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  1. Hi I’m Matthew, I’m in my early 30s, I’m a homeowner, and want to build out a letting portfolio. I’ve been doing online courses, reading books, and getting a plan together using the dreamline strategy. Lately I’ve done the ‘Setting property goals’ course - on PropertyHub - and one of the big takeaways for me was around finding someone to hold you accountable in achieving your goals. I wanted to gauge what other people’s experiences were in finding someone to hold you accountable. For example did you seek out a mentor with property experience, was it someone with no experience (e.g. a family member or friend), etc…? Also do you have regular catchups with that person?
  2. Hello everybody I am new to this forum and have enjoyed reading some of the very interesting experiences of other members. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom with us newbies... I consider attending the National HMO Network Spring conference next week in London. Would appreciate to learn about your experiences with it. Useful to get started? My background: I have been looking into purchasing my first property. I am interested in cashflow over capital growth at the moment. I am interested in HMOs as I very much like the idea of offering a good quality living environment and community on relatively small space, for professionals or mature students. And I am fortuntate enough to be able to have a depost and a mortgage offer. However, I suffer from analysis paralysis (very nice term I learned here :)) As I live overseas at the moment, I have to have the HMO managed. On the bright side, this gives me the opportunity to invest anywhere in the UK. Particularly for HMO's the north seems to offer better ROI than for example the midwest, as far as I can tell. However, it appears that local knowledge is required and that good HMO sourcing and management agencies seem incredibly difficult to find, at least if you try to do everything online. So, what strategy would you advise? Is the HMO conference a good place to start? Or a property hub meeting ? I just wish they weren't all at the same day or teleporting was already invented. Something else? As I cannot travel to the UK too often, I want to make sure I choose a relevant event and get the most out of a few day visit. My aim would be to talk to a few people who successfully manage HMO's, understand if my hopes and wishes for offering nice living accomodation and get decent cashflow are realistic, and possibly get some recommendations for sourcing/managmenet agencies or good deals on offer, or general location advice. At the moment, my reserach brought me to Liverpool, although, locationwise I am very much open. Looking forward to your responses and thank you already for reading this far. Alex
  3. Hi. My names Steve & I'm relatively new to property. I'm looking to get insight, advice, and possibly contacts from likeminded investors with the experience to hopefully guide me away from possible pitfalls. I say relatively new because i rented our old home out when we moved to a bigger house just over 2 years ago, and I'm now going through the process of selling it so that I don't lose the extra SDLT that we had to pay for our new home. However, this was rented to my nephew who wanted to buy the house at the time but didn't have the deposit, so ive not had to deal with any of the trials & tribulations of dealing with letting agents, refurbs and/or nightmare tenants. I'm only releasing a relatively modest investment pot of around £40k, so my plan is the long game to hopefully offer myself & the wife a more comfortable retirement or possibly early retirement if i can make things grow quickly and put together a decent portfolio. I'm from Doncaster personally and can see that the town is on the up, there is a lot of local investment and the future economic growth appears to be looking good, so staying fairly local is my plan. Although, I'm also looking across Yorkshire as a whole in a bid to find the right deal rather than the right post code. I would like to be as a hands off as possible, certainly to begin with, as i have a busy job as a design consultant & the wife is a nurse. The design element of my job has been a massive benefit to many of our personal renovations at home over the last 10-15 years. Being able to very quickly throw a floorplan together, or to 3D model different options for extensions/builds, etc. has saved us £1000's over the years. I designed & built a bar from scratch in the back garden during Lockdown 1 with my 13yr old son! (But I'm in no rush to do that much DIY again in a hurry) Id be keen to hear your thoughts on investing in & around Doncaster/Yorkshire, and any recommendations as to the teams that you use. I already have a good bunch of tradesmen as friends but would really like to find a good broker, solicitor, possibly deal sourcer, letting agent, and in particular an accountant/tax advisor to discuss the best way to set up for this venture. Apologies if that's a bit long winded. I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon. Steve.
  4. Evening all Chris here, a UK expat in HK. I’ve got a few properties in the U.K. (mainly London at the moment but exploring options back home in my Northern homeland). I am looking to kick on with my investments to move away from my current career into property full time within c5 years. Keen to be connected to fellow HK investors to build my network, share ideas and explore collaboration opportunities. Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers Chris
  5. Hi all. I am attending my first networking event in Liverpool this Tuesday. I am interested in meeting other people in the industry, however I do not think I can bring much to the table at this point as I have only just begun. What would be the best way to ask the questions I have in my notebook. Any tips and tricks to the networking world?
  6. Hello PropertyHub, I am brand new to property, and was recently introduced to the podcast. I am currently binge listening all the way from the beginning and learning an immense amount on my commute. After listening to the 2 Robs, all the guests, and the show reviews, I decided to make an account on here to build a network of wonderful helpful people and increase my learning. I am 23, based near Birmingham. I am currently at the research, planning and goal setting stage of my property journey but I am determined to make it to the first purchase and beyond! Any tips, stories or just general chit chat about property and getting started on securing my financial future - please don't hesitate to contact me. I have heard there is a friendly bunch of like-minded individuals around, so am more than willing to chat to people.
  7. Greetings PropertyHubbers! I'm Diana, based in SE London, and have been brought to the forum by Rob D's inspiring books in property investment (thanks Rob D, I've turned into a fan!). I have a very mixed professional background, having worked in private, charity, academic and public sectors - and that's because I'm essentially a big fan of learning and of trying new things. At heart, I'm very entrepreneurial, and I've never been a fan of full-time work, so I'm dreaming of the day I will become financially independent. My dad has always inspired me with his entrepreneurial and property investor mindset (although I'm not sure if he's a rich or a poor dad!), but the seeds are only now starting to blossom in my mind. I'm ready to start as an investor, and very much interested in property investing, especially in the BTL sector, but I'm only now starting to save for my first property, so I'm still at least a year or two away. Using this time to learn and get my feet wet. I'm very nerdy, I devour books but also love spending time buried in spreadsheets and numbers. I'm keen to learn and driven to action, but I don't have any social networks in the property investment space. None of my friends know about or are interested in property investment. So I would be really keen to hear from fellow experienced investors, to discover inspiring mentors, and to exchange impressions. I already have a few ideas on my first few potential investments, but I have no one to bounce them off! Really happy to be part of this community, and keen to learn from you all! Diana
  8. Hey All, I am just about to begin investing in my own property portfolio. I have now saved enough for a deposit on my initial buy-to-let property (at last). I work for a property developer specialising in student accommodation on a national level. I am a chartered project management surveyor with the RICS. So, I have plenty of relevant experience in developments with GDV's ranging from £1m up to over £100m. Currently, I am managing two projects in Sheffield due to complete in September 2017. One a 63 bed studio apartment development, and the other 130 bed development of studios and cluster apartments. I am seeking some local knowledge of the Sheffield buy-to-let market in exchange for a coffee, and the sharing of some of my own knowledge. Please do get in touch if you are interested. Even if it is just for a general chit chat. Cheers all, Josh
  9. Hi all, I found the HUB today after trying to find reviews regarding the Legacy Elite Training. Some interesting posts on these forums. My friend and I attended the 3 day basic training this weekend and well I'm not really sure what to say. I think I will leave it there to be honest. I am new to the property investment world and really looking to integrate with like minded folk with the same aspirations and motivation. My objective is to gather knowledge and confidence with the strategies and concepts to become a successful property investor.
  10. Hello all, my name is James and i am a new investor in Hull looking to build my team to begin my investment journey at the start of the new year. I am working through a limited company which i have just registered as i do not intend to touch my portfolios profits until retirement from work. i am new to the property investment networking circle but have booked my place on my local PIN meeting in Hull. But i am looking for any referrals on independent mortgage brokers and property specialist accounts in the local area. If you or anybody you know has used or are using any body they would recommend i would love your referrals to speak to them about moving forward. Or similarly if you, yourself are an independent mortgage broker or accountant i would love to have a chat. Many thanks for any help, James.
  11. Hi All, I have decided to host a meet up for the East Midlands. It’s not really in conjunction with Rob and Rob so don’t get too excited! But I have only advertised this on the property hub so we will be off to a flying start as we will all be property hub people! I am hoping that for those interested this could turn into a regular meet up and potentially our own local mastermind group. Open invite for all, Meeting at The Clock Warehouse (It's a pub) Shardlow, Derby, Derbyshire, DE72 2GL 7:30 – 10:00pm Thursday 25th June Drop a message on this Forum if you can make it. Thanks, Mark Barnes. And of course the two Robs are invited! I’ll buy you some drinks if you can make it! http://thepropertyhub.net/forum/topic/1803-hello-from-east-midlands/
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