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  1. Hello, Have any landlords that are not living in the location of their properties figured out ways of preventing tenants subletting? Before or if anyone comes back with management companies. Asking a management company is pretty useless, because they always provide notification before they arrive and tenants can always be present for just the day of the inspection and because they have so many properties their check do not tend to be thorough. Are there other services that offer decent solutions to this problem bar getting a costly private investigator to monitor things. Thanks. J
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to move to Birmingham in the new year from London. I'm going to be relocating to the HSBC office in Birmingham and I'm looking for a letting agent in Birmingham, who specialise in city centre apartment. I've seen http://fleetmilne.co.uk/rent/ but I was wondering if there were any agents people would recommend. Thanks, Jay
  3. Hello I currently rent through an agency, but I feel like I'm paying them to forward me emails... What is the process of leaving an estate agent if the property is tenanted? Also, any benefits of using an estate agent? Thanks
  4. Hi all Planning to invest in a BTL in Birmingham soon. Please can you share your recommendation(s) for letting/property management agency(s) in Birmingham? Preferably a local business/boutique/family run agency, working with BTLs. If you recommend a chain, the name of a particular agent would be appreciated (if you would rather message privately, please let me know). Any recommendations on ones to avoid welcomed too. Thanks and good day Richard
  5. Hi All, Would anybody be able to recommend a letting agent they use in Milton Keynes for a fully managed service of a pretty standard 2 bed terrace near Wolverton Station? At the moment after some discussion with a few agents I'm between Martin & Co and Wilson Peacock. Any opinions on the above / recommendations / general advice much appreciated. Many thanks Amrit
  6. Hi All! So I hope someone can shed some light on this very new scenario that is being played out before my eyes. I own a leasehold flat and the freehold was recently sold on and we have a new Property Management agency that we are paying service charges and ground rent to. I just received a letter stating that I need permission from them to be subletting the property, and need to register my tenant for a fee of £130 and from what I can see another £65 each time they renew, which is every 6 months and thats even if nothing changes. As well as £130 for each new tenant in the future. This was not something charged by the previous freeholder/management agency so a little surprised by it. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, is there anything that can be done about it? Thanks in advance! Cheers Alex
  7. I'm thinking of studying for Level 3 (Residential Sales, Letting) Certificate through MOL Propertymark Qualifications Awards. Has anyone studied using these courses? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has studied these courses or has thought about doing so. Are they worth doing?
  8. Just wondering along with the normal zoopla and rightmove etc apps, what are the best apps people have found for property? In terms of education? sourcing? law? tenants, tradesman or even property games? Looking for some other ways to better my education from my smartphone. cheers Phil
  9. Hi guys, at the risk of sounding like an idealist- does anybody know of any letting agents that offer individual property management services on a piece-meal basis, as opposed to the full suite? For example ONLY tenant vetting or ONLY marketing. It seems as though its all or nothing with most of the agents…
  10. Hi everyone my name is Jamie and thought I would introduce myself! I am a part of a new prop-tech startup from Bristol called Bunk. Bunk is the UK’s first end-to-end lettings ecosystem, connecting landlords with pre-verified tenants to make your entire journey effortless. From finding tenants, to signing contracts, collecting rent and reporting maintenance - Bunk handles it all. Through the benefits of digitisation, we automate the rental journey to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience for everyone. We provide the tools for everyone involved to manage everything on one platform without the need for traditional agents. For tenants, you can search, sign and secure your property with our innovative platform in an instant as well as using Bunk to pay your rent and report any maintenance issues you have directly to your landlord. For landlords, we provide an easy-to-use management dashboard to allow you to list your property, manage offers, contracts and, once moved in, any rental payments and maintenance issues. Our platform is very close to our launch date now, so I am very interested in speaking with landlords with and around the Bristol area to get feedback on our platform and work in cohesion to create the perfect management tool for them. It would be great to chat to anyone in Bristol who is interested. All the best!
  11. Quite a divisive question but welcome all your opinions: anyone here with experience of/ successful methods on managing HMOs remotely from another town or city? Keen for feedback. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, I'm thinking of moving to the city for a year or so, in doing so I would like to get a mortgage on a property (this will be my first property and mortgage) When I return home, what is the feasibility of the mortgage broker giving me consent to let Any input welcome Regards,
  13. Can anyone recommend a good property management app to keep track of tenants, offer standard landlord services (marketing online, payments, tax accounts etc)? I've seen the likes of rentr which looks like a great service but if anyone has had any good experiences, would love to hear about them! Thanks!
  14. Hi there, I'm a student currently in university who has become interested in property and the whole business behind property. being new to this industry there is much that I don't understand, so first, I was wondering if people would be willing to answer the questions I list without scoffing at my naivety. 1) when looking at buying a property to let do many investors take account of the time to pay off any loans through the profit from the rent rather than just the amount of rent they will receive? 2) If you wanted to get comprehensive data regarding a property you were interested in would you have to go through an expensive advisor or estate agent who will provide you with figures you could probably work out yourself if you had the time? thanks for any help
  15. Hello from Sussex! Happy to help with any Letting & Property Management queries. I have worked for Allsop Residential Investment Management for 10 years and Leaders The Rental Agents for 3 years. Now set up on my own Letting & Managing properties around Sussex ARLA Qualified NFOPP Level 3 Technical Award
  16. Hi there, Does anyone know of a company / companies that provide the following services for a one off fee: checking that a property meets all the requirements so that it can be legally rented out performing background checks on prospective tenants writing the tenancy agreement In other words, everything that needs to be done at the start of a tenancy other than finding the tenant. I plan on finding the tenant and managing the property thereafter myself. The property is a large studio, a stones throw from Belsize Park tube station in northwest London. I've had a quote from Green and Co. who said they will do all the above and find a tenant for 10% of the rental income (which I believe is pretty standard). They don't provide a one off service as described above. Thanks very much in advance Patrick
  17. Hi All I see there's a lot of ads (in North London) trying to persuade landlords to rent to councils through a nationwide scheme called Let 2 Barnet. Does anyone have any experience of this - and - experience of renting out through councils in general? Many thanks Pete
  18. Hi guys Can anyone recommend a letting agent that operates in Sheffield and why? Further, if there are any to really steer clear of then why so? Would love any advice you can give and thanks in advance guys
  19. Hello, I am a newbie landlord looking for a good Lettings agent to let and manage my property in Harrow. Can anyone help with recommendations? Thanks
  20. Hi All My first post on Property Hub. I have been investing in property for about a year now and have a few properties that are not within easy travelling distance, hence they are all managed by letting agents. Rob and Rob's company YellowLettings manages one of these. (On a side note I have been very impressed so far with the service, especially considering the low fees. I will be using them more in future). I received my rent from Yellow Lettings today and noticed that they had not added VAT to their fee. I beleive this will be a short lived as it will soon not be economical for them to do this as revenues increase. The other letting agent I use does charge VAT... along with any tradesmen who do maintenance. This VAT soon adds up and takes a large chunk out of your income. Usually a business would offset any VAT they pay against any VAT they charge on their product or service. But unfortunately as you can't charge VAT on residental rent I don't have any ability to do that. Does anyone know a way to legally optimise their VAT tax structure? Thanks Matt
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