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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm considering using the "all in" SPV Limited Company creation & management services of https://www.getground.co.uk/, which appears to offer a very attractive bundled deal of company incorporation, all filings and even company financial management... They look legit, backed by the land registry etc. Has anyone else used this service? Keen to know if there are any drawbacks or negative experiences others have had. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi All As you can see below my question is quite specific and not related to section 24 but balancing paying the least tax vs future estate planning. x7 properties personal name - no mortgage. Net profits have reached the basic tax threshold of 50k so will not be buying any further properties on my personal name. Income Tax 20% x1 property via LTD company SPV and all future purchases to be done via LTD company. Corporation tax 19% My question is (we will assume i meet the conditions for incorporation relief) would you keep things as they are and con
  3. We have two existing rental properties in our names, 200k each, both with fixed mortgages due for renewal. They are a long term investment for our retirement. We are seeking to increase our portfolio to three or four properties in the next five years. If we sold these properties to two separate limited companies during the stamp duty holiday, would the companies incur stamp duty? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, Over the past 8 years me and my partner have completed a series of refurbishments which has enabled us to build up an investment pot of £200k. We both currently live in the north east and work full-time (Neither of us are higher rate tax payers). Our goals for the next 5 to 10 years are to build a property portfolio of £1m, providing us an annual rental income of £30-50k (this is on the basis of the average net yield across the portfolio being 3-5%). Our preferred strategy to achieve this would be buy, refurbish and refinance. Essentially our plan is to buy prope
  5. Are you being taxed heavily on the money that you withdraw from the company and invest in property? You may wish to claim entrepreneurs’ relief on your trading business activities and therefore do not wish to jeopardise this by investing in residential properties that you plan to keep long-term and rent out. As such you could have two limited companies: - One for trade business activities - One for investment activities Learn more in this article - http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/loans-between-ltd-companies-for-property-investment/#.VxS4DmA4RUE
  6. Are you being taxed heavily on the money that you withdraw from the company and invest in property? The problem I see with many property investors who own limited companies is that they do not take into account the amount of tax they pay by taking wages or dividends from the company. If you are a higher rate taxpayer then you will pay an additional 22.5% tax on the money you take out of the company as dividends. Learn how you can structure two limited companies for trading and investment here - http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/loans-between-ltd-companies
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