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  1. Hi, Has anyone had any experience or recommendations for a bank that will allow a new company account, which is owned by two companies. It is for a JV, we have set up a new Limited company for the project which is owned by two separate companies but struggling to find a bank account to support this structure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Kate
  2. Morning all, after a bit of advice please. I have a ltd company and am looking for a way to invest with a friend that has capital currently in his personal name. We are looking to do flips to build some more capital As far as I am aware neither of us are interested in investing further in our own names as I do not see this as a viable option for tax purposes. I was wondering if their was such a thing as 2 Ltd companies investing together?? I realise this may be tricky as to which company would hold the charge, but I still would like anyone's opinion on how poss
  3. Hi, Background: At this time I have 6 investment properties and I'd like to buy more but I don't have any money left for deposits (The classic property investor story). I've already released equity in my own home and got as much out of the other properties as I can, and it looks like property prices are on a slow decline in my area so it doesn't look like there will be any more equity to release for a while. (Also note that if I were starting again now I wouldn't have invested in my local area, but 20/20 hindsight isn't going to help me now). I should be abl
  4. Hi all Been a subscriber to the podcast for years (keep up the great work Robs) - just signed up to the forum and here is a quick intro. We have a portfolio of properties (BTL and HMO) in London that we have built over the years - now looking to evaluate flip opportunities in England - and maybe R2R / R2SA (cash flow) Our current thinking is to Finance the purchase of properties for <250K in hotspots in the UK, adding value and flipping for a Net Profit of 30K min - building up to 3-4 a year in year 2/3- willing to partner with someone who can bring the expertise of sourcing
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for having me. Looking at properties I've managed to accumulate several per week that have very good potential profits attached to them. Currently my capital is tied up and I'm currently in a JV so I'm passing them on but I'd like to become compliant. Would anyone know of the process and procedure I'd have to undertake to progress to becoming a compliant sourcer? Thanks everyone
  6. Hello, I’m based in the Middle East and looking for returns through development. Please get in touch if you have any projects that need funding. Particular interest in BRRR / HMOs or other development opportunities. regards, Harry
  7. Hi Hubbers, Has anyone had any experience with joint Ltd Company BTL mortgages? The situation is that I want to do more renovations to rent, 50/50, with a colleague who also uses an SPV. We would be buying the properties cash and then financing them once value had been added. The aim would be to hold the properties 50/50 going forward. However, coming up against it with joint limited company BTL mortgages, has anyone got any experience with this? Many thanks, Jack
  8. Hi All New to the forum and wanted to say hi I'm moving into new build developments for the first time, following many years in various construction businesses. i have a real passion that the buyer should be able to have a house that they can live very comfortably via space and low ongoing costs - due to lack of choices the buyers seem to forget their dreams and aspirations -unfortunately ending up with an identikit home the same as next door. So that is our mission is to provide - more choice - better design - cheap to run and healthy to live in
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Rob and it would be great if you can offer some advice on my proposed joint venture. I have attached an investor pack that summarises the joint venture and at this point just provides a brief overview. What would be great is if you can critique the proposed offer using your experiences? e.g. does it sound interesting? plausible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Rob McCarthy
  10. Hello Hubbers, I own a small plot of land in Addiscombe (Croydon) which is likely to receive planning permission for a small 2 bed property in the next few weeks. I am currently juggling options around whether to sell the land with planning, pay a contractor to manage the build or set up a joint venture. Specifically with the JV i would be looking for someone to project manage the entire build with some form of profit split at the end of the process. I suspect that a joint venture will prove the most profitable - does anyone have any good contacts in the l
  11. How would you go about checking on a potential joint venture partner that you meet at networking? ie specific steps and resources to background check someone and their company. this is for a potential HMO refurb project.
  12. Hello all, I was wondering if you could help me with something I am new to. I've recently found someone to invest their cash with me in a JV but do not know the best way to set up the deal. I have experience on self funded single lets only so far and therefore am unsure of JV options. The guy I wold like to invest with has never owned property and I wonder if access to mortgages will be restrictive for him. I am looking for a simple solution that is attractive to the investor. Has anybody any suggestions/experience on how to structure this? Buy through a company i
  13. Hi All, I have a development opportunity/project that I'm good to go with in SW London (Clapham), that I would love to speak to any potentially interested partners? A brief summary of the project: In summary: • The property is located in Clapham SW4, London, directly on Clapham Common, one of the most desirable streets in one of the most desirable areas in SW London. • Planning permission is in place to convert and extend a 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom property with cellar currently, to a 3 Bedroom and 3 Bathroom property. • Party Wall Agreemen
  14. Hello people I am new in the property investment sector and together with my husband and a friend are starting to look for a property to flip in Greater Manchester or Stockport areas. Our dilemma (first of many :P), is whether it would be better to set up a Ldt or just buy a property one of ourselves, perhaps my self, since I `m not working regularly therefore not earning much. Anyone could drop a piece of advice here please? Our concern is about tax, especially after the new rules in force this year. Many thanks for helping Sara
  15. Hi, I wanted to see if there was anyone on here there involved in developing in the North East. I am about to relocate from London to North Yorkshire and I'm looking to meet developers/property sourcers/JV Partners. The patch I'll be operating is between Newcastle & Leeds. I am planning to attend PIN and HUB Meetups to network. Is there any other networking groups or mentors based in the North East anyone can recommend? Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing from you.
  16. Hi all. First post, but long time listener to podcast (great job Robs!). I've recently moved to Manchester to invest in property. I'm interested in flips (but will not rule out holding if exceptional cashflow) in order to build investing pot. I travel a lot with work and would struggle to manager a refurb on the ground myself. Also fairly new to investing, and very new to area so need sourcing. If there are people out there interested in JV'ing on flip/s or sourcing with capacity and connections to manager a refurb (with flip in mind), would love to talk. I'd want to work with someone with a s
  17. Hi Guys, Am pretty new to the hub and had a quick question with regards to JV's. I do not tick many of the boxes to get a buy to let mortgage, being 20 years old, earning under 25K and not being a homeowner. However, I am looking at the possibility of a JV with my mum as she does tick all of the boxes, I would most likely only have a 25%-33% stake if I did this however. Firstly, I would be interested in opinions on a joint mortgages in this situation, would it be possible to get one, or would I present too much of a liability to get one approved? I
  18. Hi All, I have a question regarding a recent opportunity I've spotted. There's a commercial spot for sale by auction close to where I live, it has absolutely huge potential for development and has had lapsed planning permission for 6 x 2 beds and 1 x 1 bed with basement parking granted. It sits 3 minutes walk from the local train station which has a direct line into London Bridge in 55 minutes, so as you can imagine it would be very popular. It currently has a business occupy the building at a rent of £14k per annum and they need 3 months notice before it's deemed vacan
  19. Dear property hub family, FIrst of all i would like to thank Rob and Rob for the property hub!! they are amazing! Secondly thank you for taking time out to read my post. I truly would appreciate your help in my situation - going over the numbers. Any comment, idea, suggestions or nuggets of wisdom will be greatly appreciated (big or small) Here I am ready to plunge head first into my first BTL only to get thrown a speed camera moment that could end thing on track! My wife and I have for our own house which has gone up nicely in value since purchase, two years on and the shinny
  20. Hi all, This is actually my first post!!! I think I may have a lot more questions to come! I've been an avid PH fan for over a year and a half and well on my way to the first invest as part of my strategy. Anyway, this question isn't for me it's actually for a friend and I knew that this would be the place to come for advice. My friend has owned a JV BTL since 2007 in Splott in Cardiff, (bad timing, bought just before the crash!) They lost a lot of equity in the crash and it has now recovered and the other person now wants to sell. However, my friend is very much in the mindset of
  21. Hi everyone - I'm Jim, an Antipodean living in North London. Long time fan of the property hub and podcasts, and self-acknowledged crap networker, so I'm pushing the boat out with my first post / introduction. My property investment experience is limited, although in my previous corporate life I sometimes rubbed up against large scale residential and commercial property developments. My personal portfolio comprises a few small BTL new-builds in Manchester and Leeds, and I also have a couple of investment properties in Berlin. I'm looking to expand my portfolio in the UK, albeit cautio
  22. I am Mario, based in Watford,Herts and invest in both Watford and Leicester. Myself and my partner have a number of single lets and we are currently purchasing our first HMO. I am part of a year long property mentorship programme, and learning every day. I am looking to JV with anyone for refurbs, HMO's etc. I am willing to share my learnings with all. I have also just started a blog page, which I hope others will find useful (only one blog so far !)
  23. My first attempt at recruiting a JV partner. A little present to educate her on assets and passive income.
  24. Hi Everyone, My folks have an unencumbered property value 185k-200k they have it tenanted at around 700pcm. I think I can create a win win here for both them and myself by JV between us probably to split profit from a flip with me doing all the work (project manage) whilst they fund it by using Bridging finance against their property. Has anybody got any experience of something similar they'd like to share and how it worked in reality? I'm looking for numbers in the deal, how difficult it was to find a bridger, how much/little experience they had at the time and any other details.
  25. Hi everyone, My name is Jasmine and I've spent a fair amount of time studying and wrapping my head around various strategies to invest in properties. I've finally saved up a small deposit that will hopefully get me going up north. I came across The Property Hub in my search for mentors or JV partners as I'm hoping to join forces with someone that has more experience than me for my first couple of deals to get going. So if anyone here is looking for a partner up north, more specifically on the outskirts of Manchester or in Hull I'd really want to have a chat with you. Alternatively I'd
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