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Found 11 results

  1. 1st time buyer. Buying for myelf. I am just planning ahead when CoVid-19 settles and trying to line up a good mortgage advisor and solicitors. Thanks for your help in advance
  2. Dear Hubbers, I am in need of guidance on specialist mortgages and risk - very grateful if you could take 5 mins to look at my 3x questions below. Situation Reserved an offplan city centre flat (reservation paid, no deposit paid, not exchanged contracts). B2L mortgage declined by three separate high street mortgage providers. Only 1 of 3 valuers actually conducted a survey. Reasons for rejection centred on: Development being 'too investor led; not enough owner-occupiers' Ground rent being greater than 0.1% of sales price, and Undisclosed iss
  3. Hi, I am looking to find a mortgage advisor for options for buy to let mortgages for a limited company. Does anyone know a good one in or near Glasgow? Thanks in advance. Sri
  4. Hello all I am brand new to this site having only just signed up moments ago. I am a mortgage and protection adviser operating in South Wales but have travelled to across the UK to see clients where needed or operate over the phone. Whichever suits. Looking to build my knowledge and also help others where possible. Thanks for reading Jordan
  5. Hello, I am looking for getting advice from a mortgage advisor that will accept a skype call. I am currently living in Berlin but I am a UK resident. I am currently saving 1500euros a month and will be starting investing in property in 24 months. I would like to ask how I can set myself up best to get a mortgage in the future and explain my strategy a little bit. Thank you in advance for your help, Martin
  6. Hi folks, Again I'm hoping for some help in getting started with my BTL property portfolio which I hope to kickstart before the end of this year in Edinburgh. I have done a LOT of reading/ online researching but feel I need to now get out & start discussing my goals/ strategy (all now documented) & more specifically the numbers with the professionals, so I can start to get a real feel as to how realistic my plans are - but where do I start? I have used Mov8 Estate Agents & Sols in the past (in buying & selling my home properties) - so I know
  7. Hello Hubbers, I am a newbie to the group who is looking to get into property investing. The first step in my Plan is to find a Mortgage Advisor who has experience with dealing clients who earn a foreign income. My Situation is as follows: My American Wife and I (I'm English) have just moved to the UK after 7 years of traveling. Our online business is registered in the US and earns in US$. We are first time buyers. We are looking at BLT investments in the Peterborough and surrounding areas. If anyone can or knows of
  8. Can anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor in or near Newcastle upon-Tyne or in Richmond (North Yorkshire) ? I'm looking to invest in the north east and would like a local contact to get some advice. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  9. Hello, seems like a lot of posts by me today! Anyway does any body know and good mortgage advisors in the Swindon, Oxford or Somerset area? Ideally independent. I would prefer smaller companies or individuals and advisors who currently invest in property. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I'm Harjit. I have a full-time job and I am looking forward to making a start in property investing. I currently live in a 2 bed flat which I bought in 2013. At that time, I could see the property prices starting to go up and I wanted to ride the wave. So, I bought this flat with a view that by 2016, there would be enough equity build up in this flat that I would be able to: Extract some equity, let it out and use the equity (and extra savings) to buy a bigger house. Fortunately, my flats value has appreciated quite a lot in last two years and I am planning to go ahead with my
  11. I'm a CPO Surveyor and expect to be able to provide circa 50 referrals to a mortgage advisor per year. Much of my work is in Hendon, Barnet, Enfield and Brent Cross. I'm looking for a small mortgage advisor who will be responsive to my clients needs. Most of my clients haven't taken out a mortgage in 10-15 years and some would want home visits. Initially, I'd be looking for an advisor to provide me with a bundle of one page advice notes (one note with lots of copies) on taking out a mortgage, benefits of using an advisor and a little on the CPO implications (which I'd provide). I'm happy for
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