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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to the field of BTL and holiday lets and, having had an offer accepted on a property, I'm considering the holiday let option. I've been in touch with a company who are offering a 20% +VAT management fee, but they're also charging this on the cleaning fee of £100 per let which I then have to pay back to them (effectively charging me an additional £24 on top of the 20+VAT of the rental price). They seem to have good reviews but the fees seem quite steep. What do other think of these rates? Does anyone have any recommendations for holiday let management companies? I'm looking for a company with good reviews, a competitive fee, and one that operates in Warwickshire. I'd be looking to do as little as possible in terms of day to day running so I'd like a full management service. Any advice and suggestions would be very gratefully received 👍 (P.s I appreciate this may have been asked before - possibly several times - so do point me in the direction of other relevant threads if that's the case)
  2. Dear fellow Property Hub members, My business partner and I have been listening to the property podcast for a while, so to start with we'd like to say thank you Rob and Rob for all your help and knowledge. I'll give a short background of our situation and then fire-away with our questions on recommendations. We purchased our first and only property in Streatham Hill August 2013. Since then the three bedroom basement flat has doubled in value. Last summer we took out £55k of equity and reduced our mortgage repayments at the same time due to a better interest rate on our increased LTV. We have added our savings to this pot and now have something in the region of £74k. We have tried many different approaches to invest our capital: Buy to Let in London, purchasing a small 1-2 bedroom place on the outskirts of London which we looked to renovate (many gazumps), auction properties (realised the potential risk on timings when dealing with high street banks for a mortgage) and auction properties that we can pay for fully in cash (very, very small properties in London). Due to not making as much progress as we’d like and our long term strategy always being to set-up a LTD company that rents out BTL properties we have decided to start a limited property company now. Previously were hoping to flip a couple of properties in between so that we could get to our target position quicker. Now the plan is to leverage our capital to buy up as many BTL properties we can afford and start the machine moving. So our main question to you lovely people is to get some recommendations of particular companies that we can use to help us on our journey. Solicitors - As recommended on the podcast we have already used the services of Ramsdens solicitors LLP in Huddersfield who were fantastic. Very helpful and very efficient. The complete opposite to our first solicitor experience. Brokers- We’ve done some initial research into this and everyone who specilises in BTL for LTD companies seem to offer very similar services at a similar price. Anyone who has a recommendation of a broker they have used that offer competitive rates but go the extra mile and works efficiently is more than welcome. Accountants- specifically accountants that specialise in property and small/medium limited companies (anywhere in UK is feasible). Anyone who has a recommendation of a accountant they have used that offer competitive rates, is efficient and can offer advise as well as their expertise would be extremely valuable. Letting agencies- specifically in the Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds area. Also looking into Wales and County Durham as secondary options. I’ve heard some horror stories with letting agencies and want to stay well clear… especially as we to be based away from the properties. Maintenance companies - Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds areas but separate to the letting agents. Any help or advise on any of these services would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading our first ever forum entry and keep up the good work. Kind regards Gary + Mike
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