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Found 7 results

  1. My first post on here.... I'm looking for High Yield BTL's 8%+ I live in Leicester, which has low Yields, even in the cheaper area's of the city (Narborough Road etc) Nottingham has been my next step after listening to the Podcasts but I cannot seem to find any High Yield Property Has anyone got any suggestions? I would like to self-manage, but I am open to having my property managed if the numbers stack up. Also I am open to buying property in other locations but would like them within 1-2 hours of Leicester Appreciate your feedback PS. I do have experience
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for advice/ suggestions on general areas to invest within Leicester city center. Currently researching 2 bed flats, with the primary aim being yield (net 6%+); and I'm keen to get a steer on which areas I should be targeting/ avoiding. Suggestions and input very much welcome!
  3. Hi all Property Hub-ers! I'm Kishan from NZ. I've recently moved to Leicester to join my wife in the next journey of life! I have some experience in investing, renovating in NZ and now i'm keen to learn how things are done on this side of the world with a view of building a portfolio here. I'm looking at attending the meetup on 9th June in Leicester to talk some property with others. I have a background in Architecture and very practical and love my sports! Would be great to know how best to build the 'base' to launch into the B2L investing in my current sit
  4. Hi all, What have I done in property so far? - Attended plenty of local talks - Researched about HMO's online - Listened to this podcast and a few others. Plans for the future? - Own a 2 bed house by 2019, after uni. Live in it and rent out other room. Skills or knowledge I possess: - Digital marketing - SEO I wanted to ask all of you, what do you think are the next best steps for me to take? I'm thinking that for me it's really important to find a mentor? But I'm struggling to find one. Any ideas? Thank's fol
  5. Hi all, My name is Matt and I'm just in the process of about to become an accidental landlord, I could do some advice about letting out my property. I have had asked First 4 Lettings to give me an idea on rent and how much service charges are. Are they a good company and also is there any other good letting agents in the Leicester/South Leicestershire area Thanks
  6. Hi, I am 28 and from Leicester. I am a full time IT consultant and have always been passionate about property and investing in this realm. Myself and my sister recently inherited my mothers house. The house had a few snags which I completed and project managed and this is now successfully rented out. I solely manage the property as its only round the corner from my own home and being a people person being a landlord is a great job. Having this little dabble into this world is good fun and has gave me the confidence to look into building a portfolio for me and my sis
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm Mani from Leicester. Daddy to a 5 year old tiger boy (was a Lion, then shark, now tiger) and 2.5 year old completely bonkers nutcase love of my life daughter. My wife and I are accidental Landlords, plan in place to put that straight and turn that property into a proper investment, hopefully soon. I came across the Property Podcast two weeks ago and have listened to all 115 episodes, finishing the last one just now (switching to x1.3 speed helped!). Rob and Rob have been accompanying me through commutes (of course!), mowing the lawn, taking stuff to the tip (the sa
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