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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I’m currently looking at Bridlington as a potential investment area, simply from a cashflow perspective. Like most seaside towns, I’m aware that it may have issues with employments and drugs but putting those aside, I’d love to hear from someone that has either invested in Bridlington or perhaps has lived there or in the proximity previously. I live down South in Brighton and I’ve never even been to Bridlington, so I of course have quite a bit of research to do myself, but before delving deep into it, I just wanted to see if there was any advice on here. I’m currently looking at self contained flats around the harbour and the yield is very impressive, however, it won’t be that impressive if the properties sit empty or if I have bad tenants! Doing some very casual armchair research I can see that the demand on spare room etc is relatively good and the properties that I’m looking at already have long term tenants. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your time. James
  2. Hi everyone, i wanted to know what else is used other than Trello and Evernote when it comes to property?
  3. Good evening all, I am Grant Jones, I am 30 years old and live in the south east of Essex. I have a wife and a baby daughter and these are the reasons I am here. To help look after their futures. My wife and I have a good sum of equity in our own property and we have some extremely close friends who have an established property business seeing properties around Manchester (mainly areas such as Salford and Eccles). I am planning on reading and educating myself as much as possible before I dive into this venture and have a 12 month target to own and let a second property in this area. I am reading the richest man in Babylon and have currently spent time listening to both of the Rob’s on the property podcast, coupled with their online courses in goal setting and choosing a strategy, which I have found to be incredibly motivating and useful over the last couple of weeks. The strategy that appeals most to me would be a buy, refurb and refinance option. Gaining a portfolio of multiple single let’s over the next few years. So why am I here? I have quickly found that people within the property industry are incredibly friendly and generous with knowledge. Could anyone please point me in the direction of some further useful learning, wether this be books, podcasts or courses that really either inspired you or helped improve your property knowledge from a beginners point of view. I look forward to your response and wish to thank you in advance. Kindest regards, Grant.
  4. Hello PropertyHub, I am brand new to property, and was recently introduced to the podcast. I am currently binge listening all the way from the beginning and learning an immense amount on my commute. After listening to the 2 Robs, all the guests, and the show reviews, I decided to make an account on here to build a network of wonderful helpful people and increase my learning. I am 23, based near Birmingham. I am currently at the research, planning and goal setting stage of my property journey but I am determined to make it to the first purchase and beyond! Any tips, stories or just general chit chat about property and getting started on securing my financial future - please don't hesitate to contact me. I have heard there is a friendly bunch of like-minded individuals around, so am more than willing to chat to people.
  5. Just wondering along with the normal zoopla and rightmove etc apps, what are the best apps people have found for property? In terms of education? sourcing? law? tenants, tradesman or even property games? Looking for some other ways to better my education from my smartphone. cheers Phil
  6. an aspiring property investor keen to gain new knowledge and tips from the best ... Any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. Hi all, I found the HUB today after trying to find reviews regarding the Legacy Elite Training. Some interesting posts on these forums. My friend and I attended the 3 day basic training this weekend and well I'm not really sure what to say. I think I will leave it there to be honest. I am new to the property investment world and really looking to integrate with like minded folk with the same aspirations and motivation. My objective is to gather knowledge and confidence with the strategies and concepts to become a successful property investor.
  8. Hello there, Do we members in this area? Hope you all had lovely bank holiday weekend. I would like to connect with like-minded people to see what's going on from investment purpose around here. Looking forward to hear from you guys. Cheers, Megha
  9. Hi, I'm new to this and looking to take on my first buy to let. I already own a property in Brentwood, Essex - which is where I live. I'm looking for some general advice, and if possible an investor nearby (in London where I work or Essex) that I could meet for a chat and to bounce some ideas off. Thanks! Steve
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