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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, bear with me... I'm buying a 3 bed flat which has been let for a long time by the vendor (around 15 years I think, since new build) to students on (I guess) a single AST.; It's an article 4 area, and I'm pretty sure the vendor never bothered with planning for c4 when the area moved to article 4 around 10 years ago. Area also has local HMO license rules, that state that 3 bed or more needs a license. Totally on the case with that, I understand the process, and the reasons behind it (i.e: money grabbing council! ). Even if I end up with a family living there, I'll get the license to give flexibility, I want to open the property to a wide market (families, groups on a single ast, I don't want a full-on 'by the room' HMO). So, my question; While I understand the need for HMO Planning, and even for Article 4.... is it relevant here? Changes to the fabric of the building required = none. All of the work that you'd associate with HMO license has been done (fire doors, alarms, etc). So I'd be applying for Planning Permission for 3 people to live there on a single AST, which they've always done, and which the building is clearly made for. Does the fact that it's been rented to a group "forming 3 households" for so long, help at all? With thanks, J
  2. Hi Everyone, can anyone shed some light on the HMO licensing laws in Gateshead? Im struggling to find any clear info on what Gateshead Council would consider should be licensed. Article 4 info is clear which is helpful but licensing not so. Any help gratefully received.
  3. Are you renting or planning to rent in London - this may be an article may be of interest you - http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/london-mayor-unveils-plans-for-landlord-licensing-and-public-rogues-database/ It's not all bad but looks pretty onerous
  4. Are you an investor/ landlord with residential property in any selective license areas. I would be very keen to hear your views and experiences of how effective or otherwise the process is operating. The more constructive the observations there are the better. Has it effected your financing / refinancing of your properties? Are the council's measures having any noticeable effect on the area round your property? Is there a noticeable avoidance by some landlords of the scheme? This information is hoped to be used for Liverpool's current case and future one's too
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