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  1. Dear fellow Property Hubbers! 🙂 My name is Graham. I live in Cheam, Surrey and want to build my network in the East / West Sussex area where I intend to invest. Would like to connect with investors in and around the area to share ideas and interests. 💭 Happy to zoom chat until meeting becomes a possibility 💻 Thanks. Graham
  2. Hello everyone My name is Mike and im based in Liverpool looking to connect with investors and deal sourcers. Im on the road to getting fully compliant and wanting to source properties for investors who want to invest in the North West for a reduced sourcing fee as im just starting out, and a testimonial which would be very beneficial to me. Eventually I want to invest in property myself when i have a bit more capital behind me and gain some more experience. I have created deal packs/brochures on houses with property comparables, rental demand, sold house history, ROI, Net yield, Gross Yi
  3. Good afternoon everyone, I am on my way to becoming fully compliant and want to source some properties for investors so I can build some capital in order for me to become an investor myself in the future. Are there any investors on here looking to invest in the North West area? I am based in Liverpool and have lived in and around Merseyside my whole life so i have a good understanding of the area. Please do get in touch and we can discuss things further. Kind Regards Mike
  4. Hi All, Attention all residential buy-to-let property investors! I am currently completing dissertation on how residential buy-to-let property investors adapting to the recent tax changes to industry. If you are a residential buy-to-let investor, keen to hear from you on your thoughts and opinions in support of the dissertation. Please like and share survey to those of interest in your network so as many responses can be generated in support of my MSc Dissertation thesis. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BRDKQK7 Kind regards, Simon
  5. Hi everyone, I am Stephen 27 Ex Military served in Afghanistan, March 21st 2012 I stood on a i.e.d (mine/bomb). Let’s not be negative now I love my prosthetic leg it makes me who I am. So the property side of life I currently own four 1 buy to let 2 outright and my personal one. Due to personal circumstances I have a credit score so low I can not get a mobile contract I’m in limbo mode of where do I go next to release money to invest into more property. 2020 is about learning so please any information would be great I have attended ppn and hoping to make pin Liverpo
  6. I have successfully done up 2 properties (one had no central heating, they needed walls knocking down etc), on time, on budget, and to a good standard. And I have done cosmetic renovations to a couple of others. I just love it! But it will take me a few years to save up for a deposit for the next one (I'm quite risk averse, and don't want to remortgage to get equity out). So I was hoping to come across investors who are happy to have me project manage their properties for then, at a fee of course! So I would be doing what I enjoy while also saving money to do my own. Any tips re: a) If this i
  7. Hello, I have recently inherited a cottage in West Wittering by the sea. My brother and I want to turn it in to a holiday let cottage. We will need about 150K to do the works. We could use bridging finance and then roll in to a mortgage. However, I’d really like to try going down private finance route - ie offer a fixed return to friends, family or other. Does anyone have experience of this and possibly the type of investment prospectus template I could use? Many thanks, harry
  8. Hi All, Attention all residential buy-to-let property investors! I am currently completing dissertation on how residential buy-to-let property investors adapting to the recent tax changes to industry. If you are a residential buy-to-let investor, keen to hear from you on your thoughts and opinions in support of the dissertation. Please like and share survey to those of interest in your network so as many responses can be generated in support of my MSc Dissertation thesis. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BRDKQK7 Kind regards, Simon
  9. Hi all, I am 40 years old and have lived in Liverpool for the majority of my life and know the city and surrounding areas reasonably well, and hold one property in my own name and one in a Ltd company, typical BTL's. I offer a service where I can view selected properties in Liverpool and/or the North West area for any investors both abroad and UK wide providing plenty of photos and information of the property which you wouldn't necessarily find in the standard brochure and local knowledge about the surrounding areas from someone who knows the area, for investors who for
  10. Hello everyone! I am so glad to have come across this forum. I'm new here and have dabbled in small scale development in the past. I've recently acquired a large property that I intend to convert into Apartments on each floor. Several Architects have visited the property and said it wouldn't need major works to convert. Obviously, this would be subject to the necessary funding and planning permissions being agreed for the conversion. I'm unsure as to doing it via my personal name or as a Ltd Co. So.. I'm looking to hear from anyone i
  11. Hello to everyone, Hope all of you are well despite this strange cold weather in May. I am relative new to the industry, however have gained knowledge and experience in Finance and Investment and extensive customer service. This is what I am bringing to the property sourcing sector. It is often discouraging to see sourcers who perhaps mean well, not listening to you and your situation. Whilst searching an investment opportunity recently for a relative of mine, I consistently came across property sourcers who will take in your information and your requirement but will disregard that
  12. Hi guys my name is Louise and it is excellent to be joining this new network of like minded people, I have just joined Elite property investors, and I am loving every bit although some times i feel like my head is about to explode , training and gaining knowledge can be tough, but we all ended up here for the same reason,we all wanna get out of the rat race. A bit about myself I work and live in oxfordshire , and i am a female Gas engineer, love my job and all the perks that come with it, can have its up and downs like anything in life, took me a while to get to where i am now, and its ti
  13. Hello, I want to know all of the problems you have or have experienced with the property industry. Whether it is in relation to owning a property or be the buying/selling process, management of properties, communication between parties or anything else. I want to get a clear idea of what the problems are or what you see as negative within the property industry?
  14. Good afternoon everyone, Very good to be here, what a fabulous site this is. What have I done in property before? I have been a co- owner of one buy to let property that we rented to the council so the house was used for social housing. Also a co-owner of an apartment in Tenerife. Both of these have since been sold. So my property buying experience is thus far is limited, however I have been educating myself over the years and now feel ready to embark on the property investing journey. Ideally I would like to invest up north (Manchester way), South Wales
  15. Hello from Sussex! Happy to help with any Letting & Property Management queries. I have worked for Allsop Residential Investment Management for 10 years and Leaders The Rental Agents for 3 years. Now set up on my own Letting & Managing properties around Sussex ARLA Qualified NFOPP Level 3 Technical Award
  16. Hello Everyone! I have secured a property which is a cash buy and have subsequently got some interest from investors. I offer investors 8-10% on their money for the time that their money is in the deal. For this particular property, the timeframe would be around 8 months as we are buying with cash, refurbishing the property and then we will mortgage it at 75% market value to enable us to pull our money (investors money too) out. My intention is to purchase the property (£60k) with my funds (£40k) as well as the investors funds (£20k), but only my name goes on the title deed. We then se
  17. Hello, I'm Paddy. I'm interested in talking to people with an interest in investing in property for buy to let's (particularly in the Swindon area but not only in this area). Where do you think is good to invest? What are your thoughts on the legislation coming in at the start of April? What is your strategy? What are your goals?
  18. There has been a buzz surrounding Peterborough for some time, following announcements of various development plans taking shape in and around the city. Peterborough, which was previously best known for having good transport links to bigger and brighter nearby cities, is undergoing a huge period of regeneration with a recent announcement made by Peterborough City Council declaring that UK and overseas investors are backing an impressive £130million regeneration plan. Read more at the BBC here; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-26229020 The redevelopment plan will see
  19. I have been investing in property on a part-time basis for the past 15 years, and in the last 3 years I have dedicated even more time to this, whilst also starting a family and being the proud parents of two girls! I've been a self-employed IT Consultant since the age of 21 and have been involved in various startup's that include a software business, fashion retail business, a GPS tracking business and a healthcare consultancy. However, I have come to realise that my real passion and successes is in property investments and management (although if I could combine this in the future with
  20. My names Anthony and I am a huge fan of the property market. Most of my time is spent looking at deals, doing due diligence and crunching numbers. I'm aware of the multiple options and creative ways you can close deals for massive beneficial results and also buying at below market value. This knowledge is wasted without being able to raise capital to put into these deals. I don't and have never had a mentor or "Rich Dad" to educate me, I taught myself. Being part of a young 90's generation I quickly took advantage of the powerful tool I have that we all call the internet and will admit tha
  21. To me, it seems clear that unless one disposes of substantial amounts of cash, London is becoming more and more distant as a viable financial investment for many of us. ROI's and yield values are not great compared to other places in the UK, prices are increasing by the second, and making good deals seems impossible (competitions is fierce!!). But hey, you can argue that London will always have a high demand..a very strong point if every month you have to pay your lender! The amount of people wanting to live in the UK is increasing and London is like a flame to a moth for most of them. On
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