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  1. Hi, I’ve identified what I think is a decent opportunity for a flip however I’m struggling to come up with a financing solution that would deliver a decent return working within the constraints I have. The numbers are below and the constraint is that due to being in the middle of another project at the moment I have little cash to invest - usual story! Purchase Price: £220k Stamp Duty: £8.5k Legals/Holding: £5k Refurb: £13k Potential End Value: £270k The numbers ive used on purchase price and sale are conservative and I’m pretty confident on the refurb number
  2. Hello, I am looking into doing flips to build capital faster. I already own a property though a limited company. The problems with using savings only to acquire property are that it takes time to save, months, and you can only do one property at a time. I do not own any personal property or have any other avenue to extract cash to used as deposit. I know a few friends who would be fine to lend me some money for a year. As a starting point, I am looking for suggestions on how to structure the financing with the people. They will only provide the money and not do anything in
  3. Hi, Background: At this time I have 6 investment properties and I'd like to buy more but I don't have any money left for deposits (The classic property investor story). I've already released equity in my own home and got as much out of the other properties as I can, and it looks like property prices are on a slow decline in my area so it doesn't look like there will be any more equity to release for a while. (Also note that if I were starting again now I wouldn't have invested in my local area, but 20/20 hindsight isn't going to help me now). I should be abl
  4. Hi, i'm a fairly experienced landlord of 38 years from London. I have been offering a house or apartment to rent for most of that time, usually my own while away working overseas. Currently, i have a one bed apartment in London, Docklands which i bought in 2014 and i've been renting that out for the past 2 years. I self manage remotely, which is easier for apartments it must be said, especially newer ones. I'm 60 years old and retired since renting the apartment in London. After finding a tenant i decided to travel some of the world taking in S. America, Mexico, Balkans, Turkey, Caucuses
  5. Hi I'm Laura and I'm new to the Property Hub. I've been training in property for about 18 months with my mentor (my background is in project management). I wondered if anyone had any good tips on how to find JV partners. I've been attending a lot of property and business networking events but so far haven't found anyone to work with. I've secured a piece of land using a purchase option and am currently applying for planning permission. If all goes to plan I'll need a JV partner in approximately 6 months time. Any tips anyone can provide
  6. Hello Hubbers, I own a small plot of land in Addiscombe (Croydon) which is likely to receive planning permission for a small 2 bed property in the next few weeks. I am currently juggling options around whether to sell the land with planning, pay a contractor to manage the build or set up a joint venture. Specifically with the JV i would be looking for someone to project manage the entire build with some form of profit split at the end of the process. I suspect that a joint venture will prove the most profitable - does anyone have any good contacts in the l
  7. How would you go about checking on a potential joint venture partner that you meet at networking? ie specific steps and resources to background check someone and their company. this is for a potential HMO refurb project.
  8. Hi Guys, Another question for you here. I was speaking with an old acquaintance of mine a week or so back and mentioned I was getting into the property game (Flips to start off) Anyway, it came about that he had access to the same amount of funds as me. The general conversation was around joining funds together and splitting everything down the middle including renovation work. I totally trust this guy and know he has a proven track record for his work. (His parents have 16 BTL properties and he does all the maintenance) So...... He has a newly formed Ltd co
  9. Hello, I am interested in investing in someone who has a track record of flipping, I have around £30,000 to invest and would like to not just give the money but help out. My goal is to grow my investment over time while learning how to become a competent property flipper myself. The area I'd like to invest in would preferably be in the North but anywhere in the UK for the first 1 or 2 would be fine. How would you go about this? Are there any resources you can share? Thanks!
  10. Hi All, I have a development opportunity/project that I'm good to go with in SW London (Clapham), that I would love to speak to any potentially interested partners? A brief summary of the project: In summary: • The property is located in Clapham SW4, London, directly on Clapham Common, one of the most desirable streets in one of the most desirable areas in SW London. • Planning permission is in place to convert and extend a 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom property with cellar currently, to a 3 Bedroom and 3 Bathroom property. • Party Wall Agreemen
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for any examples of joint venture or partnership agreements. Thinking about going in on a buy-to-let investment with a partner. Any examples agreements would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hey Property Hub, First time posting and thrilled to be here! My wife and I are starting our journey into property investing and are blown away by the amount of incredible content on here, as well as the various property podcasts. One quick question... is there a difference between an Angel and a Joint Venture? We were watching a video as part of an online property course and the presenter separated Angels and Joint Ventures into separate sections but then didn't make the distinction overly clear, which just left us feeling more confused.
  13. Hi all, First time posting. The property next door to me has been vacant for over 10 years. I'm on good terms with the owner, he was gifted it in a will from a friend decades ago, and moved out to live with his son over ten years ago. Not being property minded and short of cash he has NEVER tenanted it (why? Why? Why?!!). The property is well maintenaned, structurally sound, but in need of refurbishment throughout. It's a 3 bed Victorian end terrace, in a good area of Bedford, with a bricks and mortar value of around £240-£250k once renovated. The owner has expressed
  14. Good Evening I have an investor (well known to me) who has confirmed that they will provide financial backing for my planned property portfolio and investment strategy. They have even stated an interest in a possible long term JV. They have, understandably, asked for a detailed Business Plan from me before considering the opportunity any further. Does anyone have a specific Template for a Business Plan or previous example of a plan or even point me in the direction of some examples? Of course, there are many options to consider via an internet search, but the sites often, very quickly r
  15. Hi All, I`ve been obsessed with properties since reading probably everyone well-known book” Rich dad poor dad”. I can’t live any day without listening property podcasts, reading property books, blogs and forums. So I am doing everything possible to invest in my education to make my dreams come true and become financially free one day. I am only 30 years old. I bought my own house 2 years ago and try to save every penny to invest in my first Buy to Let house but I am a full-time mother and work part time on a night, my fiancée is basic tax payer as well so it is a long way from it. A
  16. Hi All, I'm seeking some advice on how I should propose splitting profits on a refurbishment project that is due to commence in the new year. Overview: My business partner is fronting the costs for the property purchase, refurbishment and associated legals/taxes etc. However, they are based 6 hours away from the property and will not be involved in any of the day to day activities during the project. They haven't even seen the property as I sourced it myself, so effectively, they will taking a back seat for the duration of the project. I have sourced the property and dealt with
  17. Good day fellow Hubbers! I was speaking so passionately about my property dreams to friends, and before we knew it we were talking numbers and decided to do a joint venture and Flip a property together. They have some cash to invest, I will project manage. Now, the whole concept is clear. We have a plan, we are ready to start looking for that lucky property. Or so we thought, my JV partners presented me with a few questions (and subquestions) which I am passing on to the forum for some help: 1) Business Structure - how do we set up this venture? Our partnership would be me, an
  18. Hi, I'm not yet investing in property but have been busy with the learning process and refining goals and strategies. I am aiming at early 2017 to go active. . My plan is to add value and flip properties via either a project manager arrangement or through JV. I want to identify a small number of partners who give me a good geographical spread and with whom I can build a sustainable long term business relationship. Establishing such arrangements will take time so I wont be of much interest to those who want quick a decision now or seek to shortcut the process of due diligence. Once establishe
  19. Hi all, I have written and re-written this question a couple of times now... Originally it was titled "taxing a ltd company" but that became too specific. So I am going to be very general here in the hope that I can get some broad advice. A friend and I are looking to invest in one or two buy-to-let properties later this year. We are both higher rate tax payers. We would like to use the rental profits to invest in other properties in the future. We believe that the best way to do this is to set up a ltd company and to have the company buy the properties and then retain the profits.
  20. Hi to Everyone I have just found this forum and would like to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. I am nearly 60 yrs old now and have now retired from my home removals company and am now only interested in property development. I have done several UK shared builds and international property developments. Namely... Florida... I used to sell properties in Sarasota with a partner and did many trips to deal with the builders and inspection trips to show the clients around. Philippines - built a 4 story house on the hillside with a pool in Cebu Thailand - Built a sw
  21. Hello all I'm Alex Harrington-Griffin, also known as @@alex_h_griffin, and I've just returned from two years starting marketing based businesses in Cape Town to focus on two new property objectives, one personal and one within a new family business. My family have been in property development for over 40 years, in everything from commercial and retail to residential, and with a new fund recently being opened up, have decided now was the time to make the move from my marketing background into the property game, whilst using my experience with clients such as Knight Frank International t
  22. Hi Hubbers As the title says really, does anyone have a good recommendation for a solicitor who can draw up a joint venture agreement? Many Thanks, Andy
  23. Hi everyone, I was hoping I would be able to get some advice from someone in the group who may know about these things, or be able to point me in the right direction. The situation I'm a newbie when it comes to property investment, having read lots of information, I've saved a reasonable deposit and I'm due to have my meeting with RMP property in a couple of weeks with the intention of starting my property portfolio. Then...I was recently discussing my plans with my newly retired parents who had a suggestion of "we'll match your deposit and we could start together", after the i
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