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Found 5 results

  1. I purchased a BTL in Manchester just before Christmas that already had a tenant in it. In the excitement of my sister arriving for Christmas I was not timely enough in contacting the letting agent to advise that the sale had gone through (it was their branch that sold it however). The lettings agent has paid January’s rent to the previous landlord and they are not responding to the lettings agent request for the monies to be returned. I’ve contacted the vendors solicitor that dealt with the sale and they have written to them. What should be my next step if they do not respond to the solicitor’s letter? I should add I live in Australia (not sure if that complicates matters). Thanks
  2. Good Evening all, I am looking for a lettings agent who covers Stockport (Greater Manchester) for a HMO. Any suggestions? Thank you Lloyd Rayner
  3. Hello everyone. My "need for advice" is a rather simple one: I am just completing on my first property in Stretford/Trafford (a new-build one-bed apartment) and looking for a reliable lettings agent to manage the tenancy for me as I live abroad. As with all things, personal recommendations are best so any referrals would be gratefully received. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on becoming a lettings agency. I currently self manage one of my own properties and am considering doing this through a ltd company to reduce the income I receive from it. However it got me thinking as to whether I could do this for other local properties. My family have got a couple of local properties they also rent out via day to day estate agents @ eye watering rates (14%+VAT) and a neighbour rents out the house next to me. Am pretty sure he might consider using me as he's not pleased with his current agent and their fees. Admittedly not a passive income which is what I'm aiming for, but might mean I can afford to cut back work to 4 days a week and give me an extra day to concentrate on property investing. Am sure there are legalities I need to look into, but my initial thoughts were how to get access to portals like Rightmove, Zoopla etc (Hear RM alone is £640 odd pounds). Obviously there is uPad, but from what I can tell, if I used them it would be advertised under their own banner and I can't see any partner program where I could be to use them for portal listing, but still have the property advertised as though it was my company doing the listing. Just wondered if anyone else out there is a part time freelance lettings agent and how they work. Any others tips in general terms of being your own lettings agency gratefully received! Thanks all, Nick
  5. Hello I am new to the group and would like to introduce myself. My name is Terry Lucking and I am the owner of Belvoir Lettings in Peterborough and Cambridge and Director of Westone Housing Ltd a property services company. I started Belvoir Peterborough in June 1999 and expanded into Cambridge in 2006. We manage over 1000 properties in this area. I like to help residential buy to let investors build profitable, fully managed property portfolios. I am just introducing a new initiative the "Belvoir Bank Of Investors, Peterborough" where we are looking to to provide an opportunity for investors with £500k+ to earn up to 15% on secured lending. Look forward to interacting with you all. Terry Lucking
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