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  1. Hi hubbers, my girlfriend and I are looking to invest in Liverpool and have viewed a couple of houses in Anfield that looked promising and would like some advice from locals or investors with Liverpool experience. We're researching into 2 or 3 bed houses around the 100k mark. We've heard about the Anfield regeneration taking place, but is Anfield potentially still an investment area to avoid? Looking forward to hearing any thoughts, cheers Hugh
  2. I'm looking at investing in an apartment in Liverpool, being sent lots of off plan apartments for the Baltic Triangle area, whats everyone's thoughts on over supply? Never been to Liverpool but looking at Google and going round the Baltic Triangle area there doesn't appear to be much there? Is there a high demand for apartments in this area given that it looks like an industrial area with the odd nice bar/restaurant? Has anyone worked with RW Invest or Elite Realty Invest?
  3. Heya, Researching for my first BTL - any chance you share which areas in Liverpool you think are good for investment now and why? Thanks!
  4. Dear frinds , Me and my frind would want to buy a property in an Auction - in Liverpool. We would appreciate understanding which is the best Auction house to look for? and which are the biggest auction houses? Many thanks of any informaion you have (:.
  5. I’m looking for my first standard btl I have chosen Liverpool and can’t decide between flats in the centre or houses a little further out i plan to buy 2 or 3 this year @ 80k - 150k. Or should I spend more for premium. i haven’t been to Liverpool yet so any information on good and bad areas to invest would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking for apartments in Liverpool which have high potential for Capital growth. I have seen a couple in Alexandra Tower which seem to be reasonably priced and rent for an ok amount. Has anyone got any experience with this particular development? I am conscious of the services fees and also noting that this development is a bit older now with many new developments popping up with more facilities which may be attractive to tennants. Any other developments worth looking at? thanks for the advice. Louis
  7. I am a real estate investor who has a particularly keen interest in Liverpool. I like the city and its culture. So, I want to invest somewhere around 60k-150k pounds on a property. What are the best areas to invest in depending on the crime rate and expected yield percentage per year. I want to invest around the city centre. Which are the L1-L8 areas I believe. What are the best areas that I could invest in?
  8. Hi if anyone has invested in the Tannery Liverpool I would like to know if there is a group on facebook or linkedin regards to this to connect with other investors in the same position. If not I can set one up. I have been told there are approximately 200 investors currently. The developer has gone into liquidation and there is little information on what is happening now. Thanks
  9. Hi Property Hubbers, Before I begin, I would like to thank the Property Hub team for all the amazing content they produce. So a little about me.... I've worked in the telecom industry for over 9 years after starting out as an apprentice. I embarked on the pointless journey of working my way up through the ranks, and finished in a comfortable senior management role (Cyber Security) before cutting it short. A year and a half ago, I stumbled across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book made me question alot with the current system and the beliefs that I also held in my personal life. In search for the answers, I dedicated large amounts of time to understanding how the system works and gradually decided to adopt the mindset of the 1 % instead of the 99%. I've always known the power of owning property as I have seen it first hand with my parents home, and how powerful capital appreciation can be. Towards the end of 2019, I started my own R2R business with the aim of providing a monthly cashflow to reinvest into purchasing property. I wanted limited risk so I decided to JV with a fellow investor for a fixed monthly return, and that will be totally hands off for next couple of years. In October, I was let go from my employer (Very welcomed ) and this has resulted in me being given a lump sum to invest in property. I have taken the time to listen to the Property Hub podcasts and reading this forum on the key areas to invest. I have chosen Liverpool as my investment area. The main reason is the strong rental demand and the potential capital apprectiation prospect. My Search Criteria: Property Type: 2 Bed + Turn Key BTL (Worst case - Light Refurb required) Mortgageable £60K - £120K 8% Gross Yield Houses ( Flats considered - Dependent on Service Charges/Lease) Tenants: Young Proffessionals & Families Good Rental Demand Capital Appreciation Area (Important) My Key Investment Areas: Dingle Toxteth Bootle I plan to visit liverpool after Christmas to get a feel of the areas and further analyse my key investment areas (shown above). Thanks again for welcoming me to the Property Hub family and look forward to meeting you all along our journeys PS: if there are any P-Hubbers investing in liverpool or live local then it would be lovely to network with you.
  10. I know it’s a lot to ask of a builder to come to a viewing especially if I haven’t worked with them before and considering there is no guarantee that my offer will get accepted but does this happen? If so, how is the best way to approach this? My strategy is to BRRR yet I have no experience in refurbs. I’ve found a ‘smelly’ property that is ripe for a refurb but how do I make sure there is no major structural damage or other issues which may pop up once my offer has been accepted? Is there any way to mitigate these risks prior to putting in an offer? Thanks to this wonderful forum and all its knowledgable participants!
  11. Hi guys, we are in the process of purchasing a 3-bed end of terrace property in Wallasey that we I will be converting into a 5-bed HMO. We are looking for any recommendations for reputable builders in the area. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Many thanks Cameron
  12. Hi, just joined the forum! Been listening to the podcast for a year or so! Accidental landlord of one flat In Essex. Just got £30k of cash out of the existing property and considering low maintenance flat in Liverpool (or Sheffield or Leeds). Heading up north later this week to have first look at areas in city centre armed with Rightmove and Zoopla. Would be good to chat to some agents I guess but I am on step 1 of this so nowhere near ready to commit. Obvs loads of agents in liverpool, haven’t a clue if they are good bad or indifferent. Any advice/ recommendations welcome... looking at circa £100k city centre to buy and rent out (and indeed same for Sheffield. I’m from Leeds so know it a little better). Think liverpool hits the spot financially for growth and income, Sheffield less so Leeds might be 10/20% too expensive to get decent modern flat. Looking forward to chatting. Matt
  13. Hello everyone My name is Mike and im based in Liverpool looking to connect with investors and deal sourcers. Im on the road to getting fully compliant and wanting to source properties for investors who want to invest in the North West for a reduced sourcing fee as im just starting out, and a testimonial which would be very beneficial to me. Eventually I want to invest in property myself when i have a bit more capital behind me and gain some more experience. I have created deal packs/brochures on houses with property comparables, rental demand, sold house history, ROI, Net yield, Gross Yield etc to try and give good information for the investor so if anybody would like to have a look and give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to chat to some like minded people who are interested in the North West area so if this is you please get in contact and even if this is not you and you just have some advice for me again please give me a message it would be great to have a chat. Kind Regards Mike
  14. Good afternoon everyone, I am on my way to becoming fully compliant and want to source some properties for investors so I can build some capital in order for me to become an investor myself in the future. Are there any investors on here looking to invest in the North West area? I am based in Liverpool and have lived in and around Merseyside my whole life so i have a good understanding of the area. Please do get in touch and we can discuss things further. Kind Regards Mike
  15. Hi Property Hub members Having recently joined Property Hub I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I live and work in London and have had a keen interest in property and property investments for several years now. So far much of my attention was on purchasing and refurbishing my own home in London. Now that this is done, I would like to take the next step and invest some of my savings and recurring job income into BTL property. In terms of strategy, I am looking for BTL investments with a yield above 5%. That rules out most of Southern England. So I am planning to invest into BTL properties in some of the larger cities in the North. For me the 2 main constraining factors are limited local knowledge and time: While I know the London property market well, that isn't the case for Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Sunderland and other places in Northern England. To bridge that gap I am planning work with local people and to establish good working relationships which are win-win for both sides. Time is my other constraint. I am working in a demanding office job in London which keeps me very busy Monday to Friday. That leaves me with around an hour each weekday to spend on property management and investments. On a typical weekend I can spend around 8 hours on it. Hence I am looking for property investments which are largely hands-off and don't require a lot of attention during regular working hours. I could travel to Northern England from time to time, especially for important things such as meeting local business partners to work with and for final viewings. But my plan is to limit the number of trips to 5-10 per year. Here's how I intend to gradually progress on this: First, I am looking to learn more by reading many of the very good postings here on the forum. I will also have a number of specific questions that I hope people in this forum will know the answers to. Then, the next step is to complete my first property investment. For this, I am looking for a project with low complexity and low execution risk to start with. I am happy to accept a lower yield for my first project if this helps to reducing complexity and risk. For example, this could be a room in a purpose-built student block or a single let which doesn't require any meaningful renovation work. In this process I am hoping to learn more and to establish contacts with business partners in the North. Finally, with the acquired knowledge, experience and established business contacts I would like take on more complex projects with the potential of higher yields (or capital appreciation) such as larger renovations or multi lets. Via this forum I hope to exchange thoughts with you and to meet potential business partners in Northern England, for example good and reliable property viewers, property sourcers, property management companies and renovation project managers, to build successful long term business relationships with them. Please don't hesitate to send me a PM if you are working in any of these areas, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Looking forward to discussing with you in this forum. Michael
  16. Hi all, I am looking at getting my first buy to let property in the liverpool area for my newly formed LTD company. My dilemma is do i: A: purchase something similar to the below out right for cash which will give me about £3,500 per year profit (if what they say is correct and accurate) https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71988603.html Or B: look at getting two 2-3 bed properties at about £80k and use the same money for the 25% deposits and rent both out with slightly lesser yield but benefit of both and the hope the value of the houses appreciate more than the value of a student flat? Dont know if anyone has had a similar dilemma or can offer any impartial advice Thanks in advance Joel
  17. Hello! I've never used a property sourcing company i was wondering if someone could give me some info on how to find them, work with them and figure out what the usual fees involved are ? I am interested in sourcing property in Leeds and potentially Liverpool and Glasgow. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone, I am new here and I am thinking about making my first buy to let purchase in Liverpool! I would appreciate any advice on areas and experiences with letting you local authority/ housing associations. Thanks! Daniela
  19. Hi all, I'd be grateful for some guidance on investing in Liverpool (120k max budget) probably through a sourcing company. My story: I have 3 properties all in the southwest, am remortgaging to release equity and hope to have about 30k to invest. As you can imagine this won't stretch very far in the areas I'm familiar with (Bristol, Wiltshire) so now looking to broaden my horizons. I studied in Liverpool in the early 2000's, loved it and hope that I'm now in a position to invest. Complications: I'm in the military and have just returned from a couple of years overseas so am a little out of touch, for various reasons I'm also unable to devote much time to searching beyond getting on right move, so will likely need a sourcing company (or a lot of advice) to pick the right property. Ideally I'd like a fire and forget, already tenanted and managed property with a good yield (wouldn't we all!), I realise that not being able to devote much time to the endeavor I'm not going to get the deal of the century, just need a reasonably good one to keep my strategy moving in the right direction and not lose momentum. Preconceptions: Having had a scan of previous topics on the forum and a good rummage through rightmove and zoopla it seems there is plenty of opportunity. I don't think I'm likely to get in on any city centre locations, but Wavertree/Dingle/Kensington look promising. I'm not keen on the idea of student accommodation and not averse to, but have no experience of, benefits tenants Would like to aim for a 2/3 bed professional or family let. Questions: Where have people invested/recommend investing? Is it worth going for 2 super cheap properties in less desirable areas? Any advice on sourcing companies? Have been recommended Property Sourcing Liverpool, but not found much online in the way of testimonials etc and a bit nervous about throwing money down the drain for a poor service. Do I even need a sourcing company, or is the Liverpool market such that I could I do a thorough online sift and view a few properties in a day? Been in touch with RMP, but unfortunately can't get to London to make it work anytime soon. Aims - Would sacrifice some yield for potential capital gain over the long (ish) term, plan to hold all properties for the long run. Really appreciate any pointers and if I can help anyone with any advice on my neck of the woods, please let me know. Thanks Adam
  20. Dear Community, I'm an international first time investor who put his live savings into Student accommodation project called "Aura Liverpool". Their sales pitch was really attractive, 8% return guarantee for 5 years. My purchase (paying 50% of the value) took place on July 2018 with an intended completion date in September 2019 (and a long stop date on September 2020). Later on, they send a "project update" saying the completion will be on September 2020. And Now, due to a developer issue, they need to refinance the project and the lender is asking for all investors contracts to be revised and to extended the long stop date to another year, hence September 2021. My solicitor is saying that my capital is at risk, and even if i decided not to amend the contract and enforced my refund on the original long stop date, he feels i might not even get that if the project goes bankrupt. I'm seeking some guidance fro some experience investor. What should i do? Does anybody else have invested in this particular project? Thanks.
  21. Hi all, Very new to the world of property investment and even newer to Property Hub. What areas around Liverpool and the Greater Manchester areas would you recommend for strong yielding BTL houses or flats. Full Market Value of the properties would be anywhere between £80,000 - £110,000 (flexible either direction), would be looking to buy the properties BMV and refurb accordingly. Capital Growth potential on the properties would be ideal but not of utmost importance from the outset. I realise it is a big net I'm casting here but any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated from you guys and gals. Kind regards, Ian
  22. Hello all, Has anyone got a solid recommendation for a letting and property management agent in Liverpool please? I have a one bed apartment in the city centre. It's a new build and my contract is up with the current agent in one month (it was part of a guaranteed income scheme for 12 months). They don't appear overly professional. They are still haven't confirmed their fees yet which has given me alarm bells. I've been doing some research online (from a v good article here on Property Hub) but there's so many options, I don't know where to begin! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Anna
  23. Hi, Does any one have any recommendations for a solicitor to work on a ltd company buy-to-let purchase in Liverpool? Any help or advice would be much appreciated, this is my first one! Thanks, Kate
  24. Evening all, looking to invest in Liverpool, student houses, professionals or residential (family home). Anyone used a decent deal soucing firm? thanks in advance
  25. Hi, Coming up to Liverpool this weekend to have a look for student/ young professional HMOs and the news online is all over the place in terms of the number of polarising statements saying Liverpool is both amazing and awful for HMOs at the moment (even when filtering results to those posted in the last year!). Very confusing! We're likely looking for something recently renovated in top condition, 4+ bed , within 15 minute walk from Liverpool Uni (likely Kensington, Wavertree or Edge Hill) Does anyone have any experience in Liverpool HMOs and care to shed some light on what's going on? Is the market really oversaturated even in those areas so close to the city centre? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Olena
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