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  1. Hi all, I am currently opening a brand new lettings agency in Brighton and I wanted to see what it really is that makes a good agent for you. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and value. What is it that has made you stay with you current agency, or leave one that wasn't up to par? Really appreciate any feedback. Soph
  2. A small office lease in the West Midlands that I'm considering is £6500 per annum / £10 sq/ft. What price do you think is reasonable to offer in light of covid and presumably lower demand? My conditions would likely be a 12 month initial term with a 6 month break clause, though I would be happy to sign for 24 months. I appreciate that this is a niche question, I don't know that much about commercial property leases as I'm principally involved in residential. Many thanks. James.
  3. Haven't heard to much about this on the podcast so thought I would see what peoples views were on company lets. We have looked at a new build fully furnished flat In the middle of Birmingham with great transport links, great location and amenities. The flat can be bought with guaranteed tenants for at least 12 months. After this period the company (charging 8% maintainence fees) will look to organise another company let for an additional block. If this fails we will look to do a more conventional lease here. This almost seems to good to be true. Has anyone had any experience with this type of purchase? Any advice will be much appreciated thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all Planning to invest in a BTL in Birmingham soon. Please can you share your recommendation(s) for letting/property management agency(s) in Birmingham? Preferably a local business/boutique/family run agency, working with BTLs. If you recommend a chain, the name of a particular agent would be appreciated (if you would rather message privately, please let me know). Any recommendations on ones to avoid welcomed too. Thanks and good day Richard
  5. Im looking at setting up my own online agency myself and wanted to gain some pain points that landlords usually have. What are the top three most frustrating things you find when working with a letting agency to manage your property/s? For example, they're not transparent with a number of hidden fees. Other examples would be deeply appreciated.
  6. Hello community! When calculating returns on single lets agency fees can be quite hefty for finding tenants, renewing tenancies, taking inventories etc. What’s your view on moving to monthly rolling contracts for a period of time vs. renewing tenancies annually and trying to negotiate rent increases? Interested to weigh up the cost of renewing tenancies vs incremental rent achieved and keen to get the community view! My bias is towards longer term tenancies. Thanks in advance for any feedback :-)
  7. Hi, I recently purchased my first property and currently choosing a letting agent. I’ve found one I like but for the deposit pretentiousness scheme they use Let Alliance. When I look on the government website they are not one of the 3 listed. Does anyone know if this is an issue or if different companies have scheme that are covered under the 3 government ones? Any thoughts/clarifications would be appreciated! Thanks, Jack
  8. Hi, I recently purchased my first property and currently choosing a letting agent. I’ve found one I like but for the deposit pretentiousness scheme they use Let Alliance. When I look on the government website they are not one of the 3 listed. Does anyone know if this is an issue or if different companies have scheme that are covered under the 3 government ones? Any thoughts/clarifications would be appreciated! Thanks, Jack
  9. Hi all We're looking for people to share their stories of lettings disasters for an upcoming feature in The Property Hub magazine. Whilst we all want the world of property to be smooth sailing, sometimes that just isn't the case. If you've experienced a time when letting has gone wrong, we 'd love to chat to you. Could you please email your details to hello@thepropertyhub.net along with: A few words of what the issue was What you did to resolve it Thanks
  10. Hi all We're looking for new case studies to feature in The Property Hub Magazine. COMPLETED PROJECTS If you have recently completed a property project, no matter how big or small, we'd love to hear from you. We'd need you to share: Progress photos A few words about the project and how you went about it A run-down of the financials LETTINGS DISASTERS We're also looking for people to share their stories of when letting has gone wrong. We'd need you to share: A few words of what the issue was What you did to resolve it If you're interested in being featured, please send an email with the relevant details to hello@thepropertyhub.net Thanks
  11. Hello My name is Jamie Parker, I've been in the property industry for 7 years and have worked my way to becoming a manager at Stone & Long Nottingham. I am in a position now where I am able to make all my clients the best returns and advise them on what property is right for them. I currently provide all my clients with lists of the best properties to invest in Nottinghamshire and I am happy to attend with them on viewings to offer further advise and support through the process. I hope to buy an investment property of my own but similar to the builder that has holes in his walls at his own home, I am yet to spend the time to sit down and look at my own situation as I put my clients first. In future I would like to because a Director at the company I am currently manager for and hopefully have two investment properties under my belt in the next five years. I'm property mad so I constantly read, listen and watch things about property so there's many areas I'd say I would be knowledgeable on. If you are in Nottingham and you would like to test my knowledge please feel free and I would be happy to see how I can help you. Have a good day, Jamie.
  12. Hi community, I'm new(ish) to property investment, but am considering buying multiple units in a similar location, and seeing if I can negotiate a discount from a managing agent? (it's not the reason for this strategy, but a bi product/benefit). Does anyone on the forum have any experience in negotiating a discount with an agent for multiple properties, and what kind of numbers does the forum think could be achieved in this situation - if at all! Any help on the matter would be much appreciated. Thanks all AB
  13. Hi all, My name is Peter I am a 25 year old ex estate agent with passion for properties. I am a co-owner of property inventory business in Cambridgeshire with the hunger to become a property developer and landlord. I ended up here through "100 property investment tips" which I am currently in the middle of, I am looking to expand my knowledge as well as meet new people. Regards, Peter W.
  14. Hello, I've recently discovered Roomster on (or linked to) Facebook. Do you use it? Is it any good? When I had a quick look I was not overly impressed. Maybe my area is too remote. If anyone is using Rooster with any success can you please let me know how you use it and how many enquiries you expect to get from it when advertising a room/flat. I think there are different levels to the account that you can pay into. I've only seen the free entry level. So if you have a higher paid for level I would appreciate your thoughts on the benefits. Thanks Roxane
  15. Hello everyone, My name is Sara and i am the Manager of 247 Property Services n Sheffield and Rotherham. I would like to introduce myself and what we do here at 247. I have in worked in property for many years both here in the UK and Dubai UAE. I have a passion for the property industry and thoroughly enjoy the work i do. 247 is an amazing company providing services for both Lettings and Sales. On the Lettings side we do a tenant find only service and a fully managed service. On the Sales side we do our full Sales service and an online only service. We have many happy clients and customers, however, our tenant and buyer base is so large we are always looking for more properties. We deal with all types of homes from HMO's to Apartments, to 3,4,5 and 6 bed houses, The same goes for both Sales and lettings. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me 01142 996 247 or on 07940 881 597 Thanks for reading Sara
  16. Serena is one of our guest bloggers so we are happy to share this press release with you as it may be of interest. Letting Legalities – Keeping you up to date By Serena Burt 3rd August 2015 Landlords and lettings agents will be getting together on the 24th of September at The Guildhall, Winchester and 8th October at The Bentliff Museum, Maidstone to brush up on their legal know-how. Leading the day’s activities will be two of the UK’s most high-profile property law experts, Tessa Shepperson in Winchester and David Smith in Maidstone both of whom regularly appear on radio and TV. Easy Law Training have now rolled out their boardroom style workshops, the first two which will tackle Essential Legal Points for Landlords in Winchester and HMO Law and Practice in Maidstone. Essential Legal Points for Landlords will be led by specialist landlord and tenant lawyer, Tessa Shepperson on Thursday 24th September 2015 in Winchester and covers: Tenancy Law Different types of tenancy agreements Shared properties and HMOs Letting agents Tenancy Deposits Issues relating to the condition of the property Increasing rent Problem tenants and evictions HMO Law and Practice will be led by David Smith, solicitor for Anthony Gold Solicitors who specialises in all legal aspects of HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation). The workshop covers: Underlying rules Additional and selective licensing Planning rules Management and practical issues Required works and management expectations Tenant rights Buying and selling What to do if it goes wrongs As a landlord or lettings agent, how would you fare if a particularly knowledgeable, tricky tenant decided to hang on to his tenancy all the way to court? What if he found a loophole in your paperwork which meant the Judge had no option but to refuse to issue a possession order, which would mean the tenant is legally allowed to stay in your property whether or not they are paying rent? No one responsible for letting out property wants to take matters all the way to court. It costs time, money and causes an unbelievable amount of stress on all parties. The only way to protect yourself and your business is to ensure you have carried out your letting legal obligations according to current Government tenancy legislation. The media has been focussing on buy to let landlords and lettings agents for a while now, picking out stories which demonstrate how important it is for anyone involved in housing to be abreast of and stay up to date with housing law. Easy Law Training specialise in legal training for landlords and letting agents. Their workshops are led by experienced solicitors and barristers who actively practice in this sector. Their aim is to make sure you stay the right side of the law and continue with your business confident in your landlord legal knowledge. Workshops are typically 14-20 people, allowing one to one questions and in depth study. Our venues are centrally located with free wi-fi, disabled access and are within walking distance from a mainline station. Both workshops will be organised and hosted by HMO Landlady, Serena Thompson. For more information including booking, travel and accommodation arrangements please follow the links or email her at serena@easylawtraining.com
  17. I have been investing in property on a part-time basis for the past 15 years, and in the last 3 years I have dedicated even more time to this, whilst also starting a family and being the proud parents of two girls! I've been a self-employed IT Consultant since the age of 21 and have been involved in various startup's that include a software business, fashion retail business, a GPS tracking business and a healthcare consultancy. However, I have come to realise that my real passion and successes is in property investments and management (although if I could combine this in the future with software, then I'd really enjoy that too!). My property portfolio consists of city centre apartments, detached executive homes and HMO / Student houses (with a random property in Dubai!) I'm now just counting down the days to become full-time in property investing and deal brokering - I hope to one day help others to invest in properties too! I am an open networker and would love to connect with you and discuss any aspects of property investing. Many thanks for reading, Antony.
  18. Hi there A friend of mine is having an absolute nightmare with an agent in Sheffield, so just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an lettings agent over there? Any suggestions/experiences would be welcome thanks Dave
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