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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! My partner and I are really keen to get started with building a property portfolio of Buy-to-Lets and HMOs. We have been doing a lot of research over the last 9 months and have begun saving some cash to get us started. I have around £6000 in a Lifetime ISA (and growing by the month) and we are trying to come up with our strategy for the next 5-10 years to create a property portfolio. Our aim is to be able to either quit our jobs, or be in a position where we can work/volunteer in an area that we are passionate about without having to worry about the salary. We do no
  2. Greetings PropertyHubbers! I'm Diana, based in SE London, and have been brought to the forum by Rob D's inspiring books in property investment (thanks Rob D, I've turned into a fan!). I have a very mixed professional background, having worked in private, charity, academic and public sectors - and that's because I'm essentially a big fan of learning and of trying new things. At heart, I'm very entrepreneurial, and I've never been a fan of full-time work, so I'm dreaming of the day I will become financially independent. My dad has always inspired me with his entrepreneurial and property investor
  3. Hi All, I’m new to the excellent forum here, but have been investing in property for 15 years so have a fair bit of knowledge, partly learnt from my own experiences both good and bad (Spain, Bulgaria!) and from the experiences and ideas of others. I left the UK 10 years ago and now live and work in a ‘normal’ job near Zürich in Switzerland. The property market here is very illiquid, laws very tenant orientated and properties very expensive (a 2 bed apartment in the town I live is minimum £700k) with a 20% deposit required. Due to these factors I am focusing my attention again on th
  4. Hi All I hope you're all well who have the chance to read this! I am a newbie. Currently doing as much research as possible before taking the initial plunge and purchasing my first investment property. I am currently looking to build a team and get some great contacts e.g mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants with whom I can trust. I thought rather than re invent the wheel, I would like to ask if any of you can recommend someone in the East Midlands area? I look forward to hearing from you.
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