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  1. Hi All, This is my first time posting on Property Hub and I am looking for some specific advice regarding mortgage brokers and buy-to-let mortgages and would appreciate any support out there. I am not a new property investor/developer and have been buying small commercial lock ups, shops and garages for use in a old business that I have now sold. All of these properties were bought with cash since 2006. I know feel it's the right time to move back into residential property investment, so have started to sell off some of these commercial assets as I have wound up the old business.
  2. Hi all I'm Nicole, Based in Manchester and looking to start my property journey in my home city. This is all new to me, I have some money to invest and my goal is to have a few student properties under my belt within the coming years. I bought my first flat ( first time buyer with mortgage ) in a great student area which i am currently living in for 3 months now. My partner also has a flat in the same building which he rents out to students. We would like to buy a house together in the future but don't want to sell our properties so would like to rent them both out. The only thing I
  3. Hi all, Newbie poster here (...go easy on me). I have one property (3 bed house) that I rent 2 rooms in with consent to let from my lender (residential mortgage).I moved away with work, so rent the rooms out whilst I'm away. Consent to let was granted based on this property being my only/main residence. As a result I hope to get tax relief in the form of the Rent a Room Scheme. I will probably switch this onto a BTL when the fixed period ends, and I'll rent the entire property out. I would now like to step further into property investment. My Mum and I wish to go 50/50 on a 2
  4. Hi, I am looking to refinance my property (in which I live) that I own in shared ownership. My shared ownership partner wants to withdraw his name from the deed with no monetary claims. However, I would not be able to refinance only in my name due to loan to salary affordability restrictions. If another friend will be willing to put his name on the mortgage with me what implications will that have when I sell the house in the future? Because he is not living here, will I have to pay capital gain tax on his share? What if he also doesn't have any monetary claims on the property revenu
  5. Hi everyone, I’m a 28 year old from Jersey and looking for advise from some wise people out there. About two years ago I bought my first property worth £540,000 with a deposit of £270,000, at the time with no experience in property investment and very little knowledge, (as you can tell :) ). Knowing what I know now I would have done things very differently, but no regrets. My question is, I’m on a 5 year fixed mortgage at 2.24% with a very large amount of equity in the property, how can I get into that equity to use to invest in more property, I know there’s different ways but if a
  6. Hi, I have been trying to get a mortgage on a new build apartment in central Manchester that is due to complete in May. I have found two problems so far: 1. The block is 12 stories high 2. I have started a new job (1 month in) but had a break in my career due to redundancy where I got a pay out and decided to take some time out. Has anyone got any advice re lenders that will lend 75% against a property 12 stories high? Also, do I just have to wait 3 months until I apply so that I meet most lender's income requirements? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi All, Been following The Property hub for a long time and an opportunity to purchase a property has come up that I would like some advice on, in short: A 3 bed mid terrace property is to be auctioned in a couple of weeks with the starting price around 100k BMV for area, I'm well aware this is likely to go higher. The property has been repossessed, has internal water damage and needs a complete refurb. The numbers seem to stack up from my calculations. I will be viewing it to have a proper inspection this week to get more of an idea on the work. My intention is to refurb pull money
  8. I was about to complete on the purchase of a new property but the mortgage lender has now turned round and said they would like to see the ground rent reduced from £350 to £250 pa. and increase the ground rent review from 5 years to 15 years. The developers were a year late in completing the property anyway . The developers have agreed to reduce the ground rent to £250 but it is going to cost me £4000 to get the amendment made on the lease! However the developers are not prepared to budge on the review period and we are locked on this point. The developers are pushing to complete at the end of
  9. So Crystal balls on standby... Broker has suggested the following Interest only mortgages: 2 year fixed rate @2% OR 5 year fixed rate @2.5% Which one would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance. Phil
  10. This is my first post since joining this forum for quite a while! Thanks for everyone's help in advance! I plan to buy an apartment as investment. I would like to know whether I'm able to apply for a BLT mortgage on my own? I'm currently owning more than £40k annually but on a spouse visa (my husband is British) We live in our own house and currently the house mortgage is under my husband's name solely. My husband ideally doesn't want to be on the BTL mortgage. I don't have any other property/mortgage under my name. Appreciate if anyone happens to know.
  11. Hi guys, I am currently preparing to purchase my first buy to let property and need some remortgage advice. I will be carrying out some refurbishments to increase the property value immediately and looking to remortgage, in order to regain some of my refurb costs and put the money towards another buy to let deposit. Could anyone please tell me how soon after I purchase the property, using a buy to let mortgage, can I revalue, remortgage and release the new equity. Thanks, Jay
  12. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone could give me a little advice/point me in the right direction - thanks in advance! I'm 18 and looking to invest in my first BTL single let property. My father has agreed to allow me to raise finance on our family home, which means I can be a cash buyer. After a refurbishment, 6 months later I'd hope to refinance at a higher value with 75% LTV in order to repay the mortgage/bridging loan on our family home. Any surplus, I suspect around 10-15K, would be paid off with my own funds so I was the sole owner. Couple of compli
  13. Afternoon all, I am new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. I am a self employed "whole of market" mortgage broker. Specialise in residential and BTL mortgages. I have nearly 10 years experience in the finance sector and nearly 4 years experience in the Mortgage Industry.
  14. Hi I have few friends abroad who want to invest in property in the UK. I have opened new LTD COMPANY, there are 4 directors, I am one of them, 3 directors are from aborad. These 3 directors are going to send 30k each, money into my LTD COMPANY ACCOUNT as investment. Now, I want to make sure again that is this is the right path to buy properties in LTD company name. Can someone please advise me that is it possible to get mortgage on LTD COMPANY NAME, is there any hurdle or any rule for foreign investors.? Thanks
  15. Hi All, I have scenario where buy I own a property with a friend. We are now at the stage where we would like to purchase our own homes with our respective partners but would like to retain the property as a long term investment. I assume this will mean transferring over to a buy to let mortgage. I'd be grateful for any advice/help with this. We have circa 75% LTV on the property. If any one can help (Broker or otherwise) I'd be very grateful! Thanks, Rob
  16. Halifax state they will accept a gifted deposit from the partner of a mortgage applicant on the basis they are cohabiting / common law. Does anyone know if they would accept it from the partners parents? Similarly Natwest state they would accept a gifted deposit from "Third Parties" subject to a letter stating they dont require reimbursement or have any interest in the property. Does anyone know what constitutes as a third party in this instance? If anyone works / has worked at either bank or has dealt with them in the past or is dealing with them currently I would greatly appreciate you
  17. Hi Everyone, It's a pleasure to join your community here at the Property Hub and I'm looking forward to getting involved. A bit about me... I'm a mortgage and protection adviser based in Derby. I help people find the best residential and BTL mortgage deals and guide them through the house buying process. I also offer my clients protection advice and help them put the right insurance policies in place to protect their property assets. I'm am an aspiring property investor inspired by Rob & Rob's fantastic podcast and just starting out on this j
  18. Hi, I wonder if someone can help me, or steer me in the right direction? I have paid of my mortgage in my residential house and have some savings in the bank and I have been considering buying at an auction buying a tiered possibly run down property, refurbishing it up to a good standard. I had planed to use my savings to refurbish the property and to take some equity out property maybe using a residential mortgage to realise the funds to purchase this. I assume if I was to do this I would have to get a residential mortgage on the value of the new property however in 6-
  19. Hi all, As I'm the only one amongst my friends who actually finds mortgages exciting, I get all the property related questions. Thought I'd pass this one on to you clever lot as I have no experience with it! Do any mortgage lenders lend based on your full time salary whilst on maternity leave - 6 months left? Thanks!
  20. Hi, I'm looking for advice going forward with regards to living off my rental income and future remortgages. I'm thinking forward and looking at the possibility of living off my rental income in the near future. I'm looking to save up a lump sum to live off initially and would like advice from full-time property investors. 1st question is, once living solely on rental income, how easy is it to remortgage your BTL's and home mortgage? Have you done this? which lenders do it and what criteria are they looking for the least? and what's a typical
  21. Hello, I am looking to take a buy to let mortgage through a limited company. Got a deal with Paragon mortgages. Then one of the brokers mentioned they are a nightmare to deal with. They take a long time to process and then decline the application. Came across this link https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.paragon-mortgages.co.uk which has very bad reviews. Though the rate is marginally better I don't want to get into trouble. Any piece of advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi, I posted a few days ago asking for suggestions for a South West Mortgage Advisor. I have listened to a few podcasts and spoken to people and decided that I shouldn't let location restrict me. Does anyone know a good mortgage advisor anywhere in the UK? My criteria is: Ideally independent Invests in property themselves and currently has a portfolio Is happy with a client who might not be geographically close Thanks for any help.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm at the very beginning stages of investing in property and the is my first time writing in the forum. I would love to hear about your experiences/advice with BTL mortgages - 2 years Vs 5 years fixed. A little bit about me - Myself and my 2 brothers are beginning to invest in property together. We have very kindly been gifted a property from our parents. We would like to put a BTL mortgage on this property to release the equity to then purchase 2 (poss 3) more properties. We have been given a couple of options from a broker re. the BTL mortgage and now we're at the stage
  24. Hi All, Does anyone know any mortgage lenders (or mortgage brokers who can find a mortgage) who will lend to refugees in the UK? Context: Refugee has leave to remain status (5 years) which runs until March 2018 at which point they'll apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain Stable job in financial services earning above UK average salary Been in the country for 10 years 95% LTV residential mortgage required (around 80k mark) Affordability is good with room to spare Has been rejected by a Northern based building society because they don't have "permanent right to reside" i.e. leave to rema
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