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  1. Hello So my name is Jay Miles and I'm doing it. I'm doing the property thing. I'm a personal trainer working in London and living in Essex. But I'm getting older and although I love my job I dont want to have to do it in 10 years time. I want to give more, be there for my family and work for charities helping animals and all the great life fulfilling things that make life a joy. I'm quite honestly though.... bricking it (excuse the pun). I've no idea how I'm gunning to start this, despite having read, listened and strategised myself to death. Currently always looking for other "tasks" to do in order to learn more, other than actually getting off my frightened back side and actually attempting the nuts and bolts of purchasing an opportunity. Partially for financial reasons as I do need more capital, but mostly because reading another book gives me another hit of the old 'well-at-least-I've-done-something-property-related-today' dopamine release without having to take a chance. If you Googled paralysis by analysis I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a funny meme with my face on it. So I'm writing this firstly because I've read (not surprisingly) that it's a great idea to build a network of like minded people from a business and information sharing standpoint, but mostly just in the hope that I can discover that I'm not the only one who starts like this. Please feel free to write me a motivational comment, share a story to strengthen my resolve or connect in anyway with advice and support. I'd be super grateful. Thank you All the best. Jaay
  2. Hi. My names Steve & I'm relatively new to property. I'm looking to get insight, advice, and possibly contacts from likeminded investors with the experience to hopefully guide me away from possible pitfalls. I say relatively new because i rented our old home out when we moved to a bigger house just over 2 years ago, and I'm now going through the process of selling it so that I don't lose the extra SDLT that we had to pay for our new home. However, this was rented to my nephew who wanted to buy the house at the time but didn't have the deposit, so ive not had to deal with any of the trials & tribulations of dealing with letting agents, refurbs and/or nightmare tenants. I'm only releasing a relatively modest investment pot of around £40k, so my plan is the long game to hopefully offer myself & the wife a more comfortable retirement or possibly early retirement if i can make things grow quickly and put together a decent portfolio. I'm from Doncaster personally and can see that the town is on the up, there is a lot of local investment and the future economic growth appears to be looking good, so staying fairly local is my plan. Although, I'm also looking across Yorkshire as a whole in a bid to find the right deal rather than the right post code. I would like to be as a hands off as possible, certainly to begin with, as i have a busy job as a design consultant & the wife is a nurse. The design element of my job has been a massive benefit to many of our personal renovations at home over the last 10-15 years. Being able to very quickly throw a floorplan together, or to 3D model different options for extensions/builds, etc. has saved us £1000's over the years. I designed & built a bar from scratch in the back garden during Lockdown 1 with my 13yr old son! (But I'm in no rush to do that much DIY again in a hurry) Id be keen to hear your thoughts on investing in & around Doncaster/Yorkshire, and any recommendations as to the teams that you use. I already have a good bunch of tradesmen as friends but would really like to find a good broker, solicitor, possibly deal sourcer, letting agent, and in particular an accountant/tax advisor to discuss the best way to set up for this venture. Apologies if that's a bit long winded. I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon. Steve.
  3. Hi, My name is Stuart and new to the forum. My first dealings with property began in 2007 when I bought my first property at the age of 23. With advice of a financial advisor to stay clear of this purchase, I went ahead anyway because I just wanted to get in and live a party lifestyle. Looking back, I was so naive, but now I can relate the concepts of where and why I failed to help make better decisions for the future in regards to property. I purchased a steel framed 3 bedroom end terrace for £93k which was ex council but had been decorated to a nice standard. The failures I now realise in that purchase was it happened at the winners curse, on a 95% mortgage with a stupidly high interest rate. Oh and did I mention steel frame? An absolute shambles. My only saving grace was the crash in 2008/09, that after my fix term, my payments went from £500 pm to £314 pm. This sounds great but because I was so quick to get into the property at the start, I just signed the paperwork and didn't worry about the term which was set at 40 years to begin with. Totally mis-sold as I walked into Halifax and back out with a ball and chain of a deal by Birmingham Midshires. Anyway for the last 6 years it has been renting for £500-£595 pm covering the mortgage payment on a consent to let since I work a way being in the forces. At present, I also own my 2 bed home, which has had value added through rendering, new roof, interior decoration etc. After listening to the podcasts and reading books I now want to rent this as a means of producing more income when I finish a 22 year career as an aircraft engineer. Not interested in buying the big house or luxury car, but want something to give me the financial freedom of doing what I enjoy more. My desire has faded from engineering even though I am halfway through an engineering degree as a means of back up. My real passion is now in property and understanding how the world economy and debt really works including debt cycles. I have also managed delayed gratification for the last year and started to save much more money. My goal is to invest in my home village in the area of Fife due to the expansion of new homes and commercial units going in, plus it gives me the chance to manage it all myself as in dealing with people directly. The plan is to work for the next 3 years and receive my full service pension and find the right strategy to go limited or retain the right amount of properties in my personal name to give the passive income needed. My background is aircraft engineering, private pilot flying and reading or listening to everything from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill and off course Property Hub. Just can't get enough of continuing personal development and spreading the word to the people around me. Hopefully this is the start of something new, acting on the desire of getting into property full time and sharing information with like minded members. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Nathan, nice to meet you. I am a 27 years old, currently studying to be an accountant and working full time. I have also studied property and investments for a number of years now, but have never had the capital to actually do anything about it. Now I have some capital behind me, I will be applying for my first ever mortgage and hoping to jump on the property ladder within the next 6 months. I have been researching a number of different cities, but Greater Manchester and the Liverpool area seem to be the most desirable for me. My initial plans will be to find a property that could do with some refurbs, update them and try draw equity from adding value, to fund my 2nd property. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, I look forward to reading the vast amount of posts and connecting with a few of you. Nathan Andrew
  5. Hi, I've been a lurker here for a little while - responded to a handful of posts but thought it was time to introduce myself. I bought my first property in the south-east back in 2007 for £150,500 - though I was working in finance (and still do!) I had no interest or real idea about property at the time though I did have a little cash and so wanted my own place. Obviously it was not the best time to buy but I had no idea about the market cycles or anything. However it's not been a bad purchase overall - more on that later. I lived there for 5 years, had a reasonable job and was paying off the mortgage whilst also saving so by 2012 I was lucky enough to have saved enough money for another place - it wasn't my intention or plan though (as again I had no idea really about property other than knowing that in general that it was a good idea to buy property). I actually happened across a place for sale whilst walking to my dentist! A bit bigger than my current place and included a garage, so I put an offer in and purchased it. I was lucky enough not to need to sell my previous place and so decided to BTL it. I was in the process of modernising the original property (as it needed a little bit of work, but not much) so I sped this up upon move-out and tenanted the place within days. This was back in 2012 and has been rented out to the same tenants ever since. Despite buying that property before the crash, it is now worth approx £225k (conservatively) and has been tenanted with no voids for 6 years - so as mentioned, not a bad deal overall. I'm actually considering remortgaging to release some equity for other properties as I've actually paid down a fair bit of the mortgage to date. My partner moved in with me in about 2016/2017 so we then decided to rent her place up in Peterborough. It's a lovely property in a nice village though the demand is not as strong as down south so we've had a few voids plus the rent is not quite as high as we would like. But still - we're in it for the long term and so are keeping the property in our portfolio. So far I would say we've been accidental landlords. In 2017 I decided to buy another property with the express purpose of it being an investment and a BTL - though looking back I didn't really know what the best thing to do was and I didn't even know that I didn't know! I did set up a limited company for this purpose and ended up purchasing a newly converted flat in the south east which brings in reasonable returns - though if I knew then what I knew now I would probably have invested my money elsewhere and purchased two properties for the same price. I can't remember the exact catalyst but about 6 months ago my partner and I realised that our jobs weren't actually fulfilling us anymore and so we deciding property investing would be the way forward - we already had 3 properties that were doing ok without too much work and without really meaning to invest in property or knowing what we were doing! And so we've been reading, learning and listening to as much as we can to educate ourselves. Not only that but we've been looking at property all over the country - we travel a little bit so are not focussing on any one area in particular. To us, if it's a good deal then it's a good deal. However, as we'd like to leave our jobs asap then we are currently focussing on HMOs, BTLs and places we can add value too (so properties where we can flip, or where we can refurb and remortgage as a HMO/BTL to release some/all of our original cash input). We actually have a deal going through in Sheffield as we speak - it's a 2.5 bed (one room is small!) BTL that should be done by January I hope. This purchase will be through my limited company. It doesn't need much (if any) work though we will probably tidy up the kitchen/bathroom and possibly new carpets to make it attractive for new tenants. ROI should be between 20-25% if I've done my sums right! We had another refurb project that I was hoping for and that we would have flipped. Would have been ideal as was on our doorstep though unfortunately someone outbid us before our offer was accepted - still looking though. We're currently looking primarily for HMOs in a number of areas for the cash flow now. Hope this helps anyone Happy to answer any (well, most!) questions if I can. Will update this further as time goes by, though am also thinking of getting a blog together. If so I will post the link. Dominick
  6. Hi Property Hubbers, Before I begin, I would like to thank the Property Hub team for all the amazing content they produce. So a little about me.... I've worked in the telecom industry for over 9 years after starting out as an apprentice. I embarked on the pointless journey of working my way up through the ranks, and finished in a comfortable senior management role (Cyber Security) before cutting it short. A year and a half ago, I stumbled across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book made me question alot with the current system and the beliefs that I also held in my personal life. In search for the answers, I dedicated large amounts of time to understanding how the system works and gradually decided to adopt the mindset of the 1 % instead of the 99%. I've always known the power of owning property as I have seen it first hand with my parents home, and how powerful capital appreciation can be. Towards the end of 2019, I started my own R2R business with the aim of providing a monthly cashflow to reinvest into purchasing property. I wanted limited risk so I decided to JV with a fellow investor for a fixed monthly return, and that will be totally hands off for next couple of years. In October, I was let go from my employer (Very welcomed ) and this has resulted in me being given a lump sum to invest in property. I have taken the time to listen to the Property Hub podcasts and reading this forum on the key areas to invest. I have chosen Liverpool as my investment area. The main reason is the strong rental demand and the potential capital apprectiation prospect. My Search Criteria: Property Type: 2 Bed + Turn Key BTL (Worst case - Light Refurb required) Mortgageable £60K - £120K 8% Gross Yield Houses ( Flats considered - Dependent on Service Charges/Lease) Tenants: Young Proffessionals & Families Good Rental Demand Capital Appreciation Area (Important) My Key Investment Areas: Dingle Toxteth Bootle I plan to visit liverpool after Christmas to get a feel of the areas and further analyse my key investment areas (shown above). Thanks again for welcoming me to the Property Hub family and look forward to meeting you all along our journeys PS: if there are any P-Hubbers investing in liverpool or live local then it would be lovely to network with you.
  7. Hey all, By way of introduction my name is Indy - recently stumbled across the property hub podcast and have been addicted since - listening throughout lockdown with most episodes repeating throughout the day. i recently was fortunate enough to purchase my first property that I currently live in . Starting at zero again and putting my goals and strategy onto paper I have come to a road bump - I need some advice / guidance if anyone could be so kind ; My aim is to save as hard as I can , possibly a grand a month for 2/3 years , in that time I would have built some equity to remortgage and here is the crux say I came into 50/60 k - I want to get into a buy to let strategy - however I’m aware that most mortgages are only 75% - which leaves me with a purchase price of 200k ish the south east England / west London - where I’m based - it’s really hard to find anything for 200k - so what would you do if you was me ? Would you wait to save a bigger deposit / find a new property to live in and remortgage the house I’m in now to a buy to let ? etc etc Does anyone know of any clever ideas / tricks ? Would be good to hear if anyone is in a similar situation . thanks indy
  8. Hello, My name is Michael and I am based in London. I have previously done a couple of deals in Spain and Eastern Europe and now would like to focus on the UK market. I am a software developer turned into entrepreneur over the years. I am looking for a long-term partner (with a track record, good references and with some cash to invest) in the Manchester area to join forces with. I would like to start investing in the real estate market by acquiring houses in a poor condition, refurbishing them and then selling them as soon as possible. Rentals do not attract me. My participation to the business would be just cash. We would draft a deal that's efficient for both parties. If you can recommend me someone, please do. I appreciate your help! Thank you!
  9. Hello new on here! My name is Jack and I am Quantity Surveyor, I have worked for a private developer project managing there developments from acquiring the land to end sale but I am now looking to work independently with investors. This could be either hands off or hands on for the property investor and I am happy to work either directly for you to manage the project or even a joint venture if that is an option! If anyone is interested please do not hesitate to make contact with me.
  10. Hello Hubbers, This is week three in my journey into property investment, I have always had an interest in property but that was more towards finding a perfect forever home. After doing some digging and thankfully coming across Rob & Rob's podcast and subsequently The Property Hub it has really lit the proverbial fire into what will become a successful venture in the future. I currently reside in Herefordshire, as the title suggests, with my family so that is ideally where I would like to start my investment portfolio and eventually search further a field after getting my feet wet. Buy-to-lets (2-4 bedroom houses) with a strategy to buy-refurb-refinance is the aim, cash flow is key. In 1-2 years I would like the portfolio to match 1/2 my currently salary and 4-5 yrs - match/beat my whole current salary and in 10 years (ideally sooner) have the financial security to quit my job, focus on property and make a really difference by developing houses/projects from the ground up in the community. I know that this is the start of a very exciting chapter and all the research I have been doing, although daunting, is very interesting (certainly is a lot to get your teeth into) - that being said I could certainly do with some help to really focus on the direction, plan/goals that I have started writing/planning. If there are any Hubbers in the area I love to have a chat and for those with the experience anywhere else Id really appreciate a helping hand and hopefully in the future I can pay it forward. Thanks to Rob B & Rob D for really cementing the drive to get into property development, you guys do great work, your a credit to your industry and above all present and deliver your content with such consideration and professionalism. Kind Regards Chris
  11. Hi All My name is David Charles and I've lived in Lincolnshire all my life, 53 years. I had my own Computer Shop in Grantham for 26 years and sold it a few years ago. I now raise money for a couple of local charites and due to Lockdown I haven't been able to do this. This left me to find something to occupy my time with. A week ago I came across and "SALES" video investing on Property. Any way, a week later, two of Rob's books later, I can now say I'm a proud member of the Property Hub. I am just starting off my journey but I want to ask if anyone can help with a quick question? On watching some of Rob and Rob's videos there were 3 amazing tools on them. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can source them from?: Refurbishment Estimator Flip Calculator BTL Calculator I hope shortly I will be able to add value to the Hub, but for now if anyone can help I would very much appreciate it. Thankyou David Charles.
  12. Hi, My Wife, Melanie, and I are looking to begin our property journey. From being mad obsessive on right move, to reading a Rob D book, to listening to the hub podcasts we have now signed up and booked our strategy call from the end of this month. Currently we are taking in as much e - learning as we can and finding we have a lot to learn !. But i must say we are really enjoying the experience so far and are very excited about the future , although not 100% what that looks like yet We look forward to being involved with property and making a sound future for our family and hopefully a lasting legacy. Our dream is to provide some financial freedom to enable us to see some of the world and provide security for the future, for us, and our children. Craig
  13. Hi fellow hubbers! I've been skirting around actually coming to introduce myself for a while, but am now taking the plunge. Probably like many others, I've been listening to the podcast for quite a while, and have read most of Rob D's books too. I'm currently very seriously thinking about beginning investing in property but, as of yet, haven't taken the plunge! One thing that I wanted to see if any other forum members had any experience/guidance in is passing money from an active Ltd company to another to begin funding my property investments. I 100% own a company that has a fairly substantial amount of 'excess' cash in it (circa £100-150k). My plan is to move this money into a new Ltd company as a loan, to begin investing in properties. So, I'm looking to: Create a new LTD company (e.g. Example Properties Ltd) Loan money from existing Ltd company to new company Begin investing in property In terms of the loaning to a company to separate investment activity, I stumbled across this article (on Foxy Monkey) which spurred me on to this. Specifically, this passage: Of course, the intention wouldn't be to never pay this back, however I would be looking to do this over the long-term, as they are long-term investments. As for tax of drawing from this company, I'm aware that this has the potential to really trip me up. However, that's not much of a concern for me. The reason for this is that I'm looking at keeping these funds (and money earned through investments) in the company. Over time I would look to utilise this e.g. once I've built up enough, re-investing that into developing the portfolio over time. Finally, in answer to Rob D's pointers on what to include in an intro post, I've popped these below: What you've done in property so far - Nothing other than a good amount of reading and listening to the podcast, attending a local meetup (in Manchester), and speaking to my accountant What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) - I'm looking to invest in buy-to-let's primarily and will be using a lettings management company to help manage. I live in Salford, so both very familiar and very interested in Manchester , Liverpool, and generally the North West! What your plans are for the future - Currently going through my goals, but I'm looking for a long-term play of developing a portfolio that can eventually supplement my/my future wife's income. Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from - I'm a digital marketing consultant, so fairly experienced with "helping people to make money on the internet", more than happy to help others out! Would sincerely appreciate ay pointers from others that have experienced similar or anyone who has any pointers or potential 'watch outs' with my strategy! Thanks in advance, happy hunting! :)
  14. I haven started yet but have done some reading. I’ve selected my target area from data and I guess I’m getting ready to start. Knowledge is the key for me and before I jump I want to be sure that I am educated enough. Do the others feel the same? Ideally I’d like to flip some and keep some. I’ve read the strategies back to front and I’m happy that I could get so far but might need some advice from time to time. I’m the son of a builder and joiner and have picked some skills up over the years. I’ve trained as an engineer and would say that I am quite practical and good with the hands on stuff. that’s pretty much it really. I wanted to introduce myself to the community and want to be in and amongst the more experienced folks on here who could give me advice help and guidance. All the same thing really. kindest regards Tony
  15. Hi all, really looking forward to getting stuck into this forum, been listening to the podcast for a few months now and am excited about being a part of this great community. Bit of background; My family business is property, my grandad built lots of blocks of flats in the 50’s/60’s and kept a few in a portfolio as a legacy. Because of this Ive always been interested in property. I fell in to working in finance after finishing school and worked for 20 years in various sectors. (If you’re having any trouble getting your bills paid on time I may have some tips for you ) I bought my first home, on the very edge of south London back in 2010 and was happy to pay off the mortgage slowly while watching the equity grow... Then 2 years ago I had a baby and had some decisions to make about going back to work... I decided to sell my house, we’re renting somewhere great now, I have a nice cushion of funds in the bank and I’ve been able to buy my first project for cash. it’s a 3 bed semi in Derby, I’m half way through the renovation now and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have to work a conventional day job anymore, I get to look after my son and I’m finally working towards my property goals. I’ve made some great connections with trades, learnt a lot already and should make a nice profit! I‘m focusing on flipping (Derby/Nottingham area for now) to keep my pot of money growing, but want to build a b2l portfolio too. My current strategy is to flip 2 then split the funds for another flip AND a single let... and repeat. Though I haven’t yet had my strategy call yet, so this may change. My long term goal is to build my own legacy and follow in my grandads footsteps. thanks for reading all this! If you made it this far Good luck with whatever you’re working on, see you in another thread!
  16. Hello all, My name's Omar. I'm based in the South West of London, and I have a buy-to-let portfolio with properties in the North West of the UK, as well as one property in Madrid, Spain. I'm looking forward to connecting with like minded people to share knowledge, information and tips about the property industry. So feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to chat.
  17. Hi All, My name is Garry and I have been reading the forums for the past few months, around October myself (work in Property Management, Factoring and FM over the past 10 years) and my father in law (worked in construction for over 20 years) formed a company in the UK. The goal of the company was to generate revenue to purchase property assets - with a goal to use that revenue to replace our full-time jobs. We have been Middle East expats for over 35 years between us. What you've done in property so far I have worked in Property Management, Facility Management and Factoring (Owners Association) for years and looking to use these skills to generate revenue to reinvest in property. We have recently purchased our first flat in the UK (Cash Purchase, circa 8% returns) and are developing a villa in Spain. Currently working on a business plan to set up and grow the company for Q3/4 2017 and beyond. What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) Currently, we looked (and purchased) in the Lanarkshire area of Scotland, our families are from this area and it is well known to us. In the future we are open to several areas however I believe the initial focus will be to grow a portfolio in the same area. What your plans are for the future Plans are to develop revenue streams (on top of our contributions from salary) to compound capital to allow to purchase assets. The first goal is to purchase 5 properties within the next 3-5 years depending on how quickly we can grow. Approx 5,000GBP per month rental with little debt is the first target. Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from I am sure others are more experienced than myself however there is management, financial and expat experience if anyone wants to connect and discuss. Would be happy to share my email - not sure if that is allowed or not but happy to get involved. We are at the start of our journey and looking to turn it into our living.
  18. Hello I'm a business management Graduate with a good knowledge of locations in Brighton, Guildford, Farnborough and London. I do not own property yet and I'm a newbie in the arena. I've been reading up on property for 12 months and have some capital; now I am trying to figure out what my strategy is but i'm not yet sure what the best route/ best locations are for me. My current ideas A) Serviced accommodation in Brighton or elsewhere 2 -3 BTL properties in Manchester or Liverpool Buy 3 bed BMV in London (Looking at areas in zone 2-3 with new crossrail stations set to open) Live in and modernise swiftly Rent out the two other rooms Refinance the property & withdraw funds Repeat the process My goals: To reach a net cashflow from property of 4k per month within the next 1 - 5 years (Ideally ASAP) Grow my account Hoping to find some sound advice in the community and will reciprocate where/ when i can. Look forward to speaking along the way! James
  19. Hi Guys, My name is Lewis, 26 years old from Hertfordshire. Although I own my own house, I do not yet have a passive income from property. Something I would like to change. Initially, I am looking to invest locally in the south-east however I am not objected to investing further afield when the time becomes right and I have become comfortable with what I am doing. I have been very interested in my own personal development since around the age of 23 which spiked my interest in the property market and the dream of financial freedom. I would appreciate any pointers and advice that you may be able to give me. I would also appreciate pointers in terms of Workshops, Seminars etc. which may help me on my journey. I look forward to hearing from you all! Lewis
  20. Hello all, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the property hub community. Personally and non property related - I'm 30, live in Mid Cheshire with my partner and our two young boys. I'm a self employed project planner with experience of contracting on large international engineering/manufacturing projects across different sectors. In terms of property to date, we've purchased our first residential property this year, which was a big milestone for us This took an age due to my lack of limited company accounts history due to going self employed. In hindsight it provided the drive through utter frustration to research into property,, save more funds and confirm that property is where my attention should be focused. Presently I'm looking to purchase my first 'starter' investment over the next few months and have my AiP in place for this. This will be placed into a ltd company spv, which is ready to go. Following this upcoming purchase I want to scale my property business. My intention is to add a mixture of strategies into the portfolio, initially biased towards HMO's and looking to add a lettings management service to other investors over time. I'm looking to expand my portfolio within the Liverpool - Manchester - Chester Triangle. Geographically I'm 30 mins away from all locations which is ideal. Why am i doing this? My targets over the coming years is to generate sufficient 'property' income to transition my partner and then myself out of our current roles and enjoy our children growing up. I've attended numerous networking sessions over the last 12/18 months (mainly around Liverpool) and will pop along to a Property Hub Event soon too. I'm looking to forge strong relationships with other property investors. I hope that we can mutually benefit each other and I look forward to meeting some hubbers soon and feel free to contact me. p.s. - writing this was quite therapeutic, scary! Chris Whittaker
  21. Hello all, Brand new member to the page. I am not a current investor/Landlord/property professional. I work in Bridging Finance, for a Lender based in Warrington. Not here to tout for business but share experiences from our side of the fence, hopefully help people with some advice as seen by a lender if the conversations ever come up around purchasing. Of course, I'd never turn business away but I have come here as a support to those who want it, to offer opinions and generally be a nice person. Hope to chat and share with you all soon. Lyam
  22. Hello all, I've never invested in property before but I'm keen to start doing so and generating passive income to top up my salary, with the eventual goal of working only two-three days a week over the next coming years. I did run a holiday let in Norfolk for 18 months after I inherited a bungalow from my late mother in January 2016, but it was a lot of hassle to manage it living far away and my girlfriend and I were still in rented accommodation at the time, so I sold that property last year to free up the capital. With that capital, I've put a large deposit down on a residential house with my partner, and I want to invest the remaining capital. I've currently got a purchase going through on a 3-bedroom semi-detached house, which will be my first investment. I'm not particularly good at DIY, so I won't be making any improvements to the house (or future properties) myself, but I do have some good connections who can help with the work. I've been debating whether to go down the house or flat route, and I'm still unsure about investing in flats, even though they seem to give better net yields over the short-term. I'm unsure of the financial implications of dwindling leases etc. Open to any advice to avoid the many pitfalls! Thanks in advance, James.
  23. Hi everyone (and hi Rob & Rob if you’re reading), Feel like I’ve been on the fringes of the community for a while as I’ve been to a couple of meetups, been listening to podcasts and checked out the forum a few times but this is actually my first post. I’m from St Albans but I’m looking at building a portfolio of BTLs and multi-lets in Coventry and I’m interested in networking with other investors and landlords in the area, sharing knowledge, contacts etc. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got 100 properties or just one (or none yet), we all need support of like minded people if we’re going to build our wealth and I’m happy to share what little knowledge and experience I have too. If you’re investing in the area please give me a shout, it would be great to hear from you. Would also like to hear where property investors from Coventry are going for their meetups? As there’s not one in Coventry right now maybe if there’s enough of us we could even get one going in the future. Look forward to connecting with you all. Pete
  24. Hi There, I am a established property investor in Cheshire. A associate has recommended this website. Also, completing MSc in Building Surveying where I am completing a dissertation on the impact of the UK tax changes of residential buy-to-let investors. If any is keen to complete the short 5 minute survey, drop a comment below and will include link. Look forward to hearing from those in this community. Kind regards, Simon Hollington Cheshire Property Investor MSc Building Surveyor
  25. Hopefully this is an acceptable introduction of myself. I am an Accountant looking into property investment as a business alongside my existing practice. I find this site saturated with information and am so pleased I stumbled across it.
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