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Found 8 results

  1. My first post on here.... I'm looking for High Yield BTL's 8%+ I live in Leicester, which has low Yields, even in the cheaper area's of the city (Narborough Road etc) Nottingham has been my next step after listening to the Podcasts but I cannot seem to find any High Yield Property Has anyone got any suggestions? I would like to self-manage, but I am open to having my property managed if the numbers stack up. Also I am open to buying property in other locations but would like them within 1-2 hours of Leicester Appreciate your feedback PS. I do have experience over the years of managing property... upto 30 properties at a time including HMO's before a licence was needed
  2. Hi Everyone, I have made the decision to travel up to Leeds next weekend to carry out some viewings on property up to about £110,000. Only have 1 day and i want to make the most of the trip to get a feel and understanding of what and where is good new for a B2L and i don't want to waste any time doing it. can anyone advise me on some particular B2L hotspots in Leeds that i should make sure i go and see? I am split between going for a 1 or 2 bed apartment or a 2 bed terraced house that needs some TLC. any advise would be really welcome.
  3. Hi everyone does anyone have any specific knowledge on investment in derby please? Projected growth of the city? Any tips? Ideas and thoughts? Any nuggets of information would be really wonderful thank you very much indeed in advance lucy
  4. Hi all, just wanted to share this article from the Irish Times with the European BTL League table. For those looking to possibly invest outside of the UK (25th 4% ROI) https://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/housing-crisis-no-wonder-ireland-has-eu-s-top-rental-yields-1.3242622
  5. Hi to all on the forum - has been great reading the few posts I have so far. I'm Tim, and right now am venturing back into property investment some 15 years after learning some early 'lessons' (ouch) in un-educated off-plan investment! The forgiving nature of property (plus funding rental shortfalls for a few years) has meant things eventually came good - but I'd rather not go there again... And I have learned a lot about managing properties in the interim. So right now I'm learning all I can, clarifying my goals, and exploring different strategies that will work for my situation (reasonable cash to work with, but in full on job, full on family life, and living in an area that seems no-where near any areas of good rental yield!). Im sure many others have succeeded in the same circumstance so will be looking out for your stories, advice and motivation! Tim
  6. Hi All, Me (25) and my wife (22) are thinking about buying a property. I currently Work in Chandlers Ford as A design Engineer and we live in Eastleigh. We are starting to look at properties this weekend but wanted your opinion on where to buy. Budget: 250k max probably more around 200k We have been thinking of trying to get a property close to Eastleigh Train Station. Chandlers Ford is also an option but is slightly more expensive. I don't think i'm as keen on buying in Portswood but I could be wrong. Basically I don't know the area well enough to know 100% where to buy. I mean I would like to to go up in value . Any insight you have would be invaluable so thank you in advance!
  7. Hi, I am trying to decide between 2 properties in the same road. The road is about 1 mile long. One end is close to shops, restaurants and in walking distance off a fantastic main-line station (good end). The other end of the street whilst only a mile away has limited shops and facilities and is probably not walkable to the station (less good end). There is a decent bus service that runs down the road. There is a house at the good end which is a mid-terrace with 2 good size bedrooms and a good size bathroom on the first floor, plus a 3rd bedroom in the loft conversion with an en-suite. This house will be ~£20K more. There is a house at the less good end which is end of terrace with 3 bedrooms (one really a single, but possible to get a double bed in) and a reasonable size upstairs bathroom. There is a possibility to go into the loft. This has also has a garage at the end of the garden. We are buying this house to let out. My heart says good end as I think it improves rental opportunities and market of people, but I sense the price is towards the top end. I think there is more opportunity to improve the less good end house, although not a short term goal, but the big question is which house? I need to decide today. All advice welcome! Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am planning to buy my first investment property in London or small towns around it with good commute links into London this year from auction. I was wondering if you would recommend I choose a specific area before starting my property search or would it make more sense not to have a specific area in mind and to research the properties that come into auction and choose ones that meet my criteria? The reason I ask this is that there are many great areas out there that if you buy BMV they would be great investment. But, at the same time there are so many properties that come into auction that taking the latter approach may waste a lot of my time! I would greatly appreciate your advice. Many thanks in advance. Nooshin
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