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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've decided to use my personal down time to research setting up a limited company instead of buying in my own name. Does anyone have a book they could recommend that is purely related to setting up a property ltd, as I like to learn about things through reading. Also would anyone be able to tell me if the mortgage rates vary that much from if you buy in your own name? Thank you
  2. Hello, I am a new investor and understand you can take £3k out of your limited company into your personal name / year tax free as a dividend. I have three questions relating to this. 1. really I would like to continue building money within the company to invest in further buy to let properties. Therefore is it possible to take the £3k from rent/ year and immediately re invest the money as back into the company so that you could take a tax free lump sum in the future as this would in effect be your company returning the money you lent it? Ie. The same as you can remove your initi
  3. Hi everyone I am starting out in property investment very soon, although, in my early 50s, older than most beginning this. While I will have a decent cash pot to begin with, I'm not sure how much salaried work I have left - perhaps 3 years, perhaps less (I am a freelancer currently). Any specific advice for someone with limited (outside property) earning potential left? I will probably do BTLs over the next few years - as many as I can, but I know these don't bring in too much in net earnings per month, especially if you are not working. I will put a decent sum aside at the outset t
  4. Hi Hubbers, Has anyone had any experience with joint Ltd Company BTL mortgages? The situation is that I want to do more renovations to rent, 50/50, with a colleague who also uses an SPV. We would be buying the properties cash and then financing them once value had been added. The aim would be to hold the properties 50/50 going forward. However, coming up against it with joint limited company BTL mortgages, has anyone got any experience with this? Many thanks, Jack
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