-bed terrace house in Streatham, South London. It's currently listed for £545k but a nearby home which was in a really terrible state recently sold for £530k. By contrast, ours has had a new kitchen, two new bathrooms and extensive remodelling so we're hoping that a lower than market price will encourage a quick sale. If you're interested, you can check it out here; www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-63471848.html Our plan is to then buy a house a little furth
  8. Hi All, I found Rob and Rob's podcast about a week ago and have listened to nearly 30 episodes already, can't get enough of it (thanks guys). Thought I'd introduce myself and show how green I am in this world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to help somebody else out, but at the minute it will probably be me just asking stupid questions. Anyway, here it goes: What you've done in property so far: Nothing other than develop a few goals for the long and short term (although I do own my own home). What areas you invest in (or want to invest in)
  9. HI everyone, short intro so I'm Kyle from Liverpool. I'm a HMO landlord since 2003 and run a hostel. I've slowed since 2008 and just starting HMO investing again. My assets are a mix of students professionals and few benefits in 2up 2 downs houses and flats. I hope to connect with fellow investors on here and share any knowledge I can.
  10. Hi I am Peter, Looking for advice and willing to help in any way I can. Looking forward to learning lots. Thanks for the resources and site, it is nice to know there are like minded people out there Regards Peter
  11. Hi Everybody I am Paul Mortimer newly retired and looking to invest in property as at 55 I am going to have to wait a while before a pension. I spent 35 years trading in the City so I am have a good knowledge of investments and returns. Currently I am in Ireland but looking to return to England next year. I have run one building project (our extensions) so I have gained a little experience there and just finished reading Rob's latest book which confirmed a lot of what I was thinking plus some. I think I would describe myself in the analysis paralysis point although I know what return I am
  12. Hello all, My wife and I are new to property investing. Having done some research and talked it over we think it is the right way for us to achieve our financial and lifestyle goals and we are keen to get started. She's a clinical psychologist. I'm a software engineer. In the past, I have invested long in US stocks and traded US options with middling success. Our liquid savings are currently held in ISA index funds, non-equity funds and cash savings accounts and the bank owns the majority of our home. We do not have any investment property yet but are looking to buy 1 or 2 over the
  13. Good afternoon Hubbers, My name is Josh, a 30 something newbie property investor from Bolton, who has been listening to the property hub podcasts now for about 2 months. I am really enjoying & getting what Rob & Rob are doing and I've read a few of their recommended books (Rich Dad Poor Dad, How to win friends..., Think rich grow rich). The content and knowledge that they are sharing is great, and I've now took the plunge to join the property forum (...after 60 days of the 2Rob's subliminal messages!). For a bit of background, I am currently a landlord (not an investor!) for my own
  14. Hi all, I've been interested in property investing for 20 or so years. I have no investments at present but did own 7 BTL properties in the late 1990's. All was going very well and then I made a big mistake buying 2 luxury flats in Cardiff off-plan which lost me around £200k so I sold my other flats to clear the debt in 2005. I'm keen to get involved again now though and not repeat past mistakes. I'm tending to favour flipping as my strategy as I like the idea of no ongoing management issues and profits being taxed as capital gains rather than income. I'm a Certified Financial Planner
  15. Hi all just wanted to introduce myself and get to know others. By the way, thank you Rob &Rob for creating this forum
  16. Hello, I've invested in property before, though not very successfully. I currently don't have any investment properties. I'm keen get back into property investing, albeit with a better a better understanding. Which is one of the reasons for joining The Property Hub. Right now I'm looking at BTL and commercial property to get the ball rolling. I look forward to sharing and learning with you all. Christian
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