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Found 7 results

  1. I have listened to the Robs for years and when I bought my first BTL in Liverpool my plan was to have Property Hub Lets/ Yellow Lettings manage it. I have heard no announcement on the podcast and “Lets” is no longer on the “Services” tab. If no longer operating, anyone have any alternative management companies they recommend?
  2. I have a property that I need to view in Liverpool. I'm based in Kent and struggling to find time to get up to Liverpool to view this property. Would any one recommend or be able to view the property for me? Video chat would be ideal as well. Equally, would anyone recommend against this? Much appreciated.
  3. Hi if anyone has invested in the Tannery Liverpool I would like to know if there is a group on facebook or linkedin regards to this to connect with other investors in the same position. If not I can set one up. I have been told there are approximately 200 investors currently. The developer has gone into liquidation and there is little information on what is happening now. Thanks
  4. Hi Property Hubbers, Before I begin, I would like to thank the Property Hub team for all the amazing content they produce. So a little about me.... I've worked in the telecom industry for over 9 years after starting out as an apprentice. I embarked on the pointless journey of working my way up through the ranks, and finished in a comfortable senior management role (Cyber Security) before cutting it short. A year and a half ago, I stumbled across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book made me question alot with the current system and the beliefs that I also held in my personal life. In search for the answers, I dedicated large amounts of time to understanding how the system works and gradually decided to adopt the mindset of the 1 % instead of the 99%. I've always known the power of owning property as I have seen it first hand with my parents home, and how powerful capital appreciation can be. Towards the end of 2019, I started my own R2R business with the aim of providing a monthly cashflow to reinvest into purchasing property. I wanted limited risk so I decided to JV with a fellow investor for a fixed monthly return, and that will be totally hands off for next couple of years. In October, I was let go from my employer (Very welcomed ) and this has resulted in me being given a lump sum to invest in property. I have taken the time to listen to the Property Hub podcasts and reading this forum on the key areas to invest. I have chosen Liverpool as my investment area. The main reason is the strong rental demand and the potential capital apprectiation prospect. My Search Criteria: Property Type: 2 Bed + Turn Key BTL (Worst case - Light Refurb required) Mortgageable £60K - £120K 8% Gross Yield Houses ( Flats considered - Dependent on Service Charges/Lease) Tenants: Young Proffessionals & Families Good Rental Demand Capital Appreciation Area (Important) My Key Investment Areas: Dingle Toxteth Bootle I plan to visit liverpool after Christmas to get a feel of the areas and further analyse my key investment areas (shown above). Thanks again for welcoming me to the Property Hub family and look forward to meeting you all along our journeys PS: if there are any P-Hubbers investing in liverpool or live local then it would be lovely to network with you.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here and I am thinking about making my first buy to let purchase in Liverpool! I would appreciate any advice on areas and experiences with letting you local authority/ housing associations. Thanks! Daniela
  6. Hi, Does any one have any recommendations for a solicitor to work on a ltd company buy-to-let purchase in Liverpool? Any help or advice would be much appreciated, this is my first one! Thanks, Kate
  7. Hi guys, This is my first post in the forum! A bit about me and my situation to begin. I'm 24 and live in Chelmsford, Essex. I bought my own flat BMV in May 2018 and have just completed a full refurb on it to add value. I am hoping to finance to the new value and pull out equity to invest in April 2020 when my mortgage product runs out. I have also saved £17k cash that I am looking to put towards a BTL investment now. I am investing mainly for cash flow for the time being. I'm a fitness instructor and teach around 20 exercise classes a week as well as seeing sports massage clients, teaching swim lessons and managing a gym in central London. My job is very physically demanding and I want to have a revenue stream from property that I could fall back if I were to get injured and be unable to teach. I have been concentrating my search in Liverpool as it has seen a lot of growth and development in recent years but is still cheap enough that I can afford a starter two bed terrace or apartment, around £60k. I am going up on Monday to visit but am looking for some insider knowledge before my trip as all my own research is producing contradicting views on how rough some areas are! I have booked to view some properties in Bootle, Wavertree and Wallasey but have heard mixed reviews about all three areas (which I suppose is understandable as they are clearly the cheaper areas of the city). Do any of you currently invest or live in these three areas? Have you experienced any problems with tenants or struggled to let out properties in these areas? Are there any other postcodes I should be looking in to with my £60k budget? Any advice would be massively appreciated
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