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  1. Hi, I'm Charlie from Bury in North Manchester. I'm a complete novice in the property game. Working very busily through life and realise pensions just won't cover my retirement plans. Have been talking about going into property for several years particularly following a redundancy back in 2015 however I found myself back in a full time demanding role. Looking to initially flip to raise some capital and also build a rental portfolio for the longer term. Areas of interest are local - so North Manchester towns including Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Heywood, Norden,
  2. Hi, I found the podcast during lock-down and have been listening ever since - thanks Rob and Rob. The hardest thing is finding information or advice on networking with (local) like minded people so have decided to just jump in here. Actually just completing on our first house to live in. So now want to learn more about all the other potential options and venture further into the property world. I'm currently based in London both living (South East) and working (Central). Looking for networking recommendations and to network with people in London and Kent (originally from he
  3. Hi, Im Chris, Im looking to quit my job within the next 4/5 years. Im currently in a position where I have cash available to put deposits down on potentially 2-4 properties initially. Im itching to get started and reach my goal as soon as possible, however I'm finding myself getting mixed messages about whats around the corner with regard to a crash or housing market dip. I want to get going asap but I'm also stuck thinking about holding off until the market begins to weaken and opening up for better deals, but also I don't want to get stuck waiting for the 'perfect moment' Also, I
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm a French person, living in London for 4 years and turning 30 really soon... The time passes so quickly and I feel guilty that I haven't prepared my future better. I'm currently looking into co-investing with my boyfriend into our first property as the goal is to build wealth and create passive income. I'm reading property investment books, listening to podcast and will go to my first meetup in West London next month. I have created a topic 'Buy to let in Manchester or Buying my own property around London?' as I'm unsure what investment decision is best for me.
  5. Hello Every one. My names Daniel Its a beauty to be a part of a community that has beautiful like minds. I'm new to Property; looking forward to the Journey. [The Ups and Downs]; Cannot have one without the other. Looking to meet some amazing, creative, intelligent minds in this game and have a lot of fun in the process. P.s. Rob Dix - Your book is amazing! you finely touched on a dynamic range of ways to enter this game of property and an amazing approach you took to catering to a list of occupancies. I will say the ending was most fascin
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